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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Talking to my homie that now lives in Chicago about the lack of individual styles there are in rappers.  It seem that everyone sounds the same?  A rappers album is 12 tracks about themselves and how good they are or how they get so many chicks, cars, money, blah blah blah.   Well maybe that is the just the topics…cuz it wouldn’t be to bad if they had an original delivery.  If you break down the mainstream you have the cream of the crop and then all the clones and crap.  Nas, Jay Z, Lil’ Wayne, Kanye, Eminem = Cream.  Wiz, Kudi, Drake, Lupe, Wocka, Soulja, Nikki = Crop.  Its whatever.  Not saying that Crop is bad, but you aint gonna be Great.  Crop prob sell a million and be hot, but whatevers.  As much as i don’t like Lil’ Wayne his “style” is what gets him by, his terrible delivery is what people like, the slurs and twang.  Come to think of it maybe i should take him off of the cream list? No wait, he did usher in his crew of Young Money, so i guess thats his Crap, i mean, crop…Take it how you want it…now WHERES MY KILLER TAPE AT?


I remember hearing Neilas music first before we actually became friends.  I didn’t know she was from Hawaii until someone told me. Actually did a few tracks with her as well.  She put me on a tape with Acid Reign, i was so stoked. Later we did a track with Jus1o & O_6.  I got the news of her minor health problem a week or so and first thing i did is sent out  a prayer for her.  To take the voice of a rapper is like cutting Lebrons legs, but Neila is not just a rapper!  Neila is a talented artist (check her new release, dope art), a great teacher, & a leader.  I don’t know the extent of her voice loss, i pray for minor, but she is strong and will make an impact on our lives, on the mic, with the brush, and with her heart.  So more prayers and lets believe for a speedy recovery and no voice loss!  Peace & God Bless.

Don’t ask me what happened, but it did. I found out that the J3 were releasing and my ole shoe fetish came back quick.  I remember coppin’ Jordans back in High School stricktly because there were dope to play ball in and i remember using Jordan 1’s for basketball league and also skating them.  Yes, we skated Jordan 1’s!  Actually we skated Jordan 1’s and Flights.  I also skated in a pair of Robinsons, Barkleys, & Grandma-mas from converse.  From seventh grade i had a job/paper route i would save my money and buy Skateboards, Sneakers, Starter Caps, New Eras, Flex Fits, and find on sale clothes from Sears, JC Pennys, & Gems.  I would shop at those spot to get all the gear that looked like Polo, Tommy Hill, & Nautica, crap i had to support my self being that i had 4 siblings and my parents worked, anyway.  I had to go to a wedding today and found out that the release these this morning…brah! So hopefully a store gets a second drop and i can cop em.  Man, big ups to Robins, McCully Bike, & JC Pennys i copped so many dope sneakers for cheap back then. Peace from a reoccurring Nike Head.  ***side note: Asics Gel Lyte III are the business, so sweet***

I just came back from the Friends of the Library record sale and i have to say that i found a record, or a box set that made me happier than any break or famous sample.  So i was diggin, i love diggin, and i always 99% skip over box sets.  Or i use box sets as holders or sections when diggin.  So back to the dig, flying records fast, then i pull out this box set just a bit, then put it back.  I kept on flipping.  I guess it didn’t register until 20 records later that, “wait, the picture on that box set looks like a flying battleship…”  So i decided to flip back.  I pulled out the box set and WALLA!   A Starblazers box set with picture book inside, best of all it was from Japan, not U.S.! YES, i score.  I don’t know how much this cost, and i don’t care if you can make loot on this, it was the sentimental value.  Along with Robotech, Starblazers was one of my favorite cartoons ever.  I love the intro song, the characters, the Wave Motion gun, and the cheezy bad guys.  Check it out!  Classic!

This is why Terry Kennedy is my dude! I always loved his steez. And on the real, i always wanted to cop a pair of Supras. So after watching this i am definitely going to scoop me up a pair of TK sneaker lows.  I love how he is so thankful at every opportunity, from random people to photogs to famous people.  Most of all you gotta dig how he was down to git down on that sucka that tried to gank his homies Ipad.  Refreshing to see a skater get his.  And on that note we need to extro out to Fly Society – Superstar, “Look at my chain!”

The purity of skateboarding is what keeps me going, the fact that you can go out by yourself and do whatevers.  I guess thats why a lot of skaters get into graffiti.  This kid reminds me of Arto Saari, i remember an old 411 and how Arto was explaining his come up.  I wish they had more footy of him skateboarding, regardless it was a perfect look at a young skater trying to get his ups. So pure.

This is about half of the prints i have ever done.  Each one has a story and done by artists i call my friends and is as talented as anyone you know.   I do wish Kapuni/EP was here to help me, thats the one person that deserves to rock everyone of those shirts.  This year i hope to expand the brand, but at the same time do more music that parallels where we should be.  I do admit i slacked in 2010, but at least other aspects of LS has flourish.  On the real i think anyone down with the LS has to get off their ass and do more music, that includes me, but i do have a pass cuz if you ever tried to build a website, plan monthly events, dj gigs, & work the retail side of a brand you would know.  Overall, do more work, less excuses. Pau

First of all thank you, all yous for taking time out and reading my blog.  This has always been an outlet, an opinion releaser for me.  If you checked out you know i keep in general and straight up.  So i just got a email saying that this blog in 2010 had 44000 hits? ARE YOU SERIOUS!  And guess what people were reading first? ? ?  Not Hip-hop.  Not about my beliefs.  Not about Hawaii.  But on my comments on NIKE SB and my opinion on their shoes.  Wow! Nike is the Juggernaut and i like to thank them for making certain wack shoes for me to comment on.  Just Do it!

Thank God for his grace and forgiveness, his blessings and love.  Thank you who supported all these years or just this year, its all G.  I know i could of been more productive in music this past year but you can’t say i wasn’t productive!  We stay on top of our game 24-7, if not making music, then events and clothing.  If not that then at the very least blessing others.  In 2011, i would like to promise to release 3 mixtapes (DJ mixes) and 2 albums.  Shoot bu, be safe and God Bless. See you ups in Twenty One One.