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Monthly Archives: April 2011

What a clean silhouette.  Clae gives us a fresh look at the new shoe design.  I wish not everything was a white sole, still what a dope shoe.  Really dig the extra reinforcement they used on the lace eyelets.  Cool.


I don’t dig Lil’ B.  Don’t see him saying anything of substance, but maybe thats his angle?  Same angle as the rest of the swag rappers, to rap straight dumb, simple, nonsensical.  Its funny to me that there are so many people that are trying to explain and over analyze his music for me…i think its wack and thats my opinion, simple.  The shirt above is made by The Hundreds, one of the shirts that really make me lose respect for The Hundreds, it wouldn’t be to bad if they came out with this shirt when Lil’B was with the wack Pack, but they make this shirt with Impact font and sell it for $34 dollars, i guess The Hundreds and Lil B’ is really trying to play the consumers with putting out wack ase product and passing it as fresh because its soooooo wack, don’t get played people.  Swaggots.

*sidenote: i like the Hundreds, but when they miss the target they miss hard, but what do i know when they got 4 stores and are world wide, get that.

Yes Japan Needs our help.  Can’t forget Hawaii needs our help.  There are people who need help but refuse the help. In Hawaii we got people that are mentally ill or chemical imbalanced.  People that are homeless. People that have drug addiction. The list goes on.  Thats why we do what we do. Got Help those who cannot help themselves.

Its crazy how the term “throwback” is hot right now.  Actually the “throwback” sound is “it” and such a market.  You got Jurassic 5 who made a whole career off of that old school Hip-Hop cadences, yet they are all sick mcs, they just kind of “funned” it down for the masses.  Then you got Mayer Hawthorne singing that falsetto style, dope, but if you compare it too the music it is supposed to emulate then its sub par or even average…but since there is nothing for this generation to compare it to that’s currently out it becomes the dopest!  You even got Aloe Blacc a super sick MC, but now he sings and makes loot doing it, kind of sad cuz i think his Hip-Hop is way better, but i figure he had to “fun it down” to collect that check or express that side of his creativity.  I was chopping it up with a homie of mine that lives in the North West and he told me they got clubs that do Soul/Funk/Rare Groove nights and you cannot use Serato.  .  I told him that could never happen in Hawaii  because DJ’s don’t got deep crates!  If they gotta spin a certain theme night they just download it and BAM, “look at me, i’m a soul dj”.  Whatevers. it would be sick if Hawaii DJ’s would step up their game…i know with all the cool new electro dance track not released on wax it only makes sense to use Serato, but if you doing a Soul night, lets keep it SOUL and Analog, is that not the Soul?  Hiss – crackle – pop, not SOUL?  My greatest payment when i spin is when a person comes up to me and says you spinning vinyl? and then says “You got that on wax?”.  With all the technology out why not lay it down just for the nights that deserve to be true?  Keep the Soul, Keep the Funk, Keep the Breaks, Keep the Rare, Keep Hip-Hop, dusty!

When i woke up Sunday Morning at 8am i had to help set up for my brothers babys first birthday.  Even thought i was tired as Faak, i did feel a relief and a sense of great accomplishment.  Another Beatroot in the bag.  I can’ t believe we been doing this since 2003 or earlier.  A few things i would like to have changed about the event.  I really digged the Fresh Cafe Stage, i liked that it was lower and people could really interact with the producer and vice versa.  I wish we could of brought somebody down to perform, i was trying to bring down Jel of Anticon but he was booked to do Low End Theory in SF and financially it couldn’t happen.  Besides that the night was perfect.  Now, on to the next. Be Bless & Dont’ Sleep

Truly amazing.  The Hundreds just opened their 4th store.  The 3rd in California. The 2nd in LA. The first in Santa Monica.  You can hate ’em but they are living a dream.  I can only imagine having a Lightsleepers flag ship store where we can sell all LS products: shirts, hats, decks, wheels, pillows, stickers, music, cd, wax, toys, shorts, cut & sew, etc.  Also paint: Beltons.  I can see a small stage enuff to fit the dj booth and 2 mic stands for instore performances.  Writers Benches every Wednesdays.  B-boy Cyphers every Thursdays.  & Open Mic Every Fridays.  And we are able to shut down the store for the freshest Art installations 4 times a year.  I will make it happen. Thats my word. Only God can stop me. Bless.

…oh and the location, WAIPAHU!

I was waiting for a light in Waipahu and noticed this?  A fall out shelter in Waipahu?  What the heck?  was this left over from Pearl Harbor days?  Did anyone actually go in there?  Is it still operational?  What the heck is in a fallout shelter in Hawaii?  So many Questions i would love to know the answers.  I really don’t think that the people in Waipahu know that what this dugout is.  Let us find out…tbc.