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Monthly Archives: December 2008

I love New Years. I used to blow my whole pay checks on fireworks back in the day. Artillery Shells, 6 shots, Huge Fountains, 100,000, and a host of other explosive creatures. Now, fireworks suck! So expensive and the ones in the stores is weak sauce. Blame Ben, Cayetano that is.


M-10,000 is golden, stuff ’em in one papaya or tomato, or any other vegetable or fruit and it equals fun!


How about a egg? This was kind of weak, just that we ran out of things to blow up that wouldn’t physically harm us. Everyone be safe and happy new years!



Got a random request for 10 copies of my album, “television head”. Guess where to?  LA, NYC, SF, nope! A European distro want to sell the CD.  Come to find out that they got all the KTC stuff, and have been searching for any new ish.  Oh well make new friends. UK, here we come.

Congrats to Ronson Lambert for turning pro.  This kid is so ill, but doesn’t get much shine because he is on a once famed team.  World Industries.  If it was WI back in the day, then this kid would be every where.  He did get some love in Transworlds, “Time to Shine” and Digitals “Smoke and Mirrors”.  His sound track is fresh as well, Braille and Gang Starr, sweet.  Along with Marty Murawski, dey be my favorite underground skaters!


Yup i had to make one of these to get the food hot. I really don’t mind not having electricity. As long as the water is running and we get the gas grill, its like camping. Gets kind of boring, you have to have actual conversations with your loved ones, and draw owls like i did in my sketch book. For some real reason Perry & Price is the official crisis team and you know its HUGE when P & P is on every radio station. Oh, and give it up to my cyhper boom box that everyone used to say “why do you still have that thing?” Yup, that thing, with fresh batteries was the life saver along with the huge bag of left over wedding candles and that hand crank LED flash light i got from Secret Santa. Ruffin’ it is fun! Now lets watch the marathon of Survivor man! Be safe!


When the mag Antenna first came i out i really digged it.  The commentary was insightful and funny.  The layout of the mag was clean and well thought out.  So i decided to subscribe.  Now i haven’t subscribed for a magazine since Subculture or Rapsheet!  So to buy into a magazine that only comes in 4 times a year compared to monthly was trying and impatient.  But, i figure why not.  After getting only 1 of 3 mags released and seriously doubting if i am getting the 4th one, i just gotta say one thing.  ANTENNA’S DISTRIBUTION COMPANY SUCKS!  i emailed them and instead of siding with me they said, “it shows that we sent you the mag…”.  They gave no alternative and no option, just we gave it too you, suck it!  so let it be known that i will email them again to tell them YOU SUCK!


Guess who i just finished talking too? No thats not the lead singer of some indy/pop/country/folk band.  Jel of Anticon.  If all goes well, meaning i can raise that money, he will be judging, performing, and rocking a solo show in February for the Beatroot finals!  It all started with a random post saying “check it out the 3rd line…”  so i clicked on the link and it was Jel saying what up!  and he put my photo in his myspace photos.  Yah that sound dorked out like “im in the top 10” but screw it, this one of the producers that defined the underground Hip-Hop genre with his cohorts Anticon.  So shout a prayer that Jel and the LCC theater get on the lock down for the finals!


Being apart of the Dirty Thirty Sect, Fully Flared hit a bunch of heart strings.  Carroll, Howard, Kosten, Johnson, & Mariano, all dirty thirty members killing it harder that any TP teen skater.  As you might not already know Mariano’s part to me play a extra note in my book, for sentimental reasons.  So when i the FINAL flare dropped being a Lakai Support i had to cop it.


Honozooloo with the candid pic of me playing train conductor! Big up Selecta1

React, Subculture, Heavywater, to name a few publications i have written for.  Enter the stage (pun intended for BlackMoon, don’t front you know i gotcha open, pun intended) of Contrast Magazine.  One day this Hawaiian braddah hits me up about writing for a mag. 


Woes and Mainframe, do you think PFOM is reppin’?  The contrast cover.  Fresh


Well.Being and Race.  Race put down the MPC and picked up the stress and responsiblity of running a mag.  Keep the mag but get that MPC again. Race is the best and any fresh Hawaiian Chicks hit him up gotta keep the bloodline goin’.

39 is a cool spot, but the position of the turntable is terrible.  Anytime you got something in front of you to bend over to get to the table to mix is a No-no!  Also, who Dj’s there Bigfoot, Andre the Giant, why is the tables up to your chest.  a Dj gotta have space to rock! Minor deal doe. Respect 39.


Compose and Toad.  Respect to Eskae he was in charge of the night and taking care of business, and he had to spin, wow,  Toad is the homie and he played the joints that should be played.  As a whole we gotta change the psyche of the club goers.  Seriously, don’t play wack music DJ’s you know who you are!  If you keep feeding them crap they will request crap. Crap.


Omega 6 and homie James in the backGrnd.  O6 is by far the best writer of the staff.  His literary wizardry is ridiculous.  Props to Omegs!


Woes has been jet setting all ova da place.  He got W(h)oes in different area codes, no joke.  The chicks look into the magical key chain and then they drain his chain. 


What a pic of Fybes!  Double fisting steezy! G’yeah!  Sad news i had to commandeer the LS site from him, no worry doe, he is making skrilla and blasting out designs at in4!  Don’t be surprised if you see a few Fibes designs for LS.  

Contrast should be out by the end of December if not Race owes me dinner at Kats!  and if the mag comes out on time, Contrast owes me and Race dinner at Kats.  Winner, winner, sushi dinner!

Siq is doing it for Hawaii Hip-Hop. The revamp site and crew they be streamlining HI with fresh events.


Make sure you cop a CD or shirt. Get one of them Murder Mainstream shirts, killer!


Dj Revise, one half of MM. Always a good time when he is in front of or in back of the Turntables.


Educated Guess, got love the covertness. Beats and mastering.


The front door crew. Peep DJ Cozy at the next beat root – GO MPC! and STU always freshing like it was 94!

For all the heads that dig Atmosphere and Rhymesayers, but never grew up in the days of Tape trading and when alot of hip-hop was underground.  The Headshot mixtapes coming out of Minnesota was the first taste of the man they call Slug.  These tapes were so raw and really epitomizes the era i love – when the consumers started to make music.  



Big ups to Omega 6 for cop’in me a dub of this tape!  I think i used to listen to this tape when i took a shower, take a dump, get ready for school, on the bus, and get hype to rhyme. For me it was also crazy that kids on the other side of the US was rapping and thinking what me and my homies were thinking and rapping.  No big studios, home 4 tracks, a mic, and passion.  Since this is way out of print and idk if it will be pressed up. here is the link. Headshots-Industrial Warfare!

Props goes out to EP-Livicated, O_6, Timer,Ten,BumbleBee, Fame, Jamal, Hoomanakaz, Kash, NatureboyComplex, ET, Ronnie, LapD, Sentr1c, Bm13, Ray and L, and whoever i came up wit!