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..before i edit Know Your Roots: HI Graff part 3 with Dmize, i wanted to lay these thoughts down.  I had the honor to talk story and enter the mind of the homie Keoni Payton.  I’ve know him and his OG crew, AN, for over 15 years.  Ive broke bread with them, went on trips to the mainland, did music, and had fun times, the only thing is i’ve never had was a long conversation with Keoni.  Although we was always at the spots, clubs, and events, for some reason or another i never got to really chop it up with brotha.  I would bump into him every now and then, give some pounds, ask howzit? then move on, so this was the first time i had a conversation longer than 5 minutes.  The 3+ hours i spent with him was thought provoking, deep, insightful, exciting, and educating.  I left the interview with a new found respect and astonishment.  Its hard to explain but i hope after i chop up the video and post it up it does some justice being there live. Only love and respects goes out to Keoni Payton and the whole Pineapple Clan!


Wildchild of the Lootpack.  Who would of thought that Madlib would of blow up like he did. Good looking out to my homie Robert from World of Dance, he let me know that Wildchild was in the building with his son.  His son is Baby Boogaloo is a huge star in the dance world.  While everyone was trying to get Baby boogaloo’s photo i was choppin it up with Wildchild.  Good thing i had the “wheniamonthemic” 12″ in the crate for him to sign.

I asked whats up with a LP reunion he said DJ Romes is in Oxnard and Madlib is busy making music, but he is finishing his solo album.  Told him it would be sick if we could get him and Madlib out in Hawaii.  Hope for the best.



So i was plotting the new color way for the Diggers shirt and i figure lets take it to Chicago.   Now i got the bright idea to make a free mixtape, maybe not mixed but with breaks/rare groove/funk/soul/ all from Chicago.

So i went on the Facebook and posted that i needed help on the Chicago Dustys! I actually hit up Meaty Ogre of Galapagos 4, but so far no response.  Like lightning the homie John Book came through with a simple & straight to the point site of Mid West funk/soul/gospel.

One of the gems that i found on that site is The Decons – Sock it to me. Man i’m getting schooled right now, and loving it. So either im gonna cop all these records or hopefully a homie from Chicago can do a mix for me in exchange for some shirts. Stay tuned.

I aint a designer, i am not a illustrator, i am not a web designer….what i am is someone that is willing to learn, work harder than the next, and make it happen, all the while learning on the way.  Well i was listening to the FAB 5 and was thinking about how now days rappers say “beast” or “beasting” so i started to chop up a design to say “beast”.  Well the whole beast concept changed to more of a Grizzly bear and the saying “when i roar like a grizzly they say damn he gets busy”.  This is what i came up with. Soon to be seen on a shirt or some ish.  Don’t sleep. i will Roar!

We just finished up INERTiA 8.  I remember we started INERTiA it wasn’t even called that, we did it at the end of a Church Youth Conference at the Hyatt in Waikiki.  The response we had was over whelming so we moved it to UH the second year, then to Momilani Elementary, Fresh Cafe, now we at Hope Chapel West Oahu.  At times i wonder… should i try and BLOW this event up and make it HUGE?  You know like every other battle; Freestyle Sessions, B-Boy City, Outbreak, IBE, etc…but that would take $$$ and take a lot of the fun out of throwing a jam.  Besides all the loot we make goes to help the Youth Summer Camps.   One great think about INERTiA is that it is a sure shot, you know you gonna get a Jam in May.

This past Jam the Red Eye Jedi’s won the 3 vs 3 and moved on to Win Freestyle Session – Hawaii.  For some reason i was super stoked, it was like i felt validated that all the hard work that we put into INERTiA had paid off.  The fact that the crew that won at INERTiA was the same that took it all at FSS and now will be flown up to LA for FSS, awesome!  That is just one perk out of the many that INERTiA has given me.  So thank you too all the volunteers, churches, b-boys, heads, spectators, and anyone else that made this possible.  God Bless.

Truly amazing.  The Hundreds just opened their 4th store.  The 3rd in California. The 2nd in LA. The first in Santa Monica.  You can hate ’em but they are living a dream.  I can only imagine having a Lightsleepers flag ship store where we can sell all LS products: shirts, hats, decks, wheels, pillows, stickers, music, cd, wax, toys, shorts, cut & sew, etc.  Also paint: Beltons.  I can see a small stage enuff to fit the dj booth and 2 mic stands for instore performances.  Writers Benches every Wednesdays.  B-boy Cyphers every Thursdays.  & Open Mic Every Fridays.  And we are able to shut down the store for the freshest Art installations 4 times a year.  I will make it happen. Thats my word. Only God can stop me. Bless.

…oh and the location, WAIPAHU!

Quantic breaks down how i feel about vinyl. The rich history and the tangible ability to have history in your hand.


Man what a task to pick out what to sample.  Can’t please everyone but i do feel that i put 2 albums that are easy to fairly easy to sample.  Plus if your chopping using a computer, man, thats easy.  Kind of bummed that i didn’t get a west coast artists for the accapella remix.  I had Snoop & Dre -“Aint nothing but a G thang” but i felt more militant and replaced it with Dead Prez. Organize Konfusion i got from a FB post.  Also i would love to hear a remix of any OK.  Well here we got im gonna chop up and make a few beats too, gotta participate!

Heres a leak of a new design that will be released some time this spring or summer.  The Diggers series will be the ode to everyone the still dig for records, thats the bottom line.  Also, those that are diggin for something deeper, majority of the masses only scrape the surface, only a few dig deeper.  I got a sick line up to take a photo of them digging for an ad…Heardrumz & Sentric repping in Seattle, Jus1oh repping in SF, DJ Kram One in LA, Snafu in NY, got a few more…gonna be a fun project.