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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Got to meet Scribe, while i was at Comic Con.  Actually i got to talked to him a bunch of times.  He is the humblest writer i ever met.  I don’t think he knows the impact he had on alot of people coming up.  I asked him, whats up with EAST?  Back in the day i wanted to see EAST-ATT/DF vs. EAST-RSC.  I always been a fan of East-DF/ATT the amount of  illegal work he does and the consistence of his pieces is legendary.  East-RSC is dope as well.

Why is food so cheap in the mainland?  A plate like this would go for 15 bucks easy, it was like 9 bucks.

All i gotta say is Os Gemos! Those 2 brazilian brothers are amazing!  I don’t know how but we need to get them to Hawaii!  And not no El Mac style where only the “in” crowd can see him paint, Hawaii need artist of this caliber to paint for the kids and OG alike.  Coming to Hawaii and doing a private mural only to see it on FB and blog or word a mouth is so bogus!   Its Hawaii, we need to uplift the culture not make it some, if you know then you know.  Oh yeah RVCA, you got BJ Penn, but stop sponsoring Writers, you better be paying them, if not stop claiming them like you know whats up!


This is the inception, of a vocal insurrection
the standards must be raised before the beginning of conception
take the roads less travelled, not the asphalt laid by the asinine
assign my earthly body to do work in half the time
i used paint the town with silver fills and black outlines
now verbally color palettes with beats and rhymes
dusty fingers leave prints on old record collections
digging in the crates is pure soul investment
my modo stands true, more dusty than

heart is soverign, care less about being an american original
LS clan is destined with victory and progression
its bigger than Hip-hop, learning from life’s lessons
so maybe you did a few songs, and did a few shows
but your unfaithful, unemployed, and your putting winter in your nose
a golf clap for your hustle and a yippe for your grind
but your inability to embrace change has left you behind
who moving forward…

I wrote this intro song for Television Head. I haven’t seen the movie Inception yet but i heard its a def mind trip thinker.  Check out my song, Inception, on

Why is it when you are getting ready to go on a trip you take until forever to finish packing?  I don’t know anyone that actually finishes packing in a Godly hour and get a full night of sleep.  And you ever notice your I-pod is never filled with enuff music or atleast the right music.  Sucka! As i write this i am waiting for Makers album “Honestly” to finish loading. God Speed and Good Health to all.

Yes i rap. Been rappin’ my whole life.  Unlike most rappers that are hella braggadosish i’m not really.  I mean i am down to battle if called out or in a cypher.  Besides that i make music, write, & perform.  I find that its the most pure when it is freestyle, not writtens that are mixed in with various banter.  I love the stage and the feeling of a mic in hand.  I shuffled through so many “rap” names but i figured, Kavet is a weird name in general, when i was shaping surf boards we were using catalyst to harded the resin and that stuck as my suffix. Kavet the mudda fuggin catalyst is the name! Murder many mics yall.

So i get a call from Froy, the man behind Mighty 4 Hawaii.  He tells me that they want to give me an appreciation award. I was like you must be crazy i aint dead.  After days of denial, i realize that Paul Skee don’t give these awards to anyone and it puts my name in the same class as some of Hip-hop heavies.  Much mahalos and respect the people that laid it down for me to be honored. Bless it up!

Red Eye Jedi’s always rock the circle.  B-boy heart!

Skeme Richards, Celskiii, and the OG Homie Jus Jones. Did you say 45’s, no you didn’t.

I have never in my life met a female that love Hip-Hop and knew her ish like Celskiii, mad love for the homegirl.

Lofa is going bombing, or went bombing that night did you see his ups?  He was using invisible ink.

Josh of Hype5-0 and Lofa.  Newkons little brother, done did it.  Global. At the same time he took Newks along, on the crews shirts.

Palmetto, and Woes.  This is the LA fam.  I got mo’ pics will up load this week…tbc

Thank you to Ara for the invite of myself and Nomasterbacks.  I hope to be involved in alot more events like this in the future.  It was most def fun and gave us good exposure to a lot of people that never heard of Hawaii Hip-hop.  Here is my starter track, Breathe, simple and talks about when i wake up. Good Fun all around. Peace.