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Monthly Archives: October 2007


This is the new color way, the SF Drip!  A grip of Hawaii transplants live in the Yay! So i figure i hit it with a Giant color!  Also on there is a huge sale that has $12 shirts – free shipping. WOW!  Support and big ups to Dj Deadfoot always the first!


Stopped by the flip the bird office to do a litte deelo! Tasho, the brain child of FTB hooked up the new shirt colab with Fitted! For all of you that remember the “Pigin to the Max” books this ones a must. Also in the mix is the Bird with Tribe fill, when you got the Low End Theory color way you cant go wrong unless your Lupe? I keed. Did you peep the shirt he did with Poetree, “State is Hi” awww mang!


On a side note, if you missed the Tasho with live band at Slick (Disizit!) Birthday party He rocked it hard, keep checking for a tube of that night, i gots to chop up the footy! Support Hawaii!


David Ramos

I was listening to Toca’s “Ship Sinking” and i came across this online article about the homie, David Ramos, integral member of Anonymous Inc. and Toca, was recently added to the list of top ten progressive drummers in Modern Drummer’s Magazine. Congrats bro! Yes sir, big ups to Ceschi the most talented bros alive. Blesup.

“Soon you’ll see as i flow fluidly to frequently another MC, will drop off the planet of the earth, ill be the nastiest one since birth…” 

Word has it that Co-flow did a 2/3rds reunion in NYC this past weekend.  El-P and BiggJuss minus Mr. Len (due to business obligation) rocked a set in the Big App! This is big for me because when Hip-Hop was phazing out of the golden era of boom bap, and kids started to get flossy, and bling, blah!!! Co-Flow came out firing raw and ill-son!  Now i would love to see Aesop rock, Co-Flow show…chee hoo dun!


What an honor, KATCH blessed me with a custom signed deck! WOW, this is the guy i feel is the most all around and most original Writer from Hawaii – tags, throws, full color pieces on the freeways, full top to bottom freights, HUGE productions, and letter and characters that no one could touch!!!

Anyway, Natural Koncepts new video is coming out soon and it will be soundtracked by Fame, Ionmyke, ktc, and other local producers.  Even if you dont sk8 cop that DVD cuz its Hawaiian!!!


The man from Maui, no not the man Maui, is Chunk&Ape.  Homie be doing it worldwide, from China to LB to Hawaii he got the Sleepers on lock.  He just about to drop the new fall/winter line so for all of yall LIGHTSLEEPERS heads that want to support the Maui Homie, that reps the islands clik on the peg above and support.

ps. hit me up @ for the %35 discount code for LS heads, thanks C&A

Auwe to Loopy, i was breezing thru and i came across an article that said that Lupe never listened to Tribe’s “Midnight Marauders” that is why he messed up the lyrics to Electric Relax!  First of all how the what you never listened to that album, so classic, your lively hood is based on ATCQ, if it wasn’t for them and their production there would be no Kanye, so there would be no Lupe!  First “kick, push” then this…dang and i was tryin’ to feel you son, only cuz so many of the Hawaii homies hook you up…dang!

If you know you getting invited to do that verse, practice fool!  I would of flown myself to that show, paid to get in, and just to rock that verse, then fly my ass back to Hawaii broke with a HUGE smile!   I know a bunch of my homie love the guy, eh he probably is a cool dude personality wize, but if the only thing saving Lupe from complete thumbs down is the “kick, push” beat is fareshh, and the producer-Soundtrakk sampled a filipino record!

The new NMB video off of the album “at your door” was release this pass thursday.

Uncle Murtles house was in the house with Race the Skelton and Temper T!


Matt Ratt was MIA for a quick minute, lurking the indy rock scene and realized his calling was to provide ill beats!


…there was some StarTrek references thrown around about MR swag.  So he decided to rep it hard.

Don’t got any pics of the show, had to bail to handle my husB duties.  Go pick up the album at Borders, Ptype, WalMart, TooGruvz, and Itunes. Hollaloha.


Big ups to Rombus, he is the homie that runs the alumni show at KTUH 90.3fm.  He always gets at me to do a alumni show, and i love to do it.  For all those who are new to Lightsleepers, from 97-2001 ish i had a radio show called the LIGHTSLEEPERS show! the name was from Saafir the Saucy Nomad ill song by the same name.   I miss doing radio.  I miss playing dope underground Hip-Hop and voicing my opinion over the air.  While on the air i had a small revelation…

  1. we are not fighting against the mainstream music! and the radio dj’s are not full wack! they just doing their job!
  2. majority of Hip-Hop Heads over the age of 27 are lazy!  they listen to all the crap on the radio and settle for that being dope.  Also,  we/they keep screaming 90’s boombap and golden era!
  3. in 1997 the internet and downloading was underdeveloped! so underground Hip-Hop heads had to find music by word of mouth, tape trading, or magazines.
  4. alot of  the rap is so wack that, you think its dope. i.e. the pack, cool kids, you know the kicks wearing, loud shirt, bandana having, big shades, tight pants,  nursery rhymes spiting, 808 beats…Middle class &  rich kids rapping!
  5. BMX bikes, don’t get me wrong if i get the money i am copping the KicksHawaii but when did BMX get all popular?  So is skateboarding not the cool sport?
  6. Serato, ok touchy but hear me out…unless you are traveling over seas and on tour Serato is dope! But, if you can load your car up with 2 crates of records and drive 1/2 hour to your gigs is serato really neccessary?  the death of vinyl is dealt by the hands that feed it…sad but DJs will kill Vinyl

Don’t get all nuts, this just my opinion.  Lets be friends like Dion Warwick, Elton John, and Stevie Wonder.














Doesn’t anybody else feel the same way i do? What the heck is VH-1 doing giving Honors to Hip-Hop? What props do you get if you say, “Yo, VH1 is honoring me for Hip-Hop”.  When did VH1 ever play a Tribe, MelleMel, or WildStyle? It fustrates me everytime i see the comercial then i watch it and find out that they have weak rappers doing covers of Classics!  Young Joc, BowWow, and Lupe to name a few rappers that have irritated me when they were rapping?


Missy Elliot, what the KUFF! What has she done for Hip-Hop that Pete Rock and CL Smooth, Brand Nubian, or Freestyle Fellowship did!  Timbaland made Missy.  Dang i could go on and on, yah she sold Platinum, but when i hear her music it doesnt make me buggout like “Reminse over, One for all, or Hot Potato”


Seriously people, if you haven’t said what the heck, then you aint no Hip-Hop Head!  Here is a list of people that deserve a Honor, but not from VH(not 1).  Pete Rock & CL Smooth, DeLaSoul, DITC, Freestylefellowship, Brand Nubian, Nas, LONS, Naughty by Nature, Jungle Brothers, Cypress Hill, i know i am missing alot of peeps, but you catch my drift!


WAIT!  ISP – Invisible Skratch Pickels, Q-Bert, Mixmastermike, Apollo, Shortkut. HONOR THEM VH-0!!!!