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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Records seem to weather all the forms of music media that comes every decade or so. 8track, cassette, mini disc (i love this format), CD, and mp3s.  You cannot deny the physical connection you can have with a record, the cover, the feel of the grooves, the dust.  When the needle hits the wax its warm and crunchy and not thin and tingy.  Hawaii is kind of dry at this point. Well i say the record shops, but there are secret spots and other places for some wax that most smart diggers do not blow up the spot, hah! Rookies.  Kind of sucks that its kind of hipster to say, “it sounds better on vinyl” but you know what?  If you strip down the tight pants, snotty attitudes, fixed gear, messenger bag wearing, thrift store shirt rocking, you get a…naked hipster, NO, you get a underground/independent Hip-hop head that has gone the ways of the world.  Seriously, majority of the Hipsters i know used be major Hip-hop heads, even make great Hip-hop music and beats.  Anyway. Vinyl is final. See you at the records sale this week, let me tell you where…no ways you crazy.