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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Last day of Sk8in’ with the Gallery Crew from LBC.  So i showed them 3 tunnels or whatever you call it.  Seriously one of the sickest spot that was never made to skate (maybe, the builders were skaters?) What cool is that i can go down there at anytime with a backpack and skateboard and skate there for hours, but if a went down there only with a bag of…the cops would come in like 20 minutes.  For once skateboarding prevails.

Which hole? all of dem.

Big ups to Shawnzo, i think who left the broom there for us to clean up shop.

p2180010.jpg p2180008.jpg

You like my ghetto sequence? my camera is wack, but i love it!

After sessioning the front tranny we headed to the back…


Nate and Mike bugged out with how much possiblities this spot had…this picture sucked but Nate got up on his wallride above the white throw, then he rode into the center tunnel for a 5.0 to tail revert, then fakie blunt on the other side.

Big ups to Nate, Mike, and Jeff at Gallery Boardshop in LB.  Had fun. See you in LA.


I remember back in the days, it was at the Kapahulu skatepark, i used to finish work and park up the street.  Then i would skate to the back of the park, the part that was blocked off by the freeway pillars and jump the fence trying to avoid paying 5 bucks to skate.  One thing sucked at this park was you had to wear a helmet.  But, it was the helmet of Jason Mungen (FC) and Wimbly Smallfry (prolits) that i noticed because it had some ER tags on it, so we got to talking and they were friends with Doper (ER/AF).  Fast forward, and now Jason Mungen is now known as Jason FC.  With majority of  the “street” wear company names being super wack and predictable, like names i thought of in 7th grade, FC gotta be up there with the ill ones.  Stoked to see another Hawaiian doing the due…next up is Johnny Tsunam!

My homie Nate and his friend Mike from Long Beach came to Hawaii for a little rest, relax, and skate.  Nate is sponsored by Gallery Boardshop in LB and Embrace clothing.  Everytime i make it out to Cali i he always shows me mad love and introduces me to all the LB homies, which can be real sketch skating around there if you don’t know someone.  So i am always down to return the Aloha spirt.



I took em to Makiki first, then made our way to Roosevelt.  Since i grew up and skated Hawaii forever things i took for granted was pure stoked to them.  These red roof they had mad fun.


Nate and the homie Mike.  Next was the Cannon Club, i grew up one block away on Monsaratt and i remeber skating up here when there were buildings.  One thing i wish i had while we were there a broom!


Big ups to that kid, DODS One; i noticed he has a blackbook so i asked him if he had some paint and then i gave him a LS shirt if he did a quick throw.  Got to talking to him and he told me there was alot of new kids coming from townside that are writers! oh yah, Nate on the kickflip manual ala LS.


kickflip manual backside 5-0 out.



I had hella fun, i love it when homies come down to Hawaii it gets me energized to skate.  Biggs to Nate, Mike, Gallery, DODS one, and yooouuu.

 This epi of Biters i got the OG crew In4 and a new line called ek5obition.  Check it!


This is the OG design and proud to say its from Hawaii, seriously people need to stop bitting.  Rhandy, Todd, Ryan been done this since Headside so done front!


Ok, took this from the Hundreds so no disrespet to dose cats, but man the concept is some what the same, am i wrong…someone should be policing these “streewear” brands or atleast they should have someone checking daily on what others have been doing.  Not saying that these cats is wack, who knows maybe the In4 designers did this one for them, but most likely they NEVER DID THEIR HOMEWORK!  Also they got Pacific Divsion postered up on their splash page, trendy jeeps, dunny!

The extent of my Westside surfing goes as follows, Tracks, Makaha, and Yok’s.  The westside is seriously underrated when it comes to coverage in Surfing.  I have formulated a few reason, the North shore has the wolf pak but the whole westside is one big PACK! from Honokai Hale to Makaha fools get stomped, robbed, or maddogged.   One of my super close homies is Hawaiian/Portegese and he got beat down for no reason, he rips so hard and was minding his own business next thing the gets surrounded on shore and mobbed by a PACK of locals!


I had to teach out at Waianae Middle and was driving home when the swells picked up, buya bangers like 6 – 8!  I was jonesing so hard to get in the water i can feel my gills closing up!


Heres how we run it down the line.  Only like 3 guys out! Does anyone know the name of this spot?  Tumblelands?


Representing, tormenting, craniums!  All my Hawaiian people stand up!


This is a OG, we grew up listening to the same Hip-Hop and thats the pool of thought we took from. Now days the kids have a muddy pool of crap to fish from. So who do we blame? The kids for not using one more percent of their brains to create better Hip-Hop or the muddy pool of feces we call “Rap” you know the stuff you hear on the radio. See that guy up there, a lot of my cohorts, and myself grew up in an era of Boom Bap and Left field rap. I’m talking KRS-1 to Log Cabin, Tribe called quest to Booyah Tribe, Fellowship to Organize Konfusion. It wasn’t just a pool it was a ocean rich with bottom feeding luminescent creatures to whales and sharks. So for all the Hawaii heads thats been putting it down from jump this is for you to the garbage rappers in Hawaii and the world!

Ran into my homie Ryan a few weeks ago at 7-11 and he invited me to watch AF paint this mural livicated to BHIVER!  Didn’t get to chill but decided to take some mid day pics yesterday.  Word to AF and especially to BHIVER homie never knew you personally but you touched a lot of people from Seattle to Hawaii! LIVICATED!



I also stopped over at Toogruvz and chopped it up with the ever entertaining James Viso!  He made like a pirate and Montana’d it out!  Its always a good hour or more i spend in there getting the latests on everything.   Graff is his biggest seller and what keeps him alive…so go Bombing!


We also talked about the state of Hip-Hop and as we know the record sales is slow.  So now i would like to blame all you Serato using, used to by records, now you down load a MP3 go, to a club take forever to set it up and the sound, sounds like crap.  Fricken A!  No longer the days of when we used to say “you got that record” or “ohh i want to see the cover” or “or check out this white label/test pressing.”  Eh, a lot of my friends use Serato and bash me saying “move on” or “step in the future”, Whatever!   It used to be a privledge to call yourself a dj an almost elite class of individuals that you had to pay mad dues to step into.  The payment to get into that class was the fact you had the music most people listened to on WAX, while they had a cassette or cd.  Now most dj’s are just as good as the playlist they have on i-tunes.  I could go on, cuz i am a roots man, nevamind a dj that Limewires a song or album, if you aint digging for dem joints…check your self.


Eh look its vinyl, do you remember what that was?

***side note, there is a fresh side of Serato, if you have your own beats or remix’s. Plus the ability to scratch any song is dope. See i am not totally against it. Like Whoa!

We got note of this event last friday, so we really had a week to promote. Whatevers doe! Being that there was Bob fest and Pro Bowl we had just 500 people. Nah more like a cool 50, BUT a huge one! The music was fresh…



Dj Observ & Bumble Bee set it off.


If there has to been one dj/producer that done right it has to be observ. This kid actually went backwards to go forward, he learned the roots and now he is creating.


More on DJ Bumble Bee, consider yourself blessed to hear this guy spin. Seriously, he brings the heat and he does not compromise on his music taste. It is a breath of fresh air to know that at least 1 of your homies from the come up chooses not to play that garbage!


p2080008.jpg p2080025.jpg


Le Feelings: Alston and Ollie, they played some rockish and other bugged out music.  The brought breaks, arab, filipino, ghandi, all that beats!  It was dope and super fun.  Ollie even busted out on the floor bboy styyyyyles.


Jade1der and Matt the Ratt rocking that buddy holly steez! *side note word to Gary Busey


Fricken Lofa and Race, so race tells me that he not going to make it to TTL, WHAT! His excuse a bachelor party snowboarding! That is not an excuse, but a GREAT reason and probably only valid reason for missing the greatest day in Hawaii history next to Mel Cabang getting caught for gambling!


…The loft, LS, Obsv, BB, OT, MatRa,Ja,Als……………………………….