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Some promoters egos are so big that they need their name plastered all over the damn flyer and even label the event stage after their name.  What a Joke! And majority of the time the promoter who is feeding their balloon egos have absolutely nothing to do with HIP-HOP! Maybe 20 years ago when they were a nobody and they respected the culture, but even that is half assed! Once again Hip-hop gets f’n pimped by nothing to do culture vampires.

Without getting into to much history, which i know very little on how one man can own an island in Hawaii, Lanai is going to be sold to another man. Not a people, or a nation, but to one man.  Its always dishearting to know that none of the native Hawaiians benefit from land that was taken away an claimed by a James Dole, then Castle and Crooks, then David Murdock, now Larry Ellison. It would of been nice to see Hawaiians Hui up and buy the island back and use it for the people of Hawaii.  Rebuild the plantation, use the land for education, encourage aqua culture, do something to benefit the Hawaiians.  I hope that this guy has the best interest for the People of Hawaii. Thats all i can really hope and pray.


Love this show, Turtle Man is the truth. Simple and very much different.  He catches critters down south with his bare hands.  His demeanor and mannerisms combined with his famous call, “YEEEEYEEHHHEEE, LIVE ACTION” makes this a must see show.    The show has so many moments where things should go wrong but for some reason it always turns for the better.  What is really classic is that his band of brothers that helps him looks like a ragtag bunch who don’t know nuthing about catching animals.  All this makes for great TV.  A new batch of episode will be dropping this June.  Don’t Sleep on the turtle man.

When i heard the news that Adam Yauch aka MCA passed away i was shocked and disappointed i didn’t get to see the Beastie Boys one more time.  My first time seeing them perform was a Turtle Bay on the North Shore. I forgot who was the opening acts but i remember chilling in the back until the Beasties were about to go on. By that time it has gotten dark and we made our way to the front, but nature called and i had to go.  Not wanting to lose my place in the crowd, wait in line, then fight my way back to where my homie were. I devised a plan.  I told my one friend, Jason, since he has No Fear and had an innate quality of moving people to get ready to make space.  By that time it was dark and the Beasties were about to take the stage so as Jason started pushing people to make a good 3 feet of space, i whipped it out and relieved my delf!  It was perfect timing cause the Beastie started hyping up the crowd, the lights were off, and once they took the stage hundreds of people already trampled over my “waste”.  So in true Beastie Boys fashion i would like to say thank you to MCA, Mike D, and AdRock for a great and memorable concert.  LIVICATED to MCA.

Someone must be playing a joke on me because putting a Nickoldeon cartoon character on a shirt don’t make a shirt dope.  Its like shirts with witty sayings or famous rap quotes, don’t get me wrong doing a few of those is cool, i got a few, but when your whole company is based on terms like WEST COAST/BEST COAST, SO FRESH, or THUG TRIFE ( i made all these up as i typed so if this is your shirt design and you are currently making money off of it, congrats, u da man)  this is some other topic, now back on track.  So you telling me if i put ROCKOS MODERN LIFE on a shirt and call it a colab that DOPE? Oh you got the street wear scene going nuts? I thought shirts like that was for my 4 year old son, its cute and funny, but if some 20 something in girl pants, whiz queeweefer hair, disco sunglasses, and converse with no socks rocking one of those shirt, the world is ending.  Its my opinion and according to some online “street wear” dealers those companies are worth co-signing.  Whatevers.  Make a shirt with FLAPJACK

and ima cop that instantly, cause FLAPJACK (the kid to the right) is just that ill. Now wheres my Rugrats shirt at?

This was posted on the Hundreds Feed blog. Are you kidding me? This is supposed to be dope? It really gets me when people big up garbage and claim that its cutting edge or brilliant because its minimum.  Like when they post a certain company releases blank shirts, unless the internet start having tangible pop ups we will never know if a shirt is made from 1 million rare silk worms that have sun bathed in the mountains of Japan?   To even give props to a shirt like this or any of the kind is ridiculous, and i hope its a joke.  They should call it a paint ball target shirt, ill buy that for a dollar.

Records seem to weather all the forms of music media that comes every decade or so. 8track, cassette, mini disc (i love this format), CD, and mp3s.  You cannot deny the physical connection you can have with a record, the cover, the feel of the grooves, the dust.  When the needle hits the wax its warm and crunchy and not thin and tingy.  Hawaii is kind of dry at this point. Well i say the record shops, but there are secret spots and other places for some wax that most smart diggers do not blow up the spot, hah! Rookies.  Kind of sucks that its kind of hipster to say, “it sounds better on vinyl” but you know what?  If you strip down the tight pants, snotty attitudes, fixed gear, messenger bag wearing, thrift store shirt rocking, you get a…naked hipster, NO, you get a underground/independent Hip-hop head that has gone the ways of the world.  Seriously, majority of the Hipsters i know used be major Hip-hop heads, even make great Hip-hop music and beats.  Anyway. Vinyl is final. See you at the records sale this week, let me tell you where…no ways you crazy.

We all have car troubles.  Unless you have a big bank account and you up-keep your car like clockwork you are bound to have problems, its so inevitable.  Like anybody in my position you run your car hard! From town to town, up and down, stop and go, rolling.  So the other day all these lights went on. NOT GOOD!  When this many lights go on and one of em is your engine light, danger! So i drove home to regroup and go to the know-it-all of info, good & bad, the internet.  I have to say Scion forums is legit and super helpful, love yall. So i decided to go to Sears after i downloaded a couple of coupons that would get me $10 off an oil and filter change.  Have to say the help at Sears was thorough and they don’t charge for an engine diagnosis.  Word came back “the 3rd Cylinder” is firing off.  With that knowledge i drove off thinking that my car was ok for now but needed to get it into some place they could help fix my engine further.  Had to pick up my son from school so i raced off….crap….my car was studdering after every gear shift! ARgh! Couldn’t do anything now.

As i parked my car with it still running hoping that might keep it warm? I go to the door to scoop up my son, i apologize for being a little late and explain that my car was having troubles and the engine light was on.  Then a voice from the back said, “your engine light is on? can i check it real quick?” it was the teachers husband.  He had troubles like this with his car and he had the computer to read engines, YES! So he plugged in the computer and it read the same as Sears, 3rd cylinder.  I thought that was it so i was ready to jet.  But before i could he asked, “you want me to check the engine?” being in a rush i couldn’t deny my car possibly getting more care!  I was gonna transport my son, so a safe car is a good car.  So i pop the hood and he goes to work taking the engine cover off, checking the coils and spark plugs.  Long story short, my spark plug were old and the gap between the spark was worn.  So he cheated the spark by bending the head, temporary fix.  He also explained what he was doing, how to do it myself, and let me borrow his tools to get it done on the weekend.

After he finagled my car, it work well. I am going to get 4 new sparkplugs and fix my poor car.  Im gonna even throw in a wash too. What is the point?   You never know who will help you in your time of need.  I believe God hooked me up with the guy at Sears, cool braddah, and after that he sends my kids teachers husband to help me out.  So when you have a chance to help someone out, help em, if you know how to help other people succeed, do it.  I won’t call it Karma, it is the right thing to do, what you put in is what youll get.  Negative can only equal negative, Positive can only equal positive.  So be positive where everywhere you go, and yes sometimes you will have a stink attitude, but try and fix that quick, so the next time its all good.

So big news was DC shoes added Mike Mo and Nyjah Houston to their roster of skaters. To me it comes down to $$$, you know they paid those two a gang of cash to join their team, i mean what else would it be.  Mike Mo was on one of the best shoe co. of all time, Lakai. So he did the Kosten and went for the Loot. Nyjah, its like whatever with that cat, he is a dope skater but for some reason he has that thing about him where you either hate or love him, but he is HOT right now winning every dang contest.  Companies like DC & NIKE are the same they don’t develop skaters, they don’t discover skaters, nurture and bring up skaters. They straight jack the skaters after the skaters have been pruned to be stars. They should rediscover new designs for their shoes, and a new branch of skate shoes, the DC name has been tainted hard with all the crap they sponsor.  In the end its about $$$ so i guess they get that.


Had a conversation over text with Jus1oh about how “Hawaii Hip-Hop” is starting to pigeon hold or in our terms, mynabird grip, Hip-Hop made by the people of Hawaii.  Kind of like the term, “Asian Hip-Hop” or “White rapper” or “Female DJ.”  It should be if your dope, you dope, and where your from is irrelevant. I try not to refer back to the “back in the days” but back when we were coming up, we made music and stayed creative and had fun doing it.  We never once thought, “oh we have to put Hawaii Hip-Hop on the map” or “we have to rep for Hawaii Hip-Hop” or “we gonna make Hawaii Hip-hop”.  We made Hip-Hop, PERIOD.  Put our tapes and CDs, albums and freestyles.  Then we let the people decide, the people of the world….and guess what, according to the countless dubs, emails, and youtubes poppin up of tracks we made over 10 years ago, we make Dope Hip-Hop period.

Without labeling ourselves “Hawaii Hip-Hop” we made Hip-hop first and foremost.  The fact we was from Hawaii, made us doper, and thats the truth because aint nobody expect Hip-hop to come out of Hawaii.  So when their first impression is “yo this track is fresh,” then the next question is “where these guys from?”, and they find out its Hawaii it makes it that much doper! Kind of like when i first heard Ceschi, hes from Connecticut or OneBeLow who is from Michigan. There music was dope, then you found out they were from places that were not the Hip-Hop hotbed it made it that much more amazing.

In no way am i saying not to rep Hawaii, but why so damn blatant.  Don’t blow your load to fast.  I myself was born and raised in Hawaii and i am of Royal Hawaiian decent & blood.  So basically anything i spit is Hawaii Hip-hop, plain and simple.  I don’t sound like im from LA or NY, or from the South. Now this is just my opinion and maybe its the new Hawaii way to let the freak flag fly and say YO YO WE OVER HERE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PACIFIC, WE RAP, WE MAKE MUSIC, LOOK OVER HEAR!  Droppin every cliche Hawaii popular saying and slang along the way.  To each its own so if you a rah rah cheerleader or a let your action over beats lead your way, its all Hawaii, your Hawaii.