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Monthly Archives: April 2009


I read that Matt Chaffin was sponsored by King Stampede when reading the Fitted site.  Ran across this ad with Matt and Chocolate pro Daniel Castillo!  Congrats Matt.  If you don’t know who Matt Chaffin is, born and raised Kaneohe and banging out in LA.  Much Respect!


So i put SB on blast a couple post ago.  Yall know if was for good reason.  Funny thing i was reading the new Transworld Skateboarding and the had a small kine interview with SLB, Sal Barbier, one of my favorite skaters.  He actually said SB was one of the worst things in sk8boarding, i don’t know if he was joking or not.  I got a few PM’s about i gotta love SB’s.  I dig the shoe but if i gotta support i will buy Lakai.  Anyway….WALLY!


I had to text Delve from Kicks on bringing these joints in.  I never had a a pair since High school and i rocked those until well into college.  Then i copped the I-Path Cats to take their place cuz i couldn’t afford the new Wally’s.  In college i was hella broke and got the hook up on the cats.  I always wanted to buy a new pair to get my grown man on, cuz Wallys and pants are the joint.  So, every time i walked into a clarks’ s store the service was never good and the always vibed me out.  So i choose not to give them my hard earned loot.  So now i am so down to give it to Kicks!  Ghostface will be proud.


On a nice to nike note, these are the joint too!  Classic silhouette, og colors, and jordanesqe.  Damn, these shoes bring back memories, back in the deeyz i used to have 2 pairs of shoes one to play basketball in and the old ones i used to play basketball in turned into skate shoes.  Shoe Goo and Duct tape when they got super busted!  I might have to go on welfare for these shoes. I am so past being a shoe head, but the old blood boils with these heaters.

*Side note BIG UPS to one of my mentors, Jeff Oshiro, homie put me on back in the days. Hooking me up with a job at LMID (Props to John Cheeks), and then getting me sponsored by OSIRIS (Props to Christian and Nate Elders), which lead me to get sponsored by MATIX & LAKAI (Props to Brad Suzuki).  Which boosted my belief that i can benefit a company well, so i hit up SKULL CANDY and ULTIMATE DJ GEAR.  Blessed beyond belief! Thanks Jeff.

3 of my favorite MC’s.  MC Serch, Kurious, and Doom.  Serch, one of the only 90’s rappers to every get the ghetto pass and one of the most underrated MC’s of his time.  Kurious came up wit dem classic joints.  Doom, Zev love X! KMD! Took me a bit to get used to Serch’s laid back flow but i follow the story well if you know the click they came up with: 3rd Bass, Kurious, SD50s, KMD, Beatnuts, Dante Ross, etc.

As i was listening to “local” music on a radio station i started to get sick on the sound that was coming from my box.  Then i said out loud, “This song could possibly make you sterile!” So on the strength of that i decided to give all 3 readers my list of ” 10 artists or songs that could possibly make you sterile!” Enjoy:



Puff sucks, bottom line.  I do respect his grind to get where he at. The facts is he is great at pimping others talents i.e. Craig Mack, Biggie, & 112.  Puff can make you sterile with his terrible rhymes and busted looks that only get chicks because he got the loot.  Don’t forget the beats that he makes are almost as bad or overrated as Dr. Dre…whoaaaaa, did i say Dre, yup he straight loops breaks and fattens the drums, but he is still nice with his so he will actually up your baby juice count.  OK. Mase i always thought he was WACK! I tried to comprehend why anyone would say he is dope.  His flow is comparable to my one homies that gets drunk and starts to freestyle with his ukulele, slurrin’ and rappin’ soft.  Also when he left and became a preacher, why he gotta bite MC Hammer!  Seriously, then he comes back with a track called “Welcome Back” using Welcome Back Carter samples, ohhhh crap, talk about sterile!  Thank God i am Filipino and i don’ t have to worry about my super sperm.  Make one thing sure, listening to any Puff or Mase possibly might make u sterile!  Stay tune for 9 more tube tying artists.

This past weekend FITTED HAWAII done did up their website with the sugar.  Talk about coming out swinging.  Not only do they swing but connect to give the KO blows!  What sucks is i just did up the LS site and now i am feeling that i need to get back in the Lab for a LS 3.0 steezzy!  Which is a good thing to keep it fresh. Anyway, what i wanted to point out is peeps like FITTED actually put action to what they say and rep.  A few hitters in Hawaii only talk about being Hawaiian or helping Hawaii or being local, but when it all falls down and the smoke clears, i don’t see any of those companies actually taking action to what they claim to be doing.   If you are reading this and feeling that this could be you, it probably isn’t cuz most of the cats i’m talking about don’t read LS stuff or show love to local peeps. So don’t sleep and don’t forget to give back to the place that gave you.


I used to be a sneaker head, before they were called sneaker heads?  We, as in the Hip-Hop/Skateboarding community by default were all sneaker heads.  Air Hurache was the ish. Max’s were my shoe when not rocking skate shoes.  When i played in various bball leagues i would always go for the Court Force or Barkleys, Penny’s were on point as well. Tried Fila’s once, it was the Mashburns- they were the worst basketball shoes ever!   Running shoes, Pegasus all day.  I would go on my bike to McCully Bike from Kapahulu to cop the sale or one off’s they had.  Robins used to be the spot for Nikes.  Crazy, but true we all skated Jordans and when they would wear our duct tape and shoe goo.  Then nike got dumb and made Savier a honorable shot at a skate shoe if you like to wear plastic molding on your foot.

Now they got the SB! I was told that they only sell to “core” skate shops and only open up new account like 5 years at a time.  When i was a struggling skate buyer at a shop i was trying to get SB’s in. If you got the SB you could claim your steak of the pie.  I know other business’s would suck wind if i got that account, why? They knew i was capable of causing damage in their monopoly, And like i was told, “its just business”.   Of course i got the same run around from Nike corporate, and because i wasn’t “down” with the “in” crowd the Nike SB dream faded fast.  Good thing i only skated Lakai.


Anyway fast forward 3 or so years and just the other day i was checking out one of my favorite Fitted websites.  I have been coppin’ fits from them for a while now and i loved the fact that they just focused on New Era Fitteds.  On this day they announce that they will be selling Nike SB!  So i guess the “core” and “select” dealers selling a “skateboarding” shoe is out the door.  Typical corporate move. Claim to be down and end up selling out.  I try not to support SB, but i do still buy Air Max’s all day.  Those shoe are undeniable as for comfort!


*on the defense of the quality of shoe Nike SB puts out, i copped my first pair of SB’s at a outlet mall in LA, 4 years ago, paid 30 bucks. It was a team edition Delta Forces! I was super surprised that they rode really well and were easy to break in.  After a few kick flips the shoe felt great to skate in.  So props to the shoe.  After those shoes i only bought 1 other pair from Kicks Hawaii and i got a pair for christmas.  Besides that i rather support Lakai, the shoes are great, the team is the best and i got to chill out and meet the team at Lakai/DVS thanks to Brad.


Im trying to make it out to this one! Really dig what bone is doing.  Can’t argue with a free event. So people gather around and juice this one til its gone, Happy Birthday! I hope there is some Birthday cake.


Got dem LS vinyl stickers in Black, Blue, Sliver, Gray, Purple, Green, Orange, White and Pink. What u need we got! Big ups to REDEFINE and ARTILLERY art supplies for the hook up, really good price. Time to be about it.

NMB is reaching that Dirty Thirds!  Wade had a small kine pa’ina to celebrate his old man hood.  It was all the families, unlike a 21st birthday party where you get all the single wahines and choke booze. It was baby food and andagi, crys and yawns, uncle and his drum machine.


I been to a bunch of parties and for some reason Chantilly is the flavor of choice?

I got a new Camera! Nikon S6Billion, Gotta get the Q up on the flickness.


Fam friend’s daughter, Mia, she doesn’t like me now but i will be her favorite uncle.


The new album is called BUTTERBREAD: Kavet & Wade.  Our new EP will be released this fall right after my solo joint. Wade will be releasing his new solo in 2010!  Hauoli La Hanau!