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Monthly Archives: September 2008

I guess this is for all you skate heads or peeps that knows Jordan from APB. First he is an OG Lightsleeper head listening and taping the show from his house in Manoa when he was in Intermediate. Second, he won the employee Girl/Chocolate skate contest which the grand prize was his own Girl Skateboards deck!!!  His name is on the deck and the word WAHINE is in place of GIRL.  Also, if you check and got to see his “Hawaiian Vacation” film i swear he is riding a LS x Woes deck! Congrats to Ras Jordan! side note big ups to Vance for always reppin’ LS with the Soundwave and Optimus Prime shirts!

The last one was interesting.  I didn’t know what to expect from a lot of unknown producers, but overall i figured the HAP would of made the finals atleast.  This one will be fun as well so far we got DJAH a cool cat that has been rocking the MP 1000 and Thundertrax self proclaimed “Hawaii’s best producer”  according to his myspace, but a nice dude.  So if you make beats and want to come out of the cave and start building with Hawaii’s community come thru.

I have been getting a bunch of heads wondering when i am having a TRIP THE LIGHTS?  Honestly, i don’t know. TTL has evolved from Heshams to Studio1 to Rred Elephant to ???.  Out of TTL womb came BEATROOT.  The location has always been the main ingrediant for a sucessful TTL and i wasn’t going to compromise that!  Also, the fact that art, music, live painting, etc…has been played out!  Majority of the artists are weak and should go back to the drawing boards and there is money to be made with the formula of art+music.  Which i learned and inherited from my homie HESHAM!!! Where you at EPICENTER? or any other Hesham’s parties?  Anyway, we got INERTiA 6 on December 6, and a BR every month….also if everything falls into place we are going to do something no one else in Hawaii has ever done before, in the mainland yes, but Hawaii no check us out in December!  Big up Baby Jesus!

Big ups to JR and Prolifik, they used an old NMB track for their recent surf promo!  JR is the homie and i heard he was the illest baseball player in Highschool before he found surfing.  I would of loved to see him at different breaks, but over all cool to see Surfing over some dope hiphop. Blessings.

Dose One – Hemispheres on Vinyl!

Oliver Twist said that he was going to give me this as a wedding gift and i am a man of yours words.  Super geeked out on this one.  500 made and a definite classic in the underground and independent Hip-hop world.  Before Anticon took over the late 90’s and 2000’s, a guy name Adam Drunker from Cininatti hooked up with a few boom bap producers to create a verbal on slaught of music.  With beats you could expect “safe rappers”  to rap over, Dose one flows and interweaves a weird yet ill poetry riding fresh cadences.   Mr. Dibbs, J-Rawls, G Fresh, Mr. Len and Jel – that is a all star team on the beats!  Thanks Ollie and have fun in NYC, see you in 6 months.

Beatroot went down and we got up a new Sponsor INCASE. I really feel that this event is a breeding ground for Hawaii Hip-Hop scene to get up. The Hap and his crew, Gotthos just finished a track with Junior Reid and Lil’ Wayne…yup what the fish? Also, newly transplant Joe Gosalvez is from LA and he been letting the West Coast know whats up with Hawaii. So Lets Go…heee.

Joe Gosalves set up, ahh gotta love all the buttons.

The Hap, last battle he came thru with this joint since then i have been checking for it online, not to buy just to get my knowledge up^.

Cozy and Bryson’s 2500xl, good to see Cozy back on the scene and good to see a MP in the battle…We need more MPC’s!

The Hap, honestly when Carlos and the Hap came up to me last battle to see if they could enter, i was like ohhh crap i gotta throw down again i just healed my knuckles…nah joke cuz! They is the coolest bruddahs! out! Congrats!

Joe Go.

Overall, the night was sweet. Big ups to Easy Music Center once again and the amazing staff. Incase for the giveaways and quality product, Prolifik for the shirts, Redbull, and Redefine for the banners.

ps. 5% ticket price and 50% off all HOSA cables, adapters and accessories, when you mention Beatroot at Easy Music Center.

I am so thankful that INCASE hooked us up to give away prizes to the winner of BeatRoot. I will now give you the family tree of who i am thankful for!

  • First thank you to God, to the Hawaiians Ke Aku.
  • Then the Aipa Clan, i don’t know where homie Moses is related but Ben Aipa is a legend and he makes classic surf boards. Anyway the Aipa Ohana for birthing Moses Apia.
  • Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop for making a school where Hawaiians can go and become smart. Not that Hawaiians cannot become akamai at Public school, just that the motivation, resources, and that kine kine isn’t accessable. And for enrolling; Wade, Well, Temper T, Kei Element, Kosmic, Lofa, Race, Opposite, Everybody Knows, KTC, and Moses Apia.
  • San Franscico Universtiy for accepting Well.being and Moses Aipa where they became friends (thanks Kapono) and let NMB and KTC stay at their pad while on tour of Canada, Seattle, Oregon, and SF.
  • And INCASE for giving one Hawaiian Braddah a chance to be the Creative Director at your fine business.
  • Thank you!

Hopefully i have enuff stuff to do some giveaways, now that would be fresh. Stay Blessed!

Beatroot is on us! I get super sample happy when BR comes thru! So i sold my mistress the MPC 2000xl and revisited my first love – Akai S20 (sorry Gemini sampler l love you) I have been MC searching the tube for S-20 vid and finally some cats in Europe done did it nice. C you and BR, one!

Rang up Observ, he is working with Joe Dub on his new album.  Had planned to skate with Noah of Millz and Brian ‘Es.  We decided to go to AMR.  I gotta get a better camera, took these last shots before the battery went dead, Wanted to get my front board big spin out. ahh.

Back smith butter!

Front Feebs steezy!

Kick flip front board.

Fun for all, skated for about 2 hours and broke myself off someting proper!  Tricks to land next time: front smith 180 out, Krooks 180 out, Krooks shove it out, Kick flip fakie the hip and a bunch of Mini ramp stuff. lets skate.

Had a ill weekend, Saturday was Jam packed.  Football, Baby Luau, the Grouch…

This is the Little Dude!  Koltrane reppin’ for the Lightsleepers Upstarts!  Wifee, Koltrane, and Myself went watch Kamehameha JV football stomp St. Louis.  Gotta support the family.

Yes we won! Son and Bigger Bro!  Head football Coach for Kamehameha JV.  Big ups to my brother he loves and is a student of football all the way from back when we were kids.  Like i’m a geek for skateboarding and Hip-Hop, my bro is the exact counterpart!  Remember the name!

After the game headed to Waimanalo for my friends daughters 1 birthday party! While driving from Pali way, i noticed all the campaign signs and asked my wife, “whats the difference between this and Graffiti?”  At the stop i had to flick this pick, KEEP IT BEAUTIFUL fools, notice no MUFI signs bugga use his Po’o and left it to the Japanese to litter this fence.  He kept his litter on the other fence!  Auwe!

…Went to the GROUCH later that night!

The Grouch is classic.  He has a thick discography and hella cool.  At the Grouch i chill out with these following foolios…

The merch guy, i think he was the brother of Grouch.  For all that slept he was selling a piece of limited vinyl you, yah you should of copped! Wake up! Don’t sleep.

Dj EQ aka Qweezee!  Got the Horror movie remixes of your favorite female singers.  Get at the homie! Support a dj that still rocks vinyl!

HONOZOOLOO, trivia what was Aarons first photo shoot in Hawaii? Yup, a Lightsleepers show at Coffee Talk.  He went to school with Well.being and hooked up  with Wade on album cover for ORTHOS PURA.  Now he got the scene on lock!

O6 hands down the illests MC from Hawaii!  Also a contributor to the newest, freshest, and coolest? magazine to come out of Hawaii called CONTRAST MAGAZINE. Check ’em out riding his track bike with the Aloha Fixed cats, what up Ryan!

Speaking of CONTRAST.  Brother Mark G. was in the houuuuse!  Once again a product of MIllz Villz!  He, Zen, and the homie Race is a major part of the mag.  Mark has hella pop and buttery steez on the skateboard go ask Fybes!  Ever since i met Mark, we always bump into each other only at Skate parks, chat it up and never see him until a year later, at another skatepark!  Big ups Selecta!

Great Weekend…Kamehameha Won!  Ono Hawaiian Food!  the Grouch!  ahhhh God Bless ya’ life!

its the battle of women mags! I love to read magazines. Skateboarding, Vapors, Juxtapose, Remix, Ready Made, Filipinos in Hawaii, and on….I respect anybody in Hawaii trying to do their magazine hustle on. Big ups to Jeela! Smart was on the scene first and i usually flip thru it, just to see what Hawaii has to offer in periodicals, layouts, design, maybe somebody i might know. Then Disfunkshun? came thru and Boom Smart in the ase! While smart goes with simple layouts and a cleaner look, Disfuncshen came out swinging with intergrating design with their photo layout and quailty of paper. Way more artsyr’ besides the name being weak they definitley made a quick “what up” in Hawaii. I never actually read the text so i don’t know how the writing is in either mag but i dig what Disfunshen is doing. Now lets see who got longevity. ohh, i think the best mag is the the one that shows love to Lightsleepers.