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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Damn you know me and Supra, i remember when Muska started making his moon boots all crazy.  Reminded me of those old double layered converses…you know the ones that was almost like a boot?  Anyway.  I’ve been keeping tabs on Supra and really dig the spectrum of their offerings.  From simple to the Muska Moon Boots! Booyah! Nah its all good.  I must give props doe, one thing that Supra/Muska does well is integrate the basketball/athletic shoe into a skate shoe.  I started noticing even more that the Skytop III colors ways were becoming more “Jordan-esqe” which is never a bad thing.  I’m so glad there is no elephant/concrete print, to me that play out son!  This black friday Supra is releasing the damn near bulletproof, Skytop III – Stealthy, on the real these shoes are straight illa J, like Dilla Dogs brotha.  Check out for the low low. and if anyone got the hook up i need a pair of dem Stealthy’s!


I’ve been watching How to Make it in America from Jump, really dig the characters of  Ben & Cam and even Domingo (kid cudi) i actually like his acting…it grows on you.  The season one made more sense and felt like a real t-shirt hustle.  I can imagine that in the Big Apple it might be easier to get ups if you know the right peoples, but at the same time it might make it that much harder cuz of all the brands.  Overall season 1 was niceness. Enter season 2 and the story line seems to jump like 1000 steps, from them going to Japan, then coming back to NYC and trying to fulfill and order of thousands for an on-line retailer.  What sucks is that the designs of their brand Crisp, is not that dope its cool but i guess i need to remember that its a tv show.  Maybe they asked Jeff Staple to do the designing, cuz according to him he said that he doesn’t regret any of his designs or projects?  Wait, so your saying that Airwalk x Payless was dope?  That was fail.  Almost like he did that job as a take the money and run.  Airwalk is so Iconic that you could of remade the Enigma’s or 540’s.  Anyway.  The new season is kind of rushed and honestly not that great.  The highlights are Rasta Monsta, Rene, Wilfredo, and Kappo.  Wheres Gingy?  tba.

Man, sucks to read that Mr. Dibbs has fallen ill to Cirrhosis which is the final phase of chronic liver disease.  A spokesperson for Dibbs wrote, “He is no longer able to work being that he is in and out of the hospital too much. In just a month, having no insurance, his medical bills have reached over $485,000. Please, if you can spare it, any amount would help.” I’m trying to put together some kind of fund raiser to show some aloha to Dibbs.  For those that don’t know Mr. Dibbs he is the co-founder of 1200 Hobos a dj, production, mc, & overall dope Hip-hop crew, like Lightsleepers.  Also he is one of the founders of Scribble Jam, i consider Scribble the first Hip-Hop event that gave underground artists a chance to shine.  From Graffiti, MC Battles (which were epic and historic), DJ Battles, and B-Boying, the Scribble really represented the next generation of Hip-Hop.  To donate to click on PayitforwardtoDibbs.