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Monthly Archives: August 2009


I don’t remember where i first saw this, but whoever thought it up…bravo.   Heres some randomness from the mind…Myspace is blowing it. Facebook and Twitter are killing them. Why?  The interface and look is so cluttered and outlandish that Facebooks clean and simple-ablity is what people need.  Didn’t Tom sell it to Rupert Murdoch, those rich fools don’t care about users, they just sell advertising space, fill it with pop ups, and spam. done!

Lets Dance! Ricky D give it too em!


Had to support the made in Hawaii. Pretty much the same food booths and local crafts.  Its like a park craft fair x open market colabos!


Peeped out home girl Christina @ Ikandy.  She has been at this event for four years and considered a OG of this event.  Loro in the back with the bunny years. She gots some sllick designs and has weathered the fly by night female brands to be the ONLY girls street wear label. Big ups and congrats on a beautiful baby boy.


808 ALL DAY, must be inspired by DGK ALL DAY. These Maui boys are doing their thing with reppin’ the 808!  Good peoples, check them out at One Eighty Board shop on Maui. Brah, No ka ‘oi!

….So i was done with Beatroot and decided to get the wifee some ice cream from Baskin Robins Waikele.  As i pulled into the parking lot i noticed a haole guy pushing a PT Cruzer with 2 females in the car.  I figure i park quick and give the brother a hand.  As i jet out of my car, i noticed that there are at least 3 mokes just watching little haole guy push this car.  Those punk a** mokes can get the fat one for not helping this guy.  Anyway.  I ask, “do you need help?” Homie says, “i can only speak a little English, i am from Spain, i ran out of gas…” So help push the car into a stall and told the guy to call the security number on the wall.

He says Thank You and i go back into Baskin’s.  As i was waiting in line, i got that feeling, and that calm audible voice in my head said “Go back” at the same time, i could feel it in my Gut to go help the guy a little more…


So i bounce out of the Bask and ask the guy did he call the security, of course not he has no phone.  So i called security and they never came.  So i told him i can call his rental car company, because they have 24 road side.  I call and Dollar rental, said that it would be 3 x what they would pay if they just found a way to get gas.  I figure my time was done, but as i tried to make my exit, i still had that GUT feeling to stay and help.

Sucked it up and told the guy, i would take him to Lowes, where they will buy a gas container and i will then take him to Waipahu to get gas.  He insisted that he would walk, i was like YOU CRAZY, a small white dude walking pass Hans La-range Park!  I told him, Waipahu is a chill place but at any time it can pop off.


…we get to the Shell across the park they have Summer baseball, and his credit card didn’t work. So i turned on my MOKE-ISM and walked homie into the cashier booth, “Eh brah, i say dis guy bugga was stranded on da side of da road.  He ran outta gas, so i figga i kokua.  try run da credit caadd again, right on tanks badda, Mahalos.”


Back at the PT, homie fills it up and now he looks like Dose One from Anticon!


How many Europeans does it take to fill a gas tank?  Three from Spain?  I joke.


Before they left, i finally got to ask the name of the lost Spaniards.  Dose One look a like was Raul.  The girl next to him was Claudia…Here is the clincher!  The girl on the right her name was KARMA! Are you serious.  As i shook her hand i was like, “You are kidding right?”.  Then she said, “You are like a Angel for us in Hawaii”  That’s more like it.  Kavet the Angel.  Hah! They also let me know if i ever go to Barcelona, that they will take care of everything. Say Word!


Three happy Spaniards off to their hotel in Makaha.  Ciao!  I hope those Mokes watching us push the car get a taste of what goes around come back around and bites you in the arse!


Race and Milliani Lyle is the kick behind the snare called Olde Ivory.  Really dig the feel and vibe of the designs.  Simple and clean. OI offered up a joint shirt project and it was a success, selling out at IN4.  In a return, we intro the Anchor Drool.  Our little twist on the standard OI design.  Should be available later this month.  Thanks Olde.

Peeped out Nosaj Thing last night put on by KTUH and Organized by Trav15.  Heard of Nosaj thru Daddy Kev @ Alpha Pup.  LA got that grimy, glitch, electronic noise steezy going on, whatever the title it was great to peep game and soak whats new.


Joe Gosalvez, native to V town (Vallejo) but now he makes his home in Hawaii.  He entered a few Beatroots and is working with BriefcaseRockers.  His opening set was a banger, big things.

Nosaj, was dope.  He had flawless mixes and really knows how to work his equipment.  His beats were digital grime.  I would of love to see more versatility with his instrumentation, still his compositions were dope.  He reminds me of Matt Ratt, not really Oliver cuz Ollie got that analog soul.

He rocked this crowd of mixed goers.  I dig that it wasn’t bonkers packed, but i wish more heads, producers, and hip-hop enthuz came out to support these kind of events. If i hear that you choose Black Eyed Peas over this, shame on you, the Peas have left the pod along time ago and they smell like rotten natto or fresh natto, whatevers, they stink.  Nosaj was fresh.

I don’t know how i slept on this. Only a few men in this world has landing a 900 – Tony Hawk, 1999 X-Games, Sandro Dias, 2004 Latin X-Games, Giorgio Zattoni, and Alex Perelson, 2009 Maloof Money Cup. This kid is 18 years old. I’m glad to see the next gen embracing Vert skateboarding. I wish i had a chance to master vert. There is actually a handfull of Hawaii skaters that can actually skate vert – Rob Gaskell, Rob Waldron, Jared Bush, Bo Ikeda, sorry if i forgot you, my bad.


“We im too young for 40’s and too young for blunts, the only thing im not too young for is the stunts”.  Chi Ali one of my favorite rappers and one of the artists i used to play on the radio.  This picture is taken from the KTUH editing bay.  I think i made the cut.  Super excited for this one to drop, anything KTUH im down for.  Before me it was Syzer and Eitaro of Soul 69.  Big D.  The Prude.  Intrepid.  During and after Mill Bill, Dj Bone, Assasin, Dyno Positive, and i host of other i don’t recall.  Big ups to Trav15 for keeping me in the Loop, i wish he was the GM my last year there.


  • An artist may suck at rapping or painting, but they might be a great person.  For instance, mainstream radio sucks for so many reason, on so many levels, but many of those mainstream radio workers are my homies, we can have lunch and chop it up.
  • Prosperity, everyone definition is different, more power to whatever your definition is.
  • Putting in that work and others reap it – that don’t deserve it. Sucks.
  • But, at the end of the day, real recognize real, cuz if it ain’t real it don’t have that feel.
  • Building a fresh and potent nucleus only to watch it wither, due to lack of passion, guidance, and interest.
  • Watching people sell ‘Wolf Tickets’ and claiming things that they only wish they were.
  • Money is a B*tch, i seen it change mad people, and its ALWAYS for the worst.
  • Fools need to seriously, be about it. I mean BE about it.
  • If someone is ‘kingin’ the spot, why even try!  You just look like a weak carbon copy.
  • There is a difference between being a “Hater” and having an “Opinion”.  A Hater has no ground, no method, no reasoning to why they dislike something.  Having an Opinion is giving reasons why, no matter how ‘off’ those reason are, there is some kind of reasoning behind it.
  • Sometimes, learning what not to do is better than what to do.
  • I dream BIG, and so far many of my dreams have come true – faith, grit, grind, perseverance, passion, sweat, no sleep, education, humbleness, and God, has allowed me to reach these dreams, but some time i need to down shift and handle what i can control in order to get to that dream.  Sometimes i get frustrated on why i ain’t there yet, but bottom line is God wants me to handle the tangible to touch the intangible.


Crazy, I guess i can chalk this one off the bucket list. Honozooloo, told me a few months ago that he was taking video for the Blue Scholars video, never thought i actually be in it. Wowzers.  Feels good that not only Hawaii heads but mainland heads also know that the Lightsleepers is Hawaii.  What sucks is i have a song to be released off my “Thirty 3 & a Third” album called “Eight o Eight”.  This tracks speaks on Hawaii, but i guess it from a born and raised stand point, way more chop. I guess i will sit on my track until this one chill out. Big ups Sabzi and Geo!  Respect to all my Seattle heads, Sentr1c, Heardrums, and Mungen.

Yes, check this out…this is a sample of an interview of Kid Cudi in the newest Complex Mag…are you serious?

People love to point out similarities between you and Drake—do you view him as competition?
Kid Cudi: I think it’s just that Drake and me are the most creative out of the new up-and-coming MCs. Me and Drake are here not because of anything other than two niggas that have their own flavor. I’m doing my shit, nobody else can do my shit. Nobody else can do Wale’s shit or Charles Hamilton’s shit. It’s like a bunch of Kool-Aid stands. It just matters whose flavor you like the most.


Yo Fam, Drake, Wale, Charles Ham, and Kid Kudi, yo Fam, its the jump off Fam,  Let’s add in Kids in the Hall, Cool Kids, Lupe, and Kanye.  Ninja please. Majority of their music is mediocere by far.  Lyrically blatant and carbon copy.  Seriously, they need to become “street wear” models and stop rapping.  I know this is the era we are in, where OK rap is the hotness, but with the new Qwel, Matre, Joe Dub, Ab Rude, Khule, Nocando, Ceschi, Braille, Surreal, and can’t forget Dose and Jel back together as Themselves. Hearing these cats make me sterile and bored, doesn’t challenge the mind. Well, theres my vent. Fools should check these cats and put em in GT or the Jungle.

Here is some new Qwel & Maker, yes they are from Chicago, Maker murders Kanye on the beats and Qwel drowns him as well.  Heads need to know that Chicago is more than ‘Good Music’-Galapagos 4 & Rubberroom!