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Monthly Archives: August 2008

4 cops 1 intersection at 5:00pm, right at the peak of traffic!  WTF!  serious, Delve and 720 gets boosted and my old car got robbed like 5 times.  Kids smoking weed at the skate park.  Dang, do something worth it!  4 cops standing at 2 intersections waiting for anyone getting caught in the Yellow light.  As they stopped cars right at the intersection, it caused a back up and the intersection to get clogged!  Super wack!  i had to take a picture of this Sgt.  he stood their directing the lackeys to pull over this car and that car….dang fight crime, not people driving home from work!


“So much props…so tech!” is the exact words that fell out of my mouth when seeing this fit!  Gotta give it up to Ola and Cuzzo for upping the game!  I was just going on on of my rants about all the super ugly crap out there and BOOM SHAKA, Fitted drops a breath of fresh Makani!  The only sad thing is i don’t have no money to cop this one, sorry Ola and Cuz…atleast the word is out on one more blog. 

If you got the chedda to mince this beauty then do it, da bugga is No ka ‘Oi!  Whewwwwwww!  Go Bows (i taking the spread)

Never knew the kid, but the times i went to SF, he was ups!  Big ups to Lofa for the shirt!  Mad inspiring.

Big ups to Mercy 1 of ReDefine Design they got the Love of the Lord to Hook us up this LS Drippers!

Blam Boom Booyah!

Good guys, support those that support you.  They got the deals people!

And another one. We keep picking up steam with these. Yall it is really select as in audience, you either gotta love beats or thats one of your homies up there. If not your probably one of the haters that say, “what is that weird dude doing dancing in front of his computer?” Whatevs, 100+ peeps Huge Mahalos to ever1 that supported and EASY MUSIC CENTER.

Head count, over 100+ Mahalo Nui Loa to all the Kanakas!

TKO – JDoe – EK – Shaun Castro

The finals, the HAP vs. TKO!  Don’t ask what kind of machine the HAP was rocking never seen it before, but i would be worried if he was ready for this battle he had some beats that KNOCK!  Big ups to the HAP and GOTTHOS.

Phillipe Anthony with the MPD-24!

The Stan, the Man, Studderin Stan!  I smell finals for this cat he love his craft!

Homie Maleko (LA2theBay,Yaddaaloha,Blockrockers) and Optimus Rhymes (JKC, Blockrockers) in the place to be!  These cats amongst others who laid it down for 90’s -2000’s Bay Area Independent Hip-Hop!

Westbrook & Let T Let!  Slapp Symph!  The got the banger Mang!

Remember it hear first!  They came virtually out of nowhere when they showed up at Trip the LIght back at Studio1!  Came with that Heat!  I predict huge things for the fam!  Blessings.

If you didn’t already know, Little Brother came thru. Big ups to Digs for the dope show and Myspace for the freebeez! The place was packed and hot as Funkah! Word has it that the Loft (big ups) got the sushi bar and licker? licencse. Event?

Word to Big Pooh and Phonte, doe 9th is no longer with yall – LB rocks on!

Maxed out 3 – 4 hundo, felt like it the place was nuttso!

Neila, what what!~ seriously the Queen of Hawaii HIp-hop, been putting out Music for over 10 years. Cop that Mystery Machine with Jus1o or Vertical trees with leaves?

Big ups to Lofa, if i gotta explain why, den you suck…LS – PFOM – ATL.

Thursday was like a friday, cuz friday was Admissions day.  A kind of sad holiday cuz thats when we were no longer independent Nation, but acheived statehood.  Word.  Buts got a ill package in the mail…Twelve Bar Ninjas!  Homie John holdin’ it down for the Hawaiians in Los Angels!  His designs are penetrating the thick of crap out there and shinning a light for clean and timeless design.

I love fits, Twelve got this ill fit that is clean in the front and mad tech in the back.  “Its All Love.”  Got love a clean print that can rock a few colors with out being all Hyphy.

Black and Bold!

Free dem people, i just noticed the chichi balls hanging, nice work!

Had a show that night so i decided to rock the shirt with Expos fit (RIP Montreal Expos).  Peep Dj Liger in the back, he is a scratch dj with touretts!

Shaun Castro, always comes with the freshenss.  Probably, one of the only artists that have deep world changing meaning with each painting.

Eukarest,  how do you think then paint concepts such as this? Wow!

Elephant Armada + Abba Transalation + Kavet the catalyst = El Abbalyst!  The new Album dropping this winter!

Spocked out Made in Hawaii festival.  All Hawaii made goods ready for Christmas.

Keep KAMEHAMEHA for the Hawaiians, seriously if you not Hawaiian don’t try, there is a school for you called Punahou.  That one kids fam got 7 million and F’ed it up buy telling people.  Now KSBE is suing their ass for breach of contract…heck yah!  Why is it only HAOLES trying to get in?  Socially, there is way more opportunity for Cock-casians then Hawaiians or Minorities.   If  there was a all Afro-American school or Hispanic, or Japanese…cool mang, that would be dope.  You would never find a only white school cuz their athletics would suck and everyone is all Kapakahi now, poi dog style.  Hawaiian – Filipino – Okinawan – German!

Uncle Morris Nakamura got mucho skills! All his paintings is done with this mouth.  So the next time we get lazy and argue about life, check yo self…Uncle is killing the paintings.

Christina, owner of Exclusive and the founder of I-Kandy.  If i owned I-Kandy i would blow it up so hard with the titas and mokes, make mad loot and then sell it to some Japanese investor for a couple Millie!  That’s me big up to Christina.

Drive by shot of one of my favorites late night spots to eat. Zippys got nothing on Miki’s!

Phallic Mams one of the artists at Lady Killers! Prolifik, Atypicalliving, Exclusive, & Lightsleepers

I remember when Kaneohe skate park just opened and the influx of new and fresh skaters made me feel young again. A lot of those skaters have grown up and still lurk at the park, only a handfull actually still skate and kill it none the less; Matt Chaffin and Mike Granillo! Those are the names that come to mind. I do remember Jason Park and his homies being at the park everyday, never knew that this kid was going to be as good as he is. Yah, not everyone can be buttery smooth like PJ Ladd, but dang this kid has FUN on his board and is always super positive. Someone sponsor Jason Park.