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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Mighty Healthy vs. Ezekiel

Mighty Healthy a NY brand came out with this shirt a few years ago, im thinking 2.  Great play on words super simple design, point taken.  As i was walking thru the mall last night i noticed the super uber cool store known as Razor had this Ezekiel shirt in the window.  I remember when Ez was dope.  I was told that the original owner sold the company and bailed out because he didn’t like the way it was going.  He was right, what the heck does a tiger with shades have over Charles Manson.  Another case of corporate biting.


Working is meeting with supervisors, Federal standards, revisions, more revisions, graphs, numbers, reports, paragraphs, spell checks, more meetings, waiting in anxiety, lessons, working with people almost have you age, and a list of other tedious ish. I dig my job working with post graduates of the Youth Challenge academy, and trying my hardest to keep them on the straight, clean, and productive path. Its rewarding to uplift the youth. Rather than wolf “Youth this, the Youth is the Future, and Youth movement” but its all bark no bite? Wheres the all age events, wheres the mentor-ship, wheres the free events…??? Even before this job i made a point to reach out to the youth at events, shows, etc.

Putting in work is diggin’ for records, carrying crates and bags of records to dj gigs, printing your own shirts, finding time to make beats, sell your CD on the streets, supporting at shows, rocking at shows, pushing your self to land that trick, encouraging the next generation, re-learning html, wordpress, politicin’ and building, losing money at events, touring without getting paid, choose not to follow trends and following your heart.

DunkXchange came thru and i respect the effort.  I was working on doing something of this scale and it was good to use this as a gauge on what to do and what not to do.  Hawaii needs more events like this.

Is and will be, Woes has been grinding for a while and he is surely making his mark.  Chunk and Ape a homie from Maui that a met a while back at bboy jams.  His stuff has been steadly gaining steam and you can check him out at

Good to see people rocking the LS.  I always try to talk story to someone rocking the gear.  Big ups Brandon! He was slangin’ some kicks as well. rockwell.

Pancho got that ill 6 color shirt fo’ sale.  Support the artists!

Brother Kai is Hawaii’s shoe consignment. I thinking its like a flight club.  Really positive cat and i love to chop it up with him about the state of Hip-Hop and kicks.  Air Max 90’s was the topic.  He told me he could of sold my Max’s even though they were busted up and blown bubble.

Beatroot 4 of 6 is in the books.  Mahalos goes to the producers for coming on time and being ready.  Mahalos goes to Tassho for blessing the mic.  Dr. T for the demo. B-Money for judging and encouraging me on doing your thing in the scene.  Creed for judging.  Peter, owner of EMC .  The staff, Mahalo. You and all of you that supported.  The sponsors.

Djah, Stan, Todd G, Thundertraxx, Dirtytrick, JoeGosalvez.  Great line up i wish we had more MPC’s i love seen how ducers freak the MP.  I don’t know why some people say it sucked.  It was fun.  Entertaining. Free.

Thanks to Moses @ Incase for the sponsorship.  Dirtytrick played this one beat during sound check, wowooo it was a banger.  The funiest battle was him and stan, classic.  Reminds me of the days Humdrum would enter, miss the red elephant line-ups.

Djah, super humble cat.  From the Big island and move to the Bay right after Highschool for school.  Is a musican that gravitated to the MPC1000.  He got the formula, once he can play his drums live with the samples Ala Jel of Anticon, watch out now….

Stopped into Prolifik Projects the other day, hot off the presses is Pancho’s new shirt. Six colors a screen printers nightmare.  Big U’s to Micah and Panch, go support the homies.

When i heard Atmosphere was coming down i jumped on the horn to see who was spinning. Word was Creed was opening, cool mang, congrat bro do dat. But there was no say on who was spinning. I blitzed BAMP to lock down if i could spin. I couldn’t let someone spin that used to spin independent Hip-Hop or the closest thing to good Hip-Hop was a Jay-Z track. Years of doing underground Hip-Hop events, incorporating the youth, and the elements i had to spin this show. I felt it was a misson that every Hip-Hop head should hear some Aesop Rock, Grouch, Ellah Khule, Fellowship, and the likes. I remember going to a Hip-Hop show and hearing the same crap on the radio at the show. I’m bring the joints for the Hip-Hop heads. Thanks BAMP and Matty Boy.

Any requests?  i will play it if i got it! i don’t have serato all vinyl dunns!

Beatroot is today and super excited. No rental fee for the use of the spot. Big ups EASY MUSIC CENTER, please support them they support us! Not worried about numbers because we doing this for free and for the love. Trying to land a sweet finals spot, a Theater or some place proper, make an event out of it. Of course that one will be a paid event. Trying to bring down JEL of Anticon, he is the homie and crazy with the chops on the MP.

I’ve been getting alot of concern about why the battle cannot use CD players, MP3, or Ipods. I got this concept from International Producers Association in NYC (Big ups to Rocky Rock, Skills, and Rugged n Raw) they laid the foundation of each producer needs to bring the machine they made the beats with. The 2 times i went to the battle in NYC, there were MPC 2000, 2000xl, 60, SP-1200, no laptops. One thing it shows is that NYC the Mecca is still machine based and really living the grit and grind of the city. Hawaii is far removed from the east so Laptops rule the battle its all good, but i had a talk with Joe dub on how we would save all our money for records and that beat machine. Dang, i did a paper route and got a job once i turned 16 to get me my first DJ set up with Gemini Scratchmaster sampler. So is it really hard to bring a laptop? No, you make the beats on there anyways. This is not targeted to anyone, just an observation. So MPC, PSP, or Laptop you gotta rock what you with! See you at BR, have fun! got the new shirts in and im sure he will have a grip of ish on hand at the DunkXchange this Saturday @ O-Lounge.  This maui born brand has been moving mad units and never loses sight of the ‘aina. Shoots.

A few years back i was chilling at Next Door and Ted comes up to me bugging out as usual talking about do i know David Choe and that he is chilling out with him…blah…blah…blah… I told Ted i never met the dude but his work is epic. A few days later i am up in Next door and Ted brings over this asian dude and introduces me to David Choe. We shake hand and exchange what ups and thats it….

Harry Kim, David’s chee hoo friend produced this super ill flick. Most recommended for everyone. It seems all great artists are F’ed up somehow. Word to F!

Theres Dave, Great Flick, Thanks Harry, Thanks Dave, Seen Eric (Giant Robot), Thanks Lofa, Word Bunsen, Honozoo no Cam, HIFF piff, Don’t Sleep.