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Monthly Archives: May 2011

I find it amazing that people get paid to speak.  A lot of these people have amazing knowledge and/or stories that can inspire, teach, uplift, and educate a person.  I would love to make a living telling stories, giving advice, opinions, and knowledge.  Most likely it would be related to Hip-hop but i do feel that i can bring it on any other level.  The common thread i do see in great speakers is the element of success & failure.  The more one has failed, and then succeeded, that in turn creates so many levels of knowledge.  Now in my dirty thirties i been thru so many peaks and valleys that i got some thing for yall.  Hopefully, one day i can be on Count on it.


I was asked, actually i was stopped in Pearlridge and asked “is Jay-z or Lil’Wayne Hip-Hop?”.  I was kind of baffled at first, but i then realized i know who was Hip-Hop and on that level, MOS DEF.  I say this because one of the times he was in Hawaii, he came to a b-boy jam that i was throwing at UH.  The word got around that Mos, wanted to come thru, sure enuff he came thru.   He sat down on a chair and just watched the b-boys battle!  He denied any photos, it made sense because if he said yes to every photo, he wouldn’t get to enjoy the event.  I got to shake his hand and say thank you.  That makes Mighty Mos the standard of a Hip-Hop MC!  He could be at the beach, or eating, or hiking some mountain, NO, he wanted to go to a b-boy jam!  Would Jay or Weezy want to do that….doubt it!   I consider someone to be Hip-Hop when they bring it back around to the roots of Hip-Hop- bboy, mc, dj, graff.  Z and Weeze are rappers / entertainers, nothing wrong with that they are good Rappers.  A MC brings it back, completes the cypher…for instance…Common.  Have you seen Common’s live show?  He gets down and breaks…his dj, DJ Dummy does a battle set and scratches…yes he is on his grown man steeze but he keeps it Hip-hop.  This topic could be super complicated but like the terminology of today you got to keep it One Hundred!

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with what i am going to write…DJ Westafa is tha homie, down with Fumanchu; Joey & Matt, also Visionaries, they all fam.  Big up Ras Selecta Westafa…Anyway, what constitutes local? or from Hawaii?  My point is there is a pop artist that was born in Hawaii and is of Hawaiian decent…but does that make you local.  Heck no!  Just cuz yo mama blasted you out of here birth canal doesn’t mean you Local.   Being local is saying one phrase, “What school you grad from” bottom line if you cannot say that line, you not local.  OK, but what if you moved here and started your freshman year here, then graduated from a Hawaii High School.  Hmmmmm….you can tell.  If the person says the High School with pride, even if that school is Kaiser, Kalani, Kaimuki, Waialua, or Kalaheo and then goes on a rant about food, places, etc…ahh da bugga is local.  Irritates me when the News claims a certain person is local because they spent their 4th grade at Kauluwela Elementary, then moved to Virgina for the rest of their lives.  Ah ‘com on!   Being local is knowing that the best shave ice is not only on the North Shore and its not Waiola, over rated brah! Peace.

Nothing but great memories of Kapuni aka EP/IG88.  I remember arguing with my homie Jayson about who would pick him up in Mililani so we could play basketball in Kaimuki.  Sometimes we would make like we forgot or wouldn’t call him so we didn’t have to drive to Mills.  When we did play ball, i tell you, EP was a sight to see.  He had a controlled wild style.  A really quick release.  When we used to run the break it was always a site to see.  One time we played ball and right after all stink we went to this Hip-hop event that had an emcee battle.  In our basketball shorts, sweaty shirts, and slippers, we both made it to the final battle.  I know i am one day late but Happy Birthday to my brotha!  Always LIVICATED TO EP!