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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Hawaii Florida Football

So G Mac, said the Notre Dame football team did a “little f_____ dance” the last time they came to Hawaii. Now you got all Gay rights, PC fighters, and crazy conservatives all up on him. Seriously, G Mac is a Head Football Coach, have you ever played football? Have u ever heard a coach talk good about a team after they got whooped! NO. Mac gave the media a little locker room grit, talk goes on like that all the time. He is not running for President or trying to gain liberal votes for some Outdoor circle organization. He coaches football, where the only thing that matters is wins and graduating his athletes. He has no history of bashing or degrading and i actually got to meet him at my church and he is respectful and humble. Go Bows. G Mac!


This past Thursday, was my birthday.  Took off from work and decided to have a solo day.  A time to chill out and with no agenda, just roll.  Knowing that my family and wife had different things planned that night and the weekend, i needed to hang loose -madda goose.


Didn’t want to strap on the soft racks to hook up the longboard, so i loaded up the Custom X and Redley’s.  Straight to Wall’s for the OG session.  I grew up a few blocks away and would finish my paper route, then straight to the Wall.  After a hour or so, i seen this one guy killing stand up on the outside break.  As he caught the wave doing spinners all way down the line, i noticed it was Danny Kim.  It had to be him.



Copped me a monster for the long day.  Have you ever heard of imported energy drinks?  I guess its like imported Beer?  Them Europeans created a monster that is not as sweet, same kick, and a resealable top!  Brilliant!


Needed some new slippers.  I had my share of kamaboko slippahs and surfah.  While everyone is trying to cop dat rare colab nike x bape? i figure to take it to the ‘aina!  Kicks x Hurley slippers.  Since Nike bought Hurley, i noticed that the sole was actually a nike shoe. Brilliant!


Headed to Pearlridge to renew my license.  Kawasaki Green has been a reoccurring color in the LS pallete and i ran across this one in the parking lot. Thanks Luan @ Xpress Tees!


DMV. Done.


Off to North Shore. Shrammp. Topped off a great B-day.  BRILLIANT.

Hawaii takes a while to wind up their motors and go.  It really felt like a drag to get this 1st qualifier going, i can’t say why, but it did.  Reguardless, of the drag i will always be bent that the show must go on.  Its like you rocking a crowd of 10 or 1000, it shouldn’t matter because if you love it just to have a platform to perform and test your skills is the only reason you need.  I am so glad that we kept it going…


Hows this, all the producers came early and was ready to go at 5:00!!! WOW! This will be a good season. In the picture is Vandal, then Ely, Make Jackson sitting, Chris I, Wade’s Hands, and Chastise.  I did not know what to expect with this bunch of producers.  Ely and Make i heard and knew their sound.  Chastise, came out with some bangers.  Vandal, had that murder music, seriously slash yo’ throat music.  Chris I, smooth style and came out of know where.  Last Wade of Nomasterbacks, YES!  He rocked Garageband with all dusty vinyl samples, super crunch, and he brought a different approach.  I notice MCs that produce always have a different feel to beats, than straight up producers.


Rhyme the OM, blessed the mic. I am diggin’ that MC song he did, incorporating MC in every line flippin’ it constantly. The R, the R, MC.


In the end, ELY was the the last man standing.  In the finals he edged out Wade.  Two different styles and theories.  Big ups to Ely he will be sitting back and scoping the comp for the Grand Finals!  Mahalo to all 3 that came thru, nah like 25. Whoever did show up got a shirt or CD, lets go against the grain and  the give. See you next month.

FIRST listen to the original – Aesop Rock “None Shall Pass”…..NOW!

How could you not love this? Seriously, if you are a music lover this is great. First, the fact that Hardcore heads listen to Ase Rock. Second, the time and effort to record, edit, and mix the song. Third, i respect anyone that can “scream”, yes before i was “this is wack” and “what the heck” but as i was exposed to a lot more Hardcore screaming, you gotta give it up. Vocally, it is crazy. Much respect. AAAAARrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaahh.

Gotta support the indy and anytime someone that has been putting in work musically, takes off on a life long venture i am down to support it. Otto cakes opened his new spot selling dem tasty slivers of goodness.


I had to get one, honestly i never had one and heard only good things about it. So i ventured into C-Town.


Otto was there and i copped a blue berry bomber. $5.00 for a slice, yup its a grip but im down for the occasional splurge.  Big ups Otto and Big ups Black Square.

What you know about the next spot…right around the corner.  I figure i go hit it up they get the best or atleast one of the best.


This is my OG Manapua spot. Years of this mana takes off wrinkles and makes the bugga mo’ strong boy! Ayyyyye Suuusss.  Git down to Char’s and Otto, scoop a Pep or Dew and enjoy the best Lunch. Boom Shaka Badda.

Peeped out that Hot16 @ Trops the other night and got to talking to the homie Rhyme the OM. Well first i was talking to Keli’i of the Spacifics about Chi-Ali and the song called “Pass the 40”.  If you know this…

If you don’t know Chi-Ali, he looked like Dres of the Black Sheeps younger brother.  Got a deal when he was 14. His whole album was produced by the Beat Nuts, and remixes by Diamond D and Q-tip(i think).  The youngest member of the Native Tongues.  Also on the track was Mr. Lawnge of the Black Sheep with his on point p-nice references.  Chris Lighty & Dave Gosett, both of these cats were major A&R’s that help usher in a bunch of 90’s mcees. Dres, caps it off with another word play twister. But wait my point was the guy after Chi Ali, was none other than Hot Dog from the crew The A.T.E.E.M. Super slept on crew that Chubb Rock put on. Word was that the ATEEM was Chubb’s back up dancers, but i thought it was his cousin. Whatevers, peep the song, boom bap niceness….

We also got to chop it up about, KID HOOD.  His one verse off of the Scenario Remix, bought a buzz i don’t remember any other mc bringing back then.  Really raw, but cut short after he got murdered a few days after he dropped this verse.

Look out for tracks with me and rhyme, gotsa do some boombap call and response. word up G. Outtie 5000.

Its bound to happen. But for one company to bite 2 designs? from the same company. People really gotta do their homework. Akomplice is average. I try to dig it but, alot of their designs look like beginner photoshop work. Yet, i did get to meet the owners a few years back and they were really cool.

I miss scratch sessions!  i am trying to get a new Vestax 05, only because i don’t have the money for a Rane.  I really just wanna bug out and scratch.  Big ups to all the Turntablists in Hawaii!  Cop that vinyl and support Hip-Hop!

Bunson Honeydew and the crew, put together a fun event last week called, BUTTON MASHERS!


I guess they had a live feed, so i decided to get all risky.


Yes Button Mashers was a video game based event, with live art, bboy battle, and product booths.  All proceeds went to GBC Youth.


Prolifik, KGKL, and Redefine had a table next to us.  Big ups to dem, they all be puttin in the work to bring the people positive products.


Dj Liger aka dj lksajsdfa aka dj skdfja;p aka Juando!  Provided us with the groove.  Also on the Tables was DJ Enjay and Knen!


Four Artists rotated on four canvases. It was a good twist on the colab piece.


Lofa is happy with his Contrast Mag fanning himself.  I wish there was a event we could set up shop once a month.  I really dig events like this because i get to meet the people that support LS.  I really can’t wait to open the LS shop, when that goes down its ova.  Lightsleepers is like air, but we gonna make it easier to breath!  Take a deep breathe!