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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Just finished chopping up the last “Know Your Producers” Youtube/Vimeo.  I love working on media/music – choppin up beats, and editing video.  I love trying to sync the music with the video, i am no good at that right now, but given the time i could rock it.  I am neither the avant video guy.  I film and edit.  To some extent i just love putting content out regardless if its super “artsy” or “correct”.

I don’t want to be bias on who i think will win but i do believe in a formula that works. MPC = Win. All the past winners, even going back to our inaugral season when DJ Jesse Fame won, he was using a MPC2000. Ques? a MPC2500. Lael a MPC1000 x Reason(i think).  The reason why i posted ELY’s promo video is because he has a nice change up in his track.  Back in 2003, when i went up to NYC with Sentric, the NYC heads ONLY rocked MPC’s and their beats were ridiculous!!! The change ups were ill and the drums so FAT!  Since then, the beatroots has been dope, but i have yet to have a producer just MURDER a beat, i mean where the crowd goes APE SH*T. I miss it when the crowd would go crazy.  There might of been one or two, but i am hoping and praying for a few things to happen at his beatroot…


Beatroot Bodega was a success.  Only bummer was that a few of the vendors were a no show.  Their lost, seriously.  I believe every vendor made some money. The Final head count was about 150+ came thru.  It was a free event so it made it even doper.  One wish i have is that even if vinyl isn’t your thing, but you love music, you should check it out.  There were a bunch of people who came by and bought records to decorate their rooms and bought records that were sentimental to them.  They did not have a collection at all, but they love good music.

If you came and got to chat it up with the older cats, WOW what books of knowledge! They know nothing about or care about Hip-hop and sampling, but if you ask them, i am looking of a record with open drums or alot of horns, they might help you.  Mainly, just talk story and soak up the knowledge.  You gotta love vinyl.

It is about time the powers that control the art world let in Graffiti.  Contemporary Art Museum on Mott Smith let Ckaweeks & Eukarest blast the bust up tennis courts.  Just for the record, my no nonsense definition of Graffiti is in the streets, illegal, and rebellious.  Yet, aint nothing wrong with getting down with a legal or commissioned work.  Artists got to get theirs.

If you are in the area, go check it out and have a bite to eat at the cafe, great food and good service…Word is they are going to gut the courts and build a skatepark, crazy right. Sk8 or Die!

Big ups to SkyHI.  Nas came to Hawaii hit like a real tsunami.  He literally rolled up, grabbed his mic and ripped a 45 minute set right through.  Then he said his peace and went back in the ride and drove away.  No hana hou. No autographs. No pictures.  Like a Rock Star.  Kanye and Consequence was in the spot.  Kanye’s Girl friend – Amber Rose was rolling wit him.  She actually looked good, in a beautiful Grace Jones way?  The highlight of the night was…

Q-Bert was a last minute performer to the line up and as usually the forefather of the modern scratch made me itch.

Dj Revise, i was glad that he was on the wheels.  It make me feel comfortable when i know the dj behind me knows good Hip-hop and can work with me.

Dj Packo, glad to see he perpetuates the scratch.  One of the most cleanest cutters in Hawaii and that says alot.  Backstage i think only him and i was studying Q-berts scratches.  DJ Eskae, held it down in between sets with the party jams.

Dj Compose is the the Building! The in the Building thing is getting irritating! Seriously.  Stop telling me about who is in the building.  Let me know if they are going to perform.  Anytime me and Jay get together its a riot, no one is safe,  especially when we watched majority of the show behind Dj Statik Selecta.

Creed and Taco like clockwork.  Taco and i co-hosted the joint and it was fun.  He’s OG and i was honored to share the stage with him.

Q-bert murders the fader!

Dj Statik Selecta, he was the replacement for Dj Green Lantern.  We were all saying what a great deal he got.  A trip to Hawaii, Dj for Nas, no need scratch or really mix, 45 minutes on stage, and get paid.  I want that job.

Nas and his fans.

and now the highlight of the night, right next to when Nas did a Illmatic medley…

I have yet to buy a record on Ebay.  Why?  i truly believe if you dig hard enuff and want the record bad, you will get the record one day.  Most people would search ebay and wait till someone post it, bid, then win.  This is one of those records, Of Mexican Decent – 2mex and Xolo.  A F’in LA classic, i bet only Asita, Oliver, and a handful of other peeps in Hawai got this.  Wait, how i got it is amazing.  I didn’t bid on it or pay a rediculous price, $50+ for this record on discogs.  My homie Joe Gosalvez told me Controller 7 was selling some of his records.  So i checked out his list and this Jem was screaming at me.  Crazy that no one asked him for it, but i am sure after i did there were takers.  This was the one time i actually choose to drop names to get this record, im kind of ashamed but HEY, i had to prove i wasn’t a ebay seller or shark.  In the end i got this record for $15.00.  Ahhh, mahalo.

Have you checked out the new Split Obsession in Ala Moana!  Adding to their already fresh location in Koko Marina – Hawaii Kai, they got this fresh spot.  Second Floor right out side of Nieman Marcus.  The Lightsleepers will be rocking the grand opening, tentative for April 10th – Saturday – 4-8pm.  I will be spinning and Philippe Anthony will be on the brush, should be a lot of give a ways and good vibes.  Check out

Straight up i been neglecting my dentist visits.  So today i went into my wife’s dentist and was surprisingly shocked on how gentle he was.  Don’t get me wrong my old dentist did his thing, but its nice to get a different approach to you grills.  Brush yo’ teef keeds.  Floss ’em like 24’s.  Keep em kleen!   On top of that the Mac Geniuses were actually Geniuses!  Well i believe that my computer was missing his mother ship.  They plugged it in and BOOM it turned on. Go Figure?  Once i got home i plugged in the external. – 1 Terabyte suckas!

Tonight my powerbook didn’t wake up.  I had it plugged in and it went to sleep and when i wanted to use it i went to hit a button and nothing happened.  I read a bunch of forums on what to do and did it. Nothing happened.  So now i am going to give it til’ this morning to try and power it up again.  Please God, i need to hook up my external, give me a chance.  Or else i need to come up with 1700 for a new computer….

I am truly blessed. A God that loves, A beautiful wife, A house that i own, A job that i enjoy and challenges me everyday, A ‘Ohana that i love, A Scion that i have a little less than a 2years left to pay, A College degree that means i can focus, apply, and over achieve, more than learn,  A skateboard i can still skate, A longboard that i still surf with, and A son that astounds me!  I can go on and on, never to boast or brag but to give thanks and recognize all the things that i have been blessed with.  Happy Birthday to Koltrane!

I love Hawaii Basketball, been a fan since Chris Gaines, Troy Bowe, Phil Handy, Trevor Ruffin, Savo, Maroney, AC, and on and on. Its been really disappointing how the season has turned out. But lets take it back a few. First they shouldn’t have “let go” Riley Wallace, the UH uppers couldn’t handle his bluntness and opinion on how the school & athletic department was runned. His flex offensive sometimes killed me but he knew how to get his player to work together and buy into his system. They should of let him step down when he was ready.