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Monthly Archives: November 2007

One i believe in is you got to “know bout it, and be about it!”  and one thing that was really lacking in Hawaii scene was, no not more tight pants scenesters, no not more wanna be quicksilver kevin bacons, no not more kids born in the 80’s rapping like Luke and saying its music, and not more aerobic tight wearing gyrating chick babbling on MTV talking like its music…wheew!

A spot that is all about the female that rock gear! The chick that got that fly steez but not looking for it in a dime a dozen boutique.  Enter the stage of EXCLUSIVE.  Hawaii first shop that is geared to be a IN4mation for females.  Big shoes right, yup, but home girl Christina is down for the challenge and she got a good start with brands like Women’s Upper Playground, Claw Money, FAFI, Darkhorse, and Fifty24sf to name a few.






EXCLUSIVE: 1311 Kapiolani Blvd. Suite 104. Honolulu, HI. 96814. 808 593-9699

Hit up: 


Big up selecta’s to all who bought a shirt off of it was bonkers packing over 20+ shirts to the mainland and Hawaii.  To give it up to yall who been coping dem’ cloth, God willing i get all the sponsors we will be hookin up everyone that ever bought a lightsleepers shirt! Hook up? What you mean Willis? FREE, FREE,  FREE, the only stipulation would be if you on the mainland i would ask for a couple bucks for shipping, 3 maybe?

Besides that consider this a MAHALO to you.


Better than Hawaiian Host, its a free LIGHTSLEEPERS shirt.


Just got the New Buck65 on Double Vinyl in! Yup i downloaded it! But, i always buy the vinyl. Big ups to Sage Francis’s new record label call, strange famous. He also has Prolyphic, reanimator, and himself on the label.

What is fresh is they also gave me the CD – Instrumental of the album!!! Supa dupa stoked. The beats is banging and DJ Skratch Bastid (which i never knew made such ill beats) killed it with samples and thick drums.

Yall need to support, in someways…buy vinyl.

If you never figured it out yet UH won the WAC Title and is still in the chase of a BCS bowl.  Like i heard Rodney Dangerfield is what the WAC and UH is!  Go Bows.

Anyhoo, found Damu on youtube a while back and damn he got that flavor son.  Peep this one out cuz he shows you the breaks and the samples which he took from.  Make shure you cop his album called Y-Society feat. Insight on the lyrics!  The beats is beast.

If you need a spot to buy it peep. they also got a ton of videos and vinyl!




*a sigh of relief*  TTL prelims are over.  Now we rev up for the Grand Championships.  I’m trying my dangness bestness? to give yall the illest finals ever, ever, ever.  I really looked up to the IPA in NYC for influence when Beatroot started, so i hope this can keep going.


Sentr1c (ECM,LS,IND) Mills OG now residing in Sea-town came thru with fire beats to clinch the last spot.  It was tough with tie breakers against Nomadd.  Probs to Nomadd, he had to go thru the Sudden Death with tie breaker, then semifinals with tie breaker, ALR what!


MPC 500, who would of thought a 5 was going to win this one?  But if you ever talked or pick the brain of Sentr1c he will explain the science to this midget mac.


Obese Jesus, vicious rapper and i believe to have the digital grit and grime beats, whooo bangers mang.


One day we will be able to have the Fatsoul Band play with the whole soul, dang bass player was dandruff! ruff!


The final 2, Studdering Stan – man, this cat was a last minute fill in for DJ Cozy.  Rather then filling space SS came to battle.  I am gratefull that he is on the constant elevation, cuz most of us would make excuses like “i’m not ready” or “next battle” NOPE, SS between TTL’s never lost sight of the battle.

Overall, it was a hyped night! Big ups to Mox, BlesDChil, Fatsoul, STU, Nomadd, TKO, OJ, SS, Sen, Rred Els – Joey and Paul, EasyMusicCenter, Skullcandy, and any/or all who supported…see you at the Championships.

Are you a B-BOY? you got that B-Boy Steez? Do you bugg out when the breaks drop and can’t control your up rock?  I always considered my self a B-Boy spirit, i love going to bboy jams, love graffiti, records, djin’, mcin’, and everything that comes with dat Bronx roots.  Word, say word. Anyway.  The Documentary PLANET B-BOY played this weekend at IIFF and was the crowning moment!

Here is the teaser, great flick, heart felt and brings out the b-boy in yall.



Dang the place was packed!  Why don’t we get that much people comin’ to bboy and/or Hip-hop jams?  I guess the film festival makes Hip-hop elements cool to the artsy fartsy…wheew.

So the on going battle between vinyl heads and those who switch over to Serato!  I always catch heat for bagging on Serato, i hear the same blah, blah, blah…All i say is 2 people; Kid Koala and Z-Trip, Koala can fly from Canada and rock 3 turntables all vinyl and Z comes from AZ via LA i think and bring hella crates…who are you?

I understand if you are a traveling dj bouncing from Country to Country, etc. Or catching the bus…But if you go from Makiki to Downtown??? ehh, what is so hard about lugging a few crates! The essence is lost. The reason why you are being hired.  How many times have i been at a Grad, Weddin’, or any party and the people are disappointed because the DJ are not really spinning vinyl.

A dj without vinyl?  a dj with 2 plates and a laptop?  Call it what you want, but check this out…


came up hard on this at Jelly’s a couple of days ago…one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  Jems, Diamonds, Black Gold! all OG pressings.  This is the one benefit that Serato has given me…mo’ wax, mo’ wax, mo’ wax.  Ahhh.

If you rock Serato cool, just don’t forget to buy 1 record for every 10 MP3’s you jack off of limewire.

Just keep selling you wax so we can cop that for cheap. Wax on, Wax off?

On the reel yo. I am supa happy for the UH footballs team! And i am glad there is a bandwagon. But why wait till they start winning.  I remember when i was the only one geeked out on UH football and i would definitely express my thought on KTUH (if you ever heard my rant forgive me)  i still believe that VonAppen wasn’t that bad of a coach and big up to his son Cody who played for Kalaheo, kid got skills….


Anyway, i love UH Basketball a middle finger more than football.  Trevor Ruffin, AC, Hellicopter, Gains, Bowe and dem cats. So i decided that i would make it to the opening of the season with new head coach Bob Nash (Big up my vote was for u) I took my wifee and Koltrane cuz it was a momentous occasion.

I like Nash’s steez, run and gun, smaller line up. But they lost the game due to some weak ball handling.  Growing pains!


I do remember that the food tasted better last season.  I was all hyped about the garlic fries, but de tasted ill dun.  Regardless, support UH sports yall don’t front when they get good…Rainbow Warrriors 4 life.

I don’t know if yall had the chance to peep this tube. KRS-One states that 50 should get a Award for what he is doing and that he is making boombap records? And Kanye is not Hip-Hop? But he contradicts him self by saying Kanye is the man, but continues to diss him. Then he said he is down with innovation but considers Kanye “digital age” when i swear he rock MPC and ASR first to chop sample, and lay down his drum, and also he works with live instruments…didn’t Melle Mel, Africa Bam, Slick Rick, rock mad flashy gear.

“he still got beats rhymes he talking that Sh*t”

– KRS-ONE on 50cent?

“flashing, lights, cameras…nah i want boom bap”

– KRS-ONE on Kanye

I don’t know yall, I love KRS-ONE’s old stuff and he still is the teacher but you decide. I for one don’t really like 50cent, i think Kanye’s new album is OK, like the old stuff better.