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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Omar or the Jive Turkeys, ktc, & Romeo the organizer of B-boy city. The past weekend B-Boy City went down! Man, this was the best battle to come to Hawaii since M4.  I love how vocal and how much action Romeo and his crew brought to Hawaii.   You could tell from the way they ran the battles, the guest judges, the amount of B-boys that came from the mainland, and the way the event was judged that B-Boy City  is about Hip-hop!  This was the first time that every battle was hype, i never seen that.  It was great to know that the winners actually get flown to Texas to battle in the B-boy City finals.  What an incentive!  Word is it from talking to my homie from florida that Outbreak might try to come to Hawaii.  Ill have all the photos from the event on the main page.  Loving Hip-hop right about now.  Mahalo to all who copped a shirt, sticker, blackbook, or a pen.


Aahh, Atlas my Powerbook G4 haveth lefth meith!  The harddrive is make (dead).  My homie from Apple said all i need to do is go on line and get a new hard drive, which is relatively cheap $100 – 200, matters on how big a HD i want.  Whats crazy is for $114 bucks i can double what my harddrive was when i first got the lap!  The only bummer is i gotta scoop up the money, how? IDK.  Also, i lost about a month of work, should of backed it up daily.  Everyone banters, “Yo its time for a new mac” are you serious, i got no money for that!  I like the HD swap, for now! Big ups to the homie Keiki for the tips.  Blaow!

I haven’t dj’ed a b-boy battle in a minute and was super stoked to DJ a battle for Hope Chapel West Oahu.  Big ups to Stevie & Clint for the gig.  I dig the spot, i know if they do a few mo’ battles that place will be packed.  What was great about this battle was it really put me in check about my breaks.  I got records thats a fact, but i need to get up on my 45s and LPs.  I almost gotta go into underground mole status with the records.  I consider Jus1oh to be Hawaii dopest and deepest Breaks dj.  He can turn a battle out with all 45s and he could rock a party and get the girls to dance.  Thats my goal, is to up my breaks game and get as good as Jus1oh.  Time to take out all these kids that download the breaks and don’t know the analog. Suckas need a bodyguard.

The second installment of Beatroot Bodega went in.  As always it was fun, never a pain, the one event i do that i can fully enjoy.  I wonder one thing?  Where the heck are all my friends and my peoples?  With the amount of people i have met throughout the years that are DJ’s, collect records, or producers, i seriously expected 3x as much people attending and either buying or selling.  Plus it was FREE.  I could list names, but what good would that do?  I know everyone needs money and so many people are switching to Serato i was figuring that i would have people begging to sell their records.  Bodega is so small scale right now, but there is $$$ to be made.  Observ came with one crate, sold half and i swear made at least $60 for doing nothing.  I’m not guaranteeing you will leave with a fortune, what i am saying is why isn’t the dj x vinyl x producer community supporting a event that is geared toward them?  Well, im just venting my expectation and yes i do have big expectations, why do it if not!  Pau, don’t be Lazy.

This is the key to getting free Transworld Skateboarding Magazine subscriptions.  Everytime they release a DVD, buy it.  Don’t download, borrow, or look for it on youtube.  Support skateboarding and buy it.  For the past, i don’t know how many, there has been a free subscription of the mag.  I haven’s subcribed for the past 3 years.  The last three DVDs also came with free MOB grip, posters, and gang o’ stickers.  You can’t front on a great deal and you get great reading material on the sh*tter. Mahalo to Transworld.

The building that Crooks & Castles is at has one of the illest hand rails i never did in Hawaii.  Back in the day (yes back back), the only thing i ever did was caveman this rail.  The run up is kind of short.  There is another rail like this but it is going at a weird angle where you have to ollie out to get to it.  I would love to see one of these young whipper snappers throw down on this rail.  I would give a shirt to any one that did a ollie trick into it.  I think one of my homies has a picture of me doing this hand rail.  Ahh the good ole days.,

When the smoke clears…a month or so removed from my trip to LA x SD x SDCC.  You know i had to shop hop and spock whats the dealings with this culture called “street” wear.  Whats crazy is that majority of these shop were not here a few years ago.  I can tell you one thing, don’t believe the hype!   All the blogs blow them up huge but when you step in, your like “is that it?”  Hawaii is where its at on the real:  IN4MATION, FITTED, LEILOW, & KICKS run the gambit of shops and brands, not to mention all the other shops and brands that are making there mark from Hawaii.  Hawaii we are the ones.

What more can you say about the Hundos?  They do it and do it well, or even better than anyone in the industry.  There shop is a perfect size and the decor is smooth.  I really take to heart the customer service, always have, always will.  All it takes is a “Whats up?”  or “Let me know if you have any questions?”  The hundos was cool mang, and i copped a fit for only $20 bucks, sweet.

Now, Turntable lab is what we don’t have in Hawaii.  Always a good vibe and huge selection.  I always loved the NYC store more, just due to the fact its NYC and the records seem to favor that Hip-hop, breaks, beats, & downtempo selection.  The on line store must be bangin’ cuz i don’t know how they can have a huge spot and make ends.  Didn’t get any help i could of jacked some stuff, but it was cool.

I was excited to check out Hall of Fame and Diamond.  But i was dissapointed at HoF.  I guess in Hawaii we are spoiled that we have Fitted, i mean i can get a custom New Era that only we in Hawaii has, no where else.  I tried to get myself to buy a fit from HoF, but it wasn’t that Fresh.  Sorry. I walked in and checked out the whole shop not one word.  Oh well you lost a sale brother.  Diamond, was cool.  I wish they would have back stock of old designs in their shop.  The help was o.k.  I got a head nod and when i asked how much was the bearings the small talk was cool.  I would of copped some Diamond, but wasn’t feelin the new stuff.

I got mad respect for Rick Klotz  – Fresh Jive.  I really dig the layout of the store and it was a cool vibe.  I actually got asked a how i was doing and if i had any questions. Props.

Oh Supreme, how do i support thee?  I tell you what, i know Supreme is the ish.  I know they are OG. I know that they can sell a piece of chicken to a vegetarian. BUT, that doesn’t change your customer service SUCKS.  I been to the NYC store 3 x and the LA store 2 x.  Everytime is been mean muggin’ and no word what so ever!  I don’t ask for you to wipe my ase, but at least say HI.  Don’t gear check me, don’t ignore me, every single time i was prepared to buy something and had money from my homies that really wanted something.  Thank God they never had the product my friends wanted and the 5 panel i wanted wasn’t so much wanted anymore.  Yes you make fresh gear and Yes everytime i hope that the customer service has change so i can buy somthing, so please change up your attitude, cuz next time i will let a fool know whats up.  Thats my word.

I found this kind of funny, that one of the biggest brands in the world had to shut down there shop in LA.  I don’t know Nigo and i respect his hustle and grind, props.  And here i go again with another negative story about a brand that is loved so much.  I was in NY a few years ago and went to the Bape store, probably one of the worst customer services ever.  From the time i stepped in condescending looks, grunts as answers, a**hole security, and getting busted for taking a picture of a Bape sign, like i was going to go to Chinatown and bootleg the logo.  I guess when your brand grows so big that you cannot control the lower level employees, im hoping it is not a reflection of the owners.

On a happier note, Johnny Cupcakes lived up to all the hype, every blog, all the rave.  Once i stepped into the store it was like i was at Disney.  Within a sec, i was asked a few questions and allowed to browse.  A couple of minutes later, another employee asked me if i had any questions.  As i was looking at a few shirts, one of the employees started to chop it up with me explain some of the designs.  Above and beyond.  Like i said not needed, but always welcomed.

A wall of ovens. How you figure. Nice.

Props to the staff at JC.  Mahalos for all the hospitality.

Check this guy out!  We need to recruit him to join the Lightsleepers Line Crew.  He was waiting for the JC anniversary releases.  No it wasn’t that night, it was a week later.  Yes! Gotta love it.  I would only hope to create a loyal following for Lightsleepers and to provide GREAT customer service to everyone.  From just a “Hello” to a “What ups brother, how you doin, if you got any questions let me know…alright cool”  Overall, you could factor in maybe the workers were mute or they had a sore throat.  Maybe they had a bad day because there pet rabbit died?  I guess Supreme had a whole litter of mute rabbits, LOL, i keed.  Respect to all the peeps that showed love in LA and to all that didn’t its all good cuz i am just one Hawaiian with a blog.  Shoots.

Blogging on my free iPod touch I won from fun factory? Crazy. Spent $30 cutting strings=$190 ipod touch.