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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Back when i was growing up, Sunday’s was Dad made breakfast, watch football or drag racing (my dad loved cars), and cooled out the whole day with my brothers.  At times we would watch Lets Go Fishing with Harry Kogima and be bored out of minds.  As i got a little older i was allowed to go Skateboard with all my friends from Palolo, Kaimuki, Kahala, & Kapahulu.  Even as a teen i never went to Church and if i did it was because my Mom forced me to go, i would sit there zoned out and just waiting to finish.  I really can’t pin point where it all *clicked* where i felt the need to go to church on Sunday.  You could say it came with maturity and coming to a realization that all you have is right in front of you and in order to get “more” it will take “more” than you.  Or it could of been the constant cycle of not being fulfilled in life, yes i had friends, a little loot, put myself through college, a busted car, and some “female” relationships, but i always wanted more.  Even to this day, it is so easy to not go to church and wake up late, grind, pack up the ‘Ohana go to the beach, and come home and crash.  Yet, i fine myself, no matter how late i come home from a gig or show, no matter how many times i have to wake up to get my son something…i am up getting ready to go to church.  Sometimes late, a few times on time, but im there.  And in the end i always leave thankful that i made it there.  Yes, i am thankful for having God in my life, and yes i am thankful for not having to watch nas car or drag races.


Big ups to Matt Reynolds at Local 808 and the skate community for putting on this positive jam.  And a shouts goes to my cohort Rob Waldron, we da baddest mang!

They built this ill ase mini ramp in the middle of Koko Marina, i actually got to skate it right b4 i left, i wish i had 3 hours on this thing, i would of went off. Fun.  Check out Heimana Reynolds, this kid is the next.  11 years old and he won the Disney/X Games contest.

Aaron “Sunshine” Lee, dude been in the cut.  Always a good vibe and i love watching him skate.

Rob Dubs, Rob Wonder, Rob Weezy, R-Dub, or just Rob.  Always a riot working with him and i know he got my back.  Hope to see us at the T&C contest. Blaow!

Check the judges; OG shredder and a skater i always looked up to Kale Sandridge! He used to call my radio show all bust and just kill it on the mic.  Sunshine with that 2nd judge spot, and i don’ t know the 3rd judge, respect.

At first i was like, dope. Then i thought about it, they just put a plate on decks and LRG POP.  Just an observation, still a fresh prize.

Suns 5 fakie.

Kyle Meyer, with the trick i predicted he would do, fakie kick flip indy grab or fakie kick flip melon grab.  You the homie, best be expanding on your bag of tricks how about a 360 flip to mute grab or, to melon.

J. Park one of my favorite skater, fakie rock to 360 flip in.  What!  yups.  it was a fun day, i wish Hawaii’s skateboarding would support more of these community efforts.  Wake up yall.  Oh and i wish i could of skated the ramp way more.  Overall Fun Fresh Function.

So i left my camera charger at Fresh Cafe after one of my events, so i needed a new charger.  Well, i went on the all everything sphere of Ebay and ordered a new charger for 0.99 cents.  Yup less than a buck!  Where was it coming from Hong King Kong.  Shipping was $4.00 and it took 14 days to get to Hawaii.  Guess what the bugga came in! Sweet, for some reason i already excepted it as a lost!  I had my doubt that it would come in, but when it did i hooked up my dry and thirsty battery and boom shaka, we have JUICE.  I like to thank the electronic companies that makes my 1year old camera obsolete enuff that i can get parts, let along the camera for like 50 bucks now, when i bought it for a little under 180.  If it wasn’t for you technology i would not be buying my replacement parts from good ole Hongy Kongy!  Now i need to get a new charger for my VHS-C.  Out.

Yes yes yes, if i can i will.  I wish there was an already existing record show in Hawaii. You hear about legendary ones in NY and LA, how everyone was there diggin – Q-tip, Biz, Minerz, DITC, Large Pro, etc… And since all of my homies is using serato, we should have a plethora of records to flip.  Well not the case, but, we do have a lot of dusty’s.  Last Bodega, even though it had to be rescheduled there was some breaks to be caught!  I just hope we have at least 15 vendors, that would be sweet.  So make sure you come thru and chill, talk story, buy a record or two, its free.  Thank you to Fumanchu Clothing for believing in Beatroot & Bodega.

Yes i talked about the Lightsleepers New Era at least a year ago.  I’ve been throwing my “asks” out there a few times, sent mock ups, waiting patiently, and actually declined other opportunities.  Why wait, lets explore other options.  To be honest, i have been for years on end.  So i figure i go and hit up a bunch of new school fitted companies.  There are a few and i love the hustle and the fact that their down to go up and up against the Juggaknott – New Era.  There is,, and  This past trip i got to chop it up with a bunch of my homies in LA that are in the “industry”.  I also asked the everyday hat junkies their opinion.  I really like the feel of Elm and i got this beauty in the mail.  Before i go forward with any production i had to feel, ware, and break down the craftsman ship of Elm.  So far im digging it.  Well see what happens, i got New Era in my sights but wanna work with other companies on the come up.

I have been getting blessed in recent weeks with amazing things.  What is amazing to me might not be amazing to you.  Things that i have prayed on, and for.  Thoughts i have planned in my mind and called them dreams.  Moves i have written down in a rhyme book years ago.  A lot of them are coming to fruition.  Why, its God’s promise to prosper.  I have faced ridicule, back stabbers, and alot of whispering about my faith.  About being Christian. Believing in God and that he sent his only son to die for our sins.  Even through all the negativity i stood strong and ignored. I never forced my believe upon my friends, strangers, or others.  I lived by example and if asked i will talk.  Majority of the time its all action on my part.  I am neither perfect, i just try hard daily to treat others how i would want to be treated, give back, help the youth, and be thankful.  I don’t know what it would take for my friends, family, and loved ones to realize what i got is what they want.  I pray one day they do.

Check out my fool proof way to build a brand!  Sweet stuff.

  • Bite and bite hard!
  • Get ready for a lot of Haters
  • After you realize your a biter, bite some more!
  • Haters will hate.
  • Stop biting and start creating.
  • Haters will still hate
  • Even after all that hate, show love, be positive and keep creating.

How to build a brand, part 2…

I remember visiting oliver and seening a gangers of BMX’ers out side his shop. I noticed all there bikes were Verde, so i assumed they were pros here to film. Dope to see BMX teams come to Hawaii. Just recently i came across this flick, and i was blown away. I knew BMX was at this level but to see these guys KILL spots that i’ve seen local BMX’ers barely do anything on was amazing. Let the vid speak for it self. On the real this motivates me to up my game in what ever i do.

Big ups to Jaba from SD, he gave us the drop on this super ono mexican spot!

I have to retire my 7th Will Rise sweater, its been through thick and thin.

Ono brah! not oily, so good, that we tried to eat a gang of stuff and just got sick!

Skateparks in SD are an incubator for kids to develop their skateboarding to the next level.  Check out that obstacle^ you can get gnarly or chill on it! i wish i just had that in Hawaii.  We really need to design the parks better, Kapolei and parts of Mililani seem like a waste of space.

Dreams come true.  If this was 10 years ago, i would be rushing the rail and doing flip tricks all over the place.  But, i was flowing thru, skating the box, just trying to boost around.

Mike York, Chico Brenes, Gabriel Rodriguez, Gino Iannuci, Keenan Milton, Paulo Diaz.  These guys are so influential in my skating.  Innercity, minorities, and raw street style was what i was all about.  We had no skateparks and all we had was the streets.  Chocolate was and is the company i have always connected with, from the art, to the steez, and the team.  Like i said b4 i need a portrait like that for an album.

Ras Jordan hooked it up with Girl Chocolate!  He also blessed me with some major goods.  Remember all you old futs out their you never know what kid is going to be influential in your life later on.  Jordan is that kid, that mans up in LA and now hooks me up.  Thanks bro!