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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Seriously, a dope night, Soul Pacific and Blue Scholars killed it.  Bumble Bee on the tables is unstoppable, i would like to say his mixing is on point and knows his records.  If you didn’t make it at least try to support the UH show this monday!

Lofa, J-Drums, Sabzi, Geo, ktc, Observ.  Blue was the coolest cats, chatted up about the Satchqatch Festival in Seattle, opening up for Kanye, and Digging for dustys.

DJ Bumble Bee, he was living in Seattle the past 6? years and build up a solid following for his flawless djing and music selection.  We talked about if you have a night pegged as a “boombap, 90’s night” shouldn’t you use only Vinyl?

Rocked the opening set with a intro using my Akai S-20, J-Drums on the Skins and Dj observ on the cut.  Gotta push Hawaii limits, i am working on using a mixer, a table, a sampler on one of the next performances.  If lead singers of bands can play a guitar and singing, us MCs gotta step up!

MC stands for Move the Crowd, Mic Control, Master of Ceremonies, big ups to all the peoples!

I need a better camera, i don’t have any Soul Pacific pics, but i do have a Lael!  He was the beat conductor for SP’s

Dj Sabzi, i heard he is a mad digger.  As a dj he is a great hype and back up, now i just gotta get Observ to do some back ups!

From rocking with Kanye to us in Hawaii, Geo made it happen.  He had a funny comments about “you could be watching Kaba Modern, but you came here!” Heck yah, i heard a few people actually went to Kaba first and then came after, shame brah!  Like yall never seen people dance?  Super Crew then i would have to go to that first…See you at UH for the all ages show.


First before i start, Blue Scholars show was DOPE! A great Hip-Hop night and if you never came out you missed it, actually there were hardly any HIp-Hop Producers, meaning artists, mcs, djs, writers; Which sucks for you cuz Blue Scholars run Seattle and they are down to get us shows! So if there was no Producers? who came; all Fans and People that don’t care about equipment, egos, crews, etc…they came to hear Good Hip-Hop! I will get that in next post…2morrow…

This is my friend, MOTHRAH! I used to love Sanoyas!, USED TO, like Common USED TO. One bite in and B-I-N-G-O…Mothrah was his name O!

Thought it was a hair until the Hair was connected to…

Mothrah! After his feud with Godzilla he found refuge in my take out plate of Chicken Katsu curry!

Survivorman would be Pizzzzzd at me for not eating this morsel of protein. Dang i Used to love H.E.R. and i aint talking about Hip-Hop.

More about last night show later, sucka chump i’m tired! Bless.

From the words of a once hero of mines, “Vinyl was going to die anyway…” – Jazzy Jeff.  I don’t think so CD’s and DVD eventually but Vinyl and turntables is like a guitar. You can use the same guitar that was made decades ago and give you that deep, soulful, and gritty sound, but you won’t get that from a keyboard playing guitar sounds or a computer playing processed notes.  Most DJ’s that have switched over to Serato stopped digging or rarely go out and bug out on flipping thru dusty stacks of coal able to pick out the diamond.  Hmmm, maybe i should of made the shirt, REAL DJ KILLER, or JUST ADD LAPTOP.  I know i fight a losing battle and a bunch of yall will say i am wack or get with technology.  I say go sell those records you once valued cuz you already sold out!

***side noter*** there are a gang of Serato users that dig as if it was 1994.  Z-Trip made Viso open up his shop 10am everyday he was here and listened to almost every record.  Rhettmatic & the Beat Junkies rapes Hawaii’s record shops everytime.  Just cuz you got a computer doesn’t mean you should stop.  dats all.


Big ups to Hi-rolling Media and the homies; Noodles and Skate Nazi!  I get super impatient when they don’t update the site, only because i value a good Hawaii skate site, well almost the only good one besides 50-50.  Then Boom H-Rolling drop a nice interview with Jerold Webb of Mills

Quik overview, he now works at Brooklyn Projects, skates with Baker, and lives with super models! Like Whoa! Get over to WWW.HIROLLINGMEDIA.COM to get the full read!

Dustin Dollin, Andrew Reynolds (the Boss), & KTC – 2006, Melrose.  Super cool cats, i just strolled up to them and intro’ed, shook hands, and said i was from Hawaii.  Instant ticket, once i said i was from Hawaii they warmed up quick!

Temper T been diggin up in Spokane at Goodwill and Salivating Army, so i get a text every so often about if i want or need a certain record.  This one day he texts, “The Clash?” …”London Calling”  I texted back “Hella Yah!”  The Clash is of Legend and on wax, double vinyl.  Also if my memory serves me right got some drums on the B!

Yestarday this beauty comes in the mail, with some new NMB stickers, so fresh – Yes.  Rip the box open and played it on my numark portable, beauty!

PAID DUES? What is it, Temp calls me up to check if i got the record and we get to talking about kids paying dues.  Bottom line is KIDS DON’T PAY NO JUST DUES!  If there is a show and you don’t wanna go, “lets wait for the youtube”.  New music drops, “i will go download it”.  Doing tracks on cassettes and stoked on using a Porta1 tascam 4 track,  “lets make tracks on Garage Band”  Everything is instant, with hardly any risk.  I remember going to Jellys and towers every Tues day looking for new CD’s.  Standing there reading the liner notes and thankyous looking for a producer, band member, guest artists that i new was dope.  I remember i would save money and bum rides just to go to a Hip-Hop show, now all you hear is “back biting, and bickering” about i don’t want to pay and it cost to much.  If back in the day someone did a beat battle, bboyjam, or any show with Hip-Hop i would be there.  Shows cost 5-15bucks in 1994, and 14years later with no inflation a show is still 5 – 15bucks, when it should be 20 – 30 atleast, but NO, “it cost too much, i cant buy beer or weed if i pay!”  PAY DUES!  even if you are “Established” support the scene that supports you.  I still pay, if the people don’t call me hit me up or get me in, then i pay.  Ahhh, whatevers.

Quick story, one of my close homies asked to get in at a show i did at Heshams in Downtown.  It was a 5 dollar show and i was putting it on with Hesham so there was bills to be paid.  He said, ” Dude hook it up, i don’t have any money and me and 2 of my homies wanna get in”  i said, “its only 5 bucks”  Trust me the spot was jumping, chicks, bros, dope art, dj’s, well worth 5 bucks.  So being my homie, i fustratedly said ok and told the door girl to let them in.  10 minutes later i catch my friends double fisting Heinies around the corner at the bar.  WTFloozzzy.

This is my AKAI s-20, a super fun machine pre-MPC 2000, i will be using it at the Blue Scholars show which i will hope to see you at. Thanks for reading. Peace out.

First, let me address that majority of Hawaiian musicians can play instruments and are great musicians. So many Hawaiian musician can play their ass off and blow me away, i can only rock my EPS-16+ and my techs so here we go…

“I’m Yours” i know you heard it, the song is a hit for J-Mraz and been playing on the stations. Both the regular song and the live version. Have you seen J-M live, i went to the show a few years back at the Hawaii Theater, so dope. I swear he listens to Freestyle Fellowship and Anticon! I bet if he made a Hip-Hop album he would spit flames. Anyway, i turned on the radio and BOOM, i found out a local group did a remake of J-M’s song. WTF?

Man i dug Ten Feet the Windwars Skies track is an original (very rare for HI) and they got some ill & smooth voices. But this was the tipping point for me and my arguement that Hawaiian/Jawaiian groups are bunch of biters and non-original suckas! Harsh, right! No fustrating! Take a popular 60’s, 70’s, 80’s song put it to a 3 chord vamp and BOOM SHAKA! a hit on Davey D’s top 5 at 5! The only OG Hawaiian Music we got is the old school traditional, but even that get remade by every Hawaiian Group. Shouldn’t there be a standard or is it just a lack of standard for Hawaiian music?

How can an album that has 80% covers and 20% original tracks win any awards? I know this is a DEAD END topic, but i had to voice it. Write your own ish and create you own melodies! Whatevers!

Gotta a hollertronixs from Jelly’s Aiea that peeps been requesting TELEVISION HEAD, so i dropped off 5 copies, stuper stoked that the kanakas been feeling it.  Moved over 200 units, at least 50 been freebies but it good to know that Hawaii been supporting.

Astra the music buyer has been in Hawaii’s music scene for sometime now and i think it helps that she likes good Hip-Hop, thanks sister!

Myspace is really good for one thing Networking!  I randomly peeped out a page linked from Factor(sideroad recordings) and found out that he got a 7″ release with Awol, Ceschi, Myka9 and Sadat X.  I honestly thought Ceschi track was going to be the illest, but Sadat X track was niceness, overall a great find of good music.

Back on the ball with the new LS shirts you can cop at Here we have Shaun Castro, artist extrodinaire.  12 Monkeys print; Red on white and the Gold on Army Green and OG Script in Electric Blue on black.  Thanks for supporting. God Bless.

Always a fan of ALIFE, roamed all over NY lookin for this spot it was in the cut!  Bugged out because if i still collected sneakers i would of went Ape! Anyway, the “streetwear” scene is over saturated and with so many weak brands i am never compelled to cover any of it. But when a clean and well design shoe drops that doesn’t bite a Nike, i have to give it some love.

Clean lines, fresh colors, as MC5b would say this is a “Life” shoes. So if KICKS or IN4 got a size 11 or 11.5 i need to do some product review. Thanks guys. Oh and the F with KRINK, OG Status son!

So NMB neva win the Na Hoku’s, no surprise. I honestly thought we had a chance, only because there was alot of coverage, a ill video, and even major Hawaiian artists voted for them.

IA, i figure was the front runner, because of his Hustle. Bro been in a bunch of videos, does alot of shows, really visable in the mainstream, and it might help that His dad is “the Hawaiian Punch” Jesus Salud, ohh and he is a super cool homie.

Then you got my homie that i graduated with this cat. Always been a funny dude and moked out Maui style. When i found out he started rapping i thought that was funny. I can’t deny Old School Toyota cuz my Gramps had one! I like that he is original and not to be taken all “serious”.

Just to point out NO DISRESPECT to the guy who won and the lost of his brother, this has nothing to do that! Only saying that the kid needs to tighten up his game.  Ok over it. move on DJ MURO is coming and ALIFE got some sick kicks that just dropped.

This weekend marked the ending of the 28th Class of Youth Challenge!  YC is a program which allows at-risk youth 16-18 to obtain their GED, job placement, and/or Military.  6 Months of boot camp and then you get tossed into the free world again.  In the free world you have to have a Mentor, like a big homie type.  So “Vito” asked me to be his mentor, flattered i accepted.  I am stoked to have and will be making a difference in his life.

The Don Vito & KTC / RSK

Rock Skittles Krew, the up and coming B-boy crew in Hawaii!

Later that day Lofa got $9.39 tickets to got to ELITE XC.  Lofa, Micah Prolifik, MC5b, and I sat thru an action packed afternoon of MMA!

Lovin’ the circle ring.  ELITE is shooting hard at taking out UFC.  I still think Kimbo is all Punch, once he meet some one that can out brawl him with a ground Game he is done.

KJ NOONS, defended his title against the maker of a Martial Arts called Thug-Jitsu, wtf.  Brah, he pummelled the “thug” in under a minute.  Did you see KJ’s sister on American Best Dance Crew, word.  After KJ won Nick Diaz came in asking for another shot and then the corners started scuffling.  Then Nate and Nick Diaz walks off sticking finger and saying “FU*K, Hawaii”  Seriously, wrong move.  We is an island with punchy Mokes that in a second is down to trow.

Here is a parting shot of one of many fans that thought the DJ sucked and that they played the same cheezy rock promo every minute.  Yo, ELITE XC, ICON, UFC, get at me to spin at these event i be playing some Wu-Tang, Mob Deep, some fight music!  Not no rave or mainstream ish, dang i don’t know who was spinning but seriously get your game up i could of made the Area go Ape-sh*t!  Clan in the Front!