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Monthly Archives: May 2010

I think this was the best Inertia yet.  The cyphers was hot!  The finals was violent (sad).  I seen a small kine changing of the guard.  For a while Red Eye Jedi’s were killing the competition.  This time in the finals it was 2 crew that are young and hungry.  I gotta admit that Hawaii’s bboy level is getting better we just gotta stay consistent.  What i did notice is that there was a huge lack of OG’s in the crowd and cypher.  When the fight jumped off, no one, i mean no one, OG, old schooler, or older cat jumped in to defuse the battle.  Whos putting these kids in check?  Thats always been a constant problem with Hawaii the people that were supposed to pass the torch actually put the torch down and allow it to burn out.  Or they leave it on the ground and the next in line have to pick it up off the ground.  Not how it supposed to be.  We should pass the torch hand to hand, knowledge to knowledge, all along guiding the next.  I am sure it happens in every Hip-hop scene, but in Hawaii Hip-hop is so small that it is easy to point out who had the torch and who it should get passed to.  Pass that torch but don’t be the reason the winds blow it out.


Had a chance to visit the HE>i headquarters in chillville Waialua. They have been pumping out shirts for a bunch of years now and slowly, surely, and steady building up their fan base and feel.  I dig the fact they firmly decided to set up shop in Waialua and regardless of what the “industry” does they have been carving their own.

Brothers, Kainoa & Kaimana the spears of the company.  Chill cats and so down to earth, you gotta love the country.


I must say that their stickers mega ramp launch over any other local companies stickers!  While i was there at least 3-5 people came in to cop a sticker.  Its so bad i seen bootlegs of the logo.  A bootleg of that, do people really know what it means?


Meet, Reginald and Samantha the sit in models at the shop they work hard to not have a tan, almost Yellowman like.  Lol, overall they some cool brothers and if yall out there aint got no love for a positive brand its on you *cough*. Big up selecta.

Check out this insitefull interview with Jereme Rogers about him coming out of retirement and starting a skate company called “Selfish”.  Man, i wish he would stop rapping and just skate.  I hope he got rid of all them jock riders and leaches that lead him to go bonkers.  Bottom line, rap all you want but get your skate game up.  Wait, what this youtube of him announcing he is back, then read the interview…he still got that buttery steezy!

Skate has once again consumed my thoughts.  Not like it has left my brain, its just that i finally made time, to go out and get riding. I used to go skate on occasions, but now its 2 times a week.   Its just me and Chad rolling.  I get a lot of friends telling me to hit them up, but i just zone out and end up at the park by myself, chad will usually show up a bit later and its all G.  Part of me doesn’t want to invite anyone, almost like its a my little secret thing, but its not.  The other part of me wants to invite everyone, ohana styles.  Time is short on my skate days and talking story is kind of not an option.  Bikes has consumed majority of my skate friends life, i guess skateboarding doesn’t bring them joy any more.  I was planning on riding my bmx around more to rehab my hamstring, but i decided to fight threw the pain and stretch, run, and skate more.  It worked out, got back my kickflips, b/s 180s, f/s 180s, & nollie 180.  Take care yo hammies brah, stretch. Skate and Destroy.

Chad TimTim, i remember seening him skate at El Dorado park in Long Beach, buttery smooth and seeing this makes me feel like he knows the struggles, only thing is he is 10x better and a pro.  At least we got the married with kid thing in common.

I love b-boyin! Back in the day that was standard, break, rhyme, go taggin, and skratch. We Hawaii have a lot to be proud of when it comes to Hip-Hop. Our MC’s against any one in the world can hang even roast in a freestyle or GT battle, EK is killing it right now. O6 if willing can rip a fool to shreds. Graffiti, we are definitely up there. We may not have the history of the “trains” but we got that aerosol heat, KATCH is a beast. DJing/Turntablism, NSK-Noctural Sound Krew straight up won WORLD championships. But what about B-Boyin? Props to ABC/RSC they laid the foundation for Hawaii in the 80’s, what about after that? I may not be physically in the cyphers but i have gone to my share of Freestyle Session, B-Boy Summits, & even a Battle of the Year. I am still waiting for that Hawaii crew to take the world by storm, with solid power, original and clean blowups & threading, dope footwork, able to rock the beat, and have the bite. I hope to see it at I7! Lets GO! Hawaii B-boys, enough with following the mainland, lets be the main land.

This is bonkers and on the fail list, i know its just a prank but any writer would take a brick to the glass and rack ’em hard.  On the other hand if you are like me, older and not about getting arrested buying a can or two would make it easier.  What would happen if they had cameras aimed at the machine to see who buys paint.  I know i am buggin out, over all funny concept and it would be dope, i would love to have one in my store.

“Requires a reasonable attempt to be made to determine the immigration status of a person during any legitimate contact made by an official or agency of the state or a county, city, town or political subdivision (political subdivision) if reasonable suspicion exists that the person is an alien who is unlawfully present in the U.S.”

First of all, this is my opinion and it is made from reading the bill and other commentary.  The above quote is taken from Arizona’s SB1070 law that recently went in effect.  Talk about up for interpretation, and guess who gets to do the interpretation?  The Police!  So if you are in Arizona and don’t have your ID on you and then a cop thinks you are a or look like a illegal alien, BAM! he can deport your ass!  So what does this say for anyone who has brown skin? I am not one to speak on illegals hopping the boarder, but DAMN, a brown man got it ruff now!  Native Americans, now gotta worry about getting deported from the Land that they rightfully OWN!  Just because they fit a “reasonable suspicion”  Haoles gotta check themselves they aint from here.  And while we on the subject, i know nothing about Africa, damn the haoles messed up their too.  Thats a whole bag a beans and rice. Jesus needs to come. NOW!