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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Temper T hooked me up with 3 of Dj Wicked’s mixtapes. These mixtapes are actually mixes? Not yelling and mash ups with 1 rapper rapping over other peoples beats. Real Mixtapes! Mahalo, T!

DJ Wicked runs Oregon, i would say that he runs the Northwest? It could be just a bias on my part. Back in 1999 when NMB and KTC went on our first West Coast Tour, DJ Wicked hooked us up with a bunch of shows. One show being his weekly Wicked Wednesdays…which just made 10 years. Big ups to Wick and everyone in Portland watch out we coming back this year or you could say  ‘we coming badder this year!’

Big ups to Chris, Danny, and Cook from P-type.  I had to show some love on my ghetto cam.  I wish more kids took the initiative to film and document.  What the heck is some old dude like me running around the park with mini DV.  Word.  Big ups 2 Nainoa, his park knowhow got him up, but there is a reason why IN4 sponsors Bernardo! Kid is nice.

The reason why your phone is on chill is cause Lofa, Woes, Ralphie, and Peeks were up in SD getting it done.  This pic is stolen from and if you look real good you can see the Sexy one one and homie Ralph with the Hundo fit!  Can’t wait for the scoops, Lofa is the oracle when it comes to networking and ‘in the know’.  When Shepard came thru within a few days Lofa was homies and chilling with Obeys fam, he even got a few limited and signed posters, which of course i reaped the harvest.  Sucken K5, Home team son!

Yup it was my day of birth and i am turned 23!  Wifee planned a kind of surprise party at Katz Sushi on S. King st.  All you can eat for $20.  What, murder dog!  Also, found out my uncle might be part owner of the joint, but that means nothing cuz you gotta support a ‘all you can eat’ Sushi spot!

Temper T came thru from Spokane and bles us with his presence.  He is working on his solo joint and putting together another tour.  Weez be looking at Oregon; Portland, Eugene, Coravlis, and wherevers.  Super homie DJ Wicked is hooking it up for the Oregon stint!

Clifton is making major moves, no he does not rap or make beats.  He does not dj or b-boy.  He takes your money and makes more money!  One of the youngest to be the President of a rotary club, don’t ask me what that is but it is MAJOR!  Its great to have friends totally out of the “scene”  but he surfs and we do love chopping it up about waves!

What up Chunk and Ape! I got a grip of comments on my Chunk and Ape: Thrilla Gorilla shirt!  Word has it when the two owners of T&C broke up the one owner that owned all the T&C characters; Thrilla Gorilla, Joe Cool, and the Tiki dude!  He took the rights and told the other dude he can’t use it.  Dang you know that those shirts would kill now!  Wait HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACE! Todays his birthday!  He was on a date with his “Girlfriend”  idk, but you know Race always pull in the mean Wahines!  I hope she is Hawaiian, eh Race?

Whats a party without J-DOE!  Came in stealthy and killed the sushi!  Thanks to everyone that came out and all the gifts!  Sorry to all who i forgot to invite it was a surprise shin dig, last minute steezy!  Word 2 Life!

There is a new publication droppin’ in yo eyelids and on yo front porch.  You might have known or not, that i used to write for  this other mag, but i got shafted and all they did was redo my old interviews like i never covered that.  Whatevers, but my peeps Race and Mark G is doing it well with this new one, i don’t know when i should drop a link or google that fiayytch!  Stay Tuned!

Honestly, i heard about this group a while back, but i slept!  Recently, i made it up by copping everything they released on Vinyl when i made a trip to Seattle.  The whole crew is dope, but DiVinCi breaks it down on his MPC.  Checkit out, he freaks a snare so hard.

The other day i went to the Water Park and rode the Wave thing for about an hour, now my sucken abs (remind you i have none) under my gut are sore as heck!  I remember when i was in High School and Early college i had abs, but never even cared.  I skated every other day and longboarded every late afternoon, even played basket ball every friday night.  Ahhh.

Well today is the day God said ‘Wake yo’ ass up’ and do some damage so here i am, and i done did some damage!  So my birthday present go buy a shirt (if you see me on the street its cheaper, no shipping) also if you missed out on the Woes deck i am selling a few from my quiver i was planning to save.  I figure i only skate once a week so i wont be using as many deck.  Say, Word! Word Life. Thanks God!

Congrats to Mitchell on graduating from High School and big ups to his Dad for renting out Hawaiian Waters Park for the night. Super stoked to go for my first time and try the wave thingee.

I bet my wifee i would get it before i left and i did but not with out some DONUTS! ill post that later once i upload it.

A lightsleepers shirt sighting, its like a Satquatch sighting. This guys name is the Tarnisher, and he can punish fools Waianae Ji jitsu steezo! Glad he is on my side. wheew.

G-Up had another show, i missed a bunch but i cam just in time to see DJ Eels aka. Elephant Armada, and a new member of the GUPirates.  I remember him doing beats for NMB and Produce Isle with Temper, i guess people got to move on to where its Hot.  It all good, God Speed.

KOAK, is the homie and is a proud member of the G-UP, look at the smile on his face.

Sentr1c, killed a set i heard, well i know.

Bunson Honeydew of Atypicalliving and Micah of Prolifik dem both doing big things. Trust me Mucho Grande!

Stan rhyme, you didn’t know, now you do and he is going to be in the next BR.

Some kidds, Jdoe, ktc, and MC5b.

I got records, not saying that i got more than Biz or 45 but i got a lot for one.  A gang of dem is left at my moms house and i got  a good size at my pad.  Slowly, i try and sneak more records into my extra room with out wifee blowing up.

So at Mom’s i randomly loaded up a full crate!  As i was driving home i started to get into the ‘deep thinker’ mode…same rants; Serato is wack, but it does have its place, people i thought were down to put in real work now handing out wolf tickets by becoming followers not leaders, and that i bet my one random crate could take out any vinyl crate of a DJ spining in a club right now!  So i decided to pull out random records and see if i was right?…here we go…

What? brah i say i cheat already, i win Black Moon!  “Who Got the Props” with remix.  With B-side “Gotcha Open.”  Talk about coming out the frame!

Dang, if you don’t know Deodato then you lose, this record is ill and one of many compositions that Deo dropped.  You can never go that wrong with 1975!  Seriously, i never even tried to put my finger on the flower, Power!

Isolationist instrumental album, whoooo, i think of Oliver Twist and playing this to freestyle over.  When this album dropped with DJ Vadim on the Beats and Anti-Pop on the words it hit Hip-Hop in its Gut!  Esp. cuz its coming out of the East!

Some Brazilian Sh*t, Grupo i think.  70’s of course with great rhythms and instrumentation.  Brazil got the spicy musicians and female.  Oh and dope skaters!  Fabrizee Santos,  Burnquist, and Rodgrio Tx – this kid is nice!

Blood of Abraham, seriously one of the most slept on and dopest album and single ever.  Right before Eazy E died he was putting on some serious Hip-hop talent; BONE, Blood of A, and Atban Klan.  This beat is monster and the flow is on point!  ahhhh

Good old Stanley Turrentine, not a crazy break record but great listening.  Check the cover classic!

Ok, Third Sight is dope with D-Style on the cut, what!  But i don’t know about selling this record for a house down payment!?  Judging your records on what E-Bay sells them is Wack!  but thats my opinion.  To use it as a guide maybe, but to say E-Bay is selling this at 100010101 dollars and you were never into it. C’mon.

Remember 3rd Bass, wait you know that fat white dude on “the White Rapper show” MC Search, yup and yes kids he can rap, and he is nice with the mic, but not as nice as when his crew broke up and Prime Minister Pete Nice and Dj Daddy Rich put out their slept on Album, “Dust to Dust.”

Shoot, bully, i spock you later, what Crate battle?