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Monthly Archives: July 2007

These cats came out and took it buy storm!  Beatminers-Evil Dee and Mr. Walt came correct and Buckshot is one of the last great NYC emcees,

check the drums so gritty and the sample chop is niceness.


Big ups to Dreams and Blessings!  Had a dream to be a pro skater…but, i ended up loving Hip-Hop just a little bit more.  Still, Baby Jesus( just seen Ricky Bobby) had a mysterious way of meshing sub cultures.  Osiris sparked it off 99′ – 01′  and when they decided to go from G-Bag to tight pants/punk rocker, Podium Distro comes knocking (Matix & Lakai) they been flowing me for over 5 years now..


Got these ill Beibels,  Love the way he skates reminds me of when i used to play Pop Warner and PAL basketball, don’t get me wrong i loved playing organize sports, but i really wanted to be on my board or at the beach.



Had a choice between a pair of Kosten’s or Howard’s, Even thought he is “the Kosten” the shoe was kind of bulkly.  I skated Howard’s before and black with Gum, solid.

Big ups to Brad for believing!  The Dunlap bros and Podium for making the dopest shoes!

Braddah Buttons weez not a crime!


Got invited to spin a jam in Maui! DRIVEN!


The guy named Brandon, home girl, & Brandon!


Braddah Pres was da host wit da mos, his Reggae band is the illest SUPERDUB5


Turntable action, thank King1 & his cousin for the ride and hospitality.


Mad Oahu heads, (L to R) Remedy, Rufio, Jackie, & Nate the Killer robot (CircusKings)
Also my homie Joell, JR, Kelrock, all of RedEyeJedi, and…


Sean Ski, braddah got heart for Graff!  Positive, successful,entrepreneur,father,and Writer! See people not all writers are bums.  Yo, Maui where the heck are your writers? serious Oahu heads next one me&Escape goin plan one demo for the kids, brah so many spots that no one would even bother you…easy king-age(yup i made that word up) WORD UP!


I always smile when i see KELROCK, brah he is the illest bboy from Hawaii! and OG LS support! Where D-MAN?


LISTEN, this is the band that will be playing at the next INERTiA! Why cuz de is fonkyier than any band on Oahu! up i said it! and yall know i seen alot of live bands!  GOMEGA, base player is mad wicked and DEMUNE’s cousin! On the first note, BOOM!!! all the heads were bobbing and none of us could stop vibing! GOMEGA, GOMEGA, GOOOOOOOOMEGA!

Overall, fun event! Where the heck is the Hip-hop heads doe? its 2007 we got internet and junk.  As long as all the Brandons on Maui do dope events like this one, Maui should be fine.

Yes on monday i got to make a mark on my “Band i need to see before i die” list!



I posted up right under an air condition duct, so i could only get this pic.


Had a extra ticket to sell, after posting it on lightsleepers, hit the myspace!  RiffRaff of Brainstormingweather out of Hilo found my phone number and call me 1 million times…he because the lucky man. Sorry yall.


Cold Eskimo, Humdrumin’, & Riff Raff is 3 of 4 BSW at the show!


Da Hilo Boys, Eskimo and Riff found out it was my b-day and bought me a Cup of Petrone and 151…hah! only Red bull.


MC5B of UncleSmertals House and M-Ark of Urinal Cakes was in the House!


Tired of Shakas, Lofa give a index finger to 5B! Actually he was trying to dig his nose but get bad aim!


I leave u with another bad pic of the Shins, it was a great concert! Big ups to Chels for the tickets, BSW for the caffeine rush, Lofa for lofa, MC5b i hoped you stepped to that chick?, M-Ark of Urinal Cakes, and any of hoos.

 Spent alot of time on the NorthShore this past week, big ups to the Wifee for a superb weekend. Ahh 21 is lovely.


Man, i used to kill the sandbar over here DK all day!


Paying for over priced towing and a po-po’s ticket is a crime!~


Peeped out the new sk8 park being built? Eh, looks hella squished and the tranny is wack! Thats just me, where the heck is the street course?




What is this? entrance, street course, what?


No diss to ICP, wees not a crime yo and this IS NOT A GAME!


Finished the day with a wich at KONO’s hella oily yo but pretty good. Hauoli La Hanau to eveyone on the 23rd or July and Halie Salassie I.

Das me, KTCimpson. Yall ready for the movie!
Lofa hooked up the premier ticket, brotha got the most hook ups i knows! Whoa!
See you on thursday!

Man, i have been doing events on friday for soo long. It was good to do an event on a Saturday; plenty street parking, no traffic, and most people don’t work so no excuses not to come! NMB CD release party went off over 200 people came thru, we be blessed.


This is the best live sound venue voted by Honolulu Magazine, i am honored to do events here, thanks Joey & Paul.

Like Qwel said don’t doubt the sleepers, big ups to Nick and James!


KOAK, Nabahe, and Newk & AngryWoeBots painted live, the Woes will be leaving for a WestCoast tour be on the look out from Vancouver, Seattle, Oregon, SF, LA, OC, and SD for the Angryone, peep for more info


EK yag and Stan yag was in the building. Next Gen Hawaii Hip-Hop don’t sleep on dem!


Bless’deChil set it off with some help of the soul sistas. Rhyme and i think Or1ginAL also repped in his set the night started lovely!


MilBil on the top and KTC on the bottom masked up as ECMassive. The return to fun ass Hip-Hop! For only practicing 4 time and performing 4 show just wait untill we get a real set together more fun than a jumping castle!


NMB-Nomasterbacks came with the heat.  Yall got to cop the CD it is the best Hip-Hop to come out of Hawaii yet!  So many highlights that night but i really loved how they added the Bush Babies verse from “Remember We” Whooooa so dope. Get that, be prepared we got Mil Bills solo CD and KTC solo, oh and the LS compilation CD.  We love yall. Be Blessed. God Bless.

We had the NMB photo shoot last friday@Goldfish Sushi. Have you ever made a music video? A legit video? The crew had 3 days of NO sleeping! A zillion clothes changes and loads of E-drinks. Big ups to Ajax of Futureshok for shooting the vid, peep the game. I posted the Future shok vid.

Woebots decided that Lofa should be the NMB mascot, it looks like Kanye bit woes.


Mems, Lo, & J-doe!


This is the coolest sushi spot, de have records as wall art, big up Jae! This shot is just one second in a zillion hours.


ktc & Fybronious! Very rarely you’ll find this many of the crew in one place, i don’t know wen the video is going to drop but i know that we will be peeping the rough draft in a month. Big ups to all the extras and anyone who took part…wish i had more pics but busy politicin’

i know i havn’t did a updater a long time, but this past week was a doozy.
The LS fam had two shows, a video shoot, and more shows. Mucho respect to the Wade, Well, Temp
for the unlimited energy this past week. I’m working back words so work with me…


What no door girl, yup i am the sub! We made mad bank, i mean the bank was mad?


Nabahe and Hum, they rocked it. Somebody needs to drop an album already?


The Groundup holds it down for the positive shows and always got the love yall. Noah Kalapana, DJ Kuts, & Mems


Yo, bring back that ole’ NY rap. Rhyme the OldMan holds it down on the East Coast tip.  Stan on the Back up!


Soul Pacific, mang deh got that flavor. So smooth and on point.


Deez kicks be on the grind.  No matter what this is as real as it get, yo kicks got nothing on work shoes!


Sound of MattRatt and Observ, so fresh…where the heck is Oliver

melzopt.jpg  awbepi.jpg

ECM-ktc, MillBill ala Optimus Prime hit the stage right b4 NMB, with a guest spot from Timer!


TeN of Quadmag, stop thru they had their 10yr at 39 on sat…


ohhh, what ovf, J-Doe monsta with a easy shaka thread pic! Whats with the shirts?


Yes this past week was the NMB week, and they rocked it hard on Thurs…this was only the spark of the fire.  Next up, the video shoot on Friday @ Goldfish.