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Monthly Archives: May 2008


So i only caught the last hour of LOST, wtfunk? What a cop out, its like finding out that the whole season was a dream, even worst lets just make the island disappear, then leave the viewers hanging by showing Jack all busted up and Locke dead, with Ben tell Jack that they all need to go back to the island…seriously i think the writers of Lost has opened to many doors and hope to confuse. I love Lost, but we need to just end it. Pau!


The new Busta Rhymes, peep this on EmptyTV, i was super shock! Dang the beat is ill and he is going off.  Lyrically and style wize!  Straight spitting!  Reminds me of LONS for the new era!  I wish they would have a reunion – Dinco D, Charlie Brown, Cut Monitor D Milo!  Flipmode is wack, not feeling them at all.  Anyway, if this is whats to come from Bus i am happy, he murders all this wack rap like Ace, Young Jock strap, and all those idiots.

Being Christian myself, there are a lot of weak mc’s out there. I am not judging their commitment to Christ or the love for spreading the good word, but on a Hip-Hop stand point. I just don’t feel them. LMNO, LPG, Future Shock, Lightheaded, Pigeon John, Mars Ill, LA Symphony, i feel these cats and honored to call them my peers. So when my homie Gavin, let me borrow his copy of Shai Linne’s – Solus Christus Project, it blew my wig! Delivery, vocab, punctuation, and natural style made him instantly one of my favorite MC’s.

Well, Shai is coming to Hawaii and i will try to make it out to one of his shows! What a good weekend, Ceschi and Shai linne, two MC on the different ends of the spectrum, but so dope! So if you missed Othello and Zane last week, check Shai Linne!

Friday May 30 8pm-11pm

South Shore Christian Fellowship
Koko Marina Shopping Center
7192 Kalanianaole Highway Suite # 208 Honolulu, Hawaii 96825

Saturday May 31 6:30pm-9:30pm

290 Sand Island Access Rd, Honolulu, HI 96819

Sunday June 1 9:30am-11:30am

South Shore Christian Fellowship
address TBD

Did you know that Atmosphere sold over 33,000 records the first week of the release of “When life gives you lemons, paint that Sh*t Gold”  What a milestone for our underground Hip-Hop cavaliers, there is hope in the world! And on that note, i just sold out of 150 “Television Head” HOORRAY!  One month and a couple days, thats 2 cds a day! Thanks to all that made it possible, got the re-up coming in so thanks to Borders, TooGruvz, Prototype, Stylus, Exclusive, LA2theBay,,, and anyone who copped it from me or Lofa straight up!  And if you burned it,  its cool i will sell you one for $5.00 if you bring it to the next show!

Anyway, I bought the new Atmosphere and it was OK, 3 Mics!  Then i copped the Grouch, 4 Mics!  The Grouch was refreshing and steady! I don’t know about you but dang why does Slug start all his raps now with “She, blah, blah, blah” or “He, blah, blah, blah”  No more straight flexing or anything about Hip-Hop, its all stories about him or some life situation thats depressing.  I love atmosphere but it just didn’t hit as hard as the Grouch.  The Grouch moved and even went Hyphy which i actually found enjoyable.  And does anyone notice that Slug and Ant look like pediofiles or pervs? 

Overall, go buy the Grouch, because you cousin from Nebraska will by the Atmosphere at the nearest Best Buy! 

INERTiA 5 went down this weekend.  I love B-boy Battles the purest fun of all Hip-Hop elements.  Quick nostalgia, i remember when everyone came to a B-Boy Jam, DJ’s, MC’s, and Writers.  The mc cyphers were so dope at the bboy jams that some time you couldn’t even get a turn.  Its sad because so many people claim Hip-Hop this, crew this, i’m this, but don’t support a B-BOY JAM.  You aint Hip-Hop if you don’t fricken love the B-boy and the Dj’s rocking the breaks, we even had EV, DC4, Hinano, Krazy, Why all painting outside.  And on the other hand, why is it the B-boys don’t suppor the other events?  I can go on and on, but i do my part to keep this Culture alive, do something you lazy Hawaiians ( i am talking everyone that says they is from Hawaii, not the blood quantum, so chillax)

Mario aka M-Azing, dope style and ill tricks! Finally, won the 1 on 1 vs. Rocksworth.  It was tough in the end Mario won it on pure innovation, trying to push in the finals.  Big ups to Rocksworth so much steez, tops, and foot work.

The winners for the Group was HI-STATE Rockers!  A mix mash of peeps.  I actually thought ABC won only because they had a routine, before that it was tied in my book. But oh well you win some and lose some both crews have had their share of wins and loses.

Big ups to GBC and all the volunteers, everyone who came out, M-Azing, HSrockers, all the crews, LOFA, Observ, Skid, Nomad, Krazy, and you for being literate!

My younger brother got married the same weekend at the ‘Es game of skate!  So i turn to the all knowing internet to find out who won and footage?  Dang, Hawaii is weak when it comes to its skateboarding coverage game.  I can find out who won a game of skate in North Dakota, and some footy before i find out anything in Hawaii.  If i had the time and a dope digital camera & a ill Mini DV i would make the dopest Hawaii skate site!  One word doe, SkateNazi, 2 words i mean.  Big ups to him always putting it down!

Big ups to Ian Okui always killing it, and down for the LS for life!  Mills Vills!

Taught at Kahuku, so i decided to stop by the Banzai Skatepark, small kine water puddles but i only sessioned the smaller transition.  It was hella hot so at least i lost some weight this day!

The board has hellz a pop, good research and calling wood shops asking for samples paid off!

Dang, the park is fairly new on the island and the pool coping is falling off, what the heck?

After a session, shave ice and Li Hing Mui…ohhh da bess bu!

Congrats to my brother and his lovely new bride! Chalk one up for the fam!  Night out on the town and some good old Hawaiian MMA.  Hawaiians love to fight!  Kolo vs. some Popolo from the Mainland.

Why is it that when you get one Hawaii fighter fighting one Haole guy all the drunk Hawaiians hate on the Haole?  First, it takes huge balls to come to Hawaii and fight MMA!  Second, the last Haole guy to get props was Jason Miller, Third, everyone wants you to lose! Whatevers was fun.

…Another beautiful Hawaii day up in the Heavens! Aloha

David Ramos; brother of Ceschi Ramos, members of Anonymous INC and TOCA (rip) get interviewed in LIFE ON WAX[dot]com. David breaks down his thoughts on Music, the very dissapointing break up of TOCA, and future projects. Please pick up his new album “This up here” only distro on CircleintoSquare(dot)com!

On the Ramos moment, Ceschi will be in town CESCHI RAMOS may 29th in Hilo @ emerald orchid. may 30th Oahu @ Higher Ground Coffee Shop Wahiawa. more info at

Mucho respect to Newkon, Kaweeks, & Koak for repping LS at the recent ground up show!  Kaweeks gave me a heads up that they were coming with a “TOP TEAM” status to the show, and my opinion you could consider them a top team with all around ‘killing’ from the streets to the illustrations.  Big ups Selectas!