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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Trick 4 Treats went down with no glitch but we had so many crews, 20 to be exact that it was a great problem!  One thing i have a problem finding is judges…where the heck is the OGs in this game.  Where is Rock Steady Crew, they should be doing way more for the Hip-Hop community.  This is not a diss, this is a gut check.  If you claim the biggest Hip-hop organization in the world with the deepest root, why are you not at every B-boy jam.  Hawaii we only have maybe 1 a month???  Also i heard Zulu Nation is in Hawaii now, recruited all these kids, and then what?  Wheres the Jams?  Where is the education of Hip-hop culture?  Zulu should of brought down Africa Bam to Hawaii.  I speak out of Love for Hip-Hop, Hawaii Hip-Hop, for our culture.  So i was chopping it up with Jedi and saying that the kids are hungry but they don’t know their past, their roots and foundation of Hawaii B-boys.  So all you OG’s get off our ass and support make your presence known, don’t get huhu cuz this generation don’t know who you are,  its not these kids fault you fell off the face of the earth.  So if you reading this and you OG Hawaii Hip-hop, especially B-boy we need you.  Peace.


I don’t toke dat piff, but i do love that music from the ATL.  I love that in the ATL they got the sons of Outkast still making some of them most soulful Hip-hop to date.  All deez foos got mad swagger. Big ups to Obese Jesus for turning me on to these cats. Sing a long.

Big ups to Fitted Hawaii, they turned 5 years old and still moke’in it out.  The word is that if you are a small business and you survive after 3 years its promising that you will be in the race.  Five is niceness, it takes a lot to run a business now days, trust me i know.  It takes a lot to be original and cutting edge in this business and not only did Fitted Hawaii do it, but we have In4mation & Kicks Hawaii as well.  By far they constantly release the dopest fits world wide and also released the most technical, well thought, & ridiculously fresh fit in the Angry Woebots Fitted.  Bottom line is Fitted is the bottom, middle and top of the line in the Hat world, and Hawaii should be proud that we can call them our own.  It could be some donkeys from LA or NYC, but no we got the Kanak’s holding it down.  Mahalo and lets Go 5 x 5 x 5 more years.  p.s. we gotta get that colab going. chee ollie.

It was awesome to see the OG homies rocking the mic.  Timer & Omega Cix.  Man i been thru a lot with those guys.  Traveling to SD with the 97 crew.  Timer and his big blue van freestyle sessions with is karaoke box. O6 and i been to LA, SF, & NYC traveling just for the essence of Hip-hop and adventure.  We been homeless, houseless, rideless, and lost at times, but we always found a way to get by and often times ahead.  One trip we were chilling with Wicked & Flo Master one night watching Zaggu of the Global Phlowtations battle a whole crew, and the next day we were chilling in HAZE’s workshop.  Although we all took our creative nucleus’s in different platforms every now an then we can come together and not miss a heart beat.  Gotta love the OG Lightsleepers crew. 4 life.

Check out these dope Tech Deck figures.  P-rod and Daewon.  It got me thinking that we forget how unreal Daewon is.  Yah everyone was all hyped on Pudwills part in Hallelujah & how Joey Brenzeski is mad tech.  Like Dre i think you forgot about Dae, and even more over i think you forgot about Mullen, now thats a different bag of tricks.

I pulled up the most recent footy i found on the tube and he is still killing it hard.  Tech yes but don’t for get about is tranny skills is the best! Can you say Cheeze and Crackers!  Anyway, Daewon, much respect due.

Man, i been having the Mac woes bad.  My laptop is like Frankenstein – a new hard drive and a new super drive.  Yet for some reason it still isn’t upload to the typical mac screens.  I would hope to breathe a second life into my Powerbook G4 Aluminum but well see 2morrow when i take it into the Apple store to see how these Genius work.  God Bless my machine.

Has it been 2 years since our last pop-up store.  We did it up lovely – Props to Christina @ ikandy and Micah @ Prolifik for believing in me and helping us do i think no one else has done in Hawaii.  Well we at it again and coming out swanging, this time we gonna have a spot in Ala Moana. Yes Ala Mos.  Gonna release a nice batch of new shirts and 3 new designs.  Also doing a revamp on the Peeps shirt. Lofa is crazy and he is gonna drop some huge ish! Overall super excited.  Back in 1997 when i first started this i never knew it would become this awesome and its all because of the people.  On the real Lightsleepers is all about the people and the kids! F’ what you heard, we are the ones in the trenches.  While other crews, companys, stores, brands, claim to be all about it, de’ aint about it. So thank you for recognizing it and supporting for over 10 years.  God Bless.