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Been all about Skateboarding and Hip-Hop all my life.  Those have been with me since elementary.  As well as the beach, bodyboarding, longboarding, and playing sports: basketball and football being the chosen.  Somehow through time Skateboarding and Hip-hop became the tastemakers in this classification called, “Streetwear”.  What that exactly mean who knows, cause whatever you wear when you mobbing in the streets or if you came up in the streets is, Streetwear. 

Fast forward to a time when i was some what a buyer at a shop in Hawaii and because we were new to the mix, we got the “snobbery” from brands like Diamond, Mighty Healthy, etc all because we were “to close, with in a 10 mile range” NINJA PLEASE! Ok i think we were like 9.2 miles from the other retailer but give me a break, we were moving more units and a threat.  I love being a threat! But one day we get a call that they cannot sell to us anymore because of that reason of “to close”. 

Fast Forward more, i peaced out that business…honestly my passion didn’t match up with the other owners and my goals were out the box.  So, the economy started sucking and all those brands came back hitting up all the business they onced snobbed! So weak. 

Thats just one story i got of snobbery. I got choke.  All good cause it is what it is and respect and integrity always reigns supreme. Hahah, supreme…don’t get me started.



I recently copped the Will Sessions album where he recreates “Illmatic” by Nas, but he does it by using all live instruments.  Overall, really dope and the vibe is ill, the kind of album you can put on the table and let it play out.  Got me thinking about the OG Illmatic, and how The Large Professor doesn’t get his just due and props for that album!  Tracks like, “Halftime”, “One Time for your Mind”, and “It aint hard to tell” are classics and forever historic.  Check out Large Professor at his site: Nuff respect due!

Ima geek out on this hard. I actually would of flown up to Cali for this showing if i had a way to get in. So many Legends! I hope Hiff or Huff bring this to Hawaii! Please. Skate & Destroy!

I’ve been watching How to Make it in America from Jump, really dig the characters of  Ben & Cam and even Domingo (kid cudi) i actually like his acting…it grows on you.  The season one made more sense and felt like a real t-shirt hustle.  I can imagine that in the Big Apple it might be easier to get ups if you know the right peoples, but at the same time it might make it that much harder cuz of all the brands.  Overall season 1 was niceness. Enter season 2 and the story line seems to jump like 1000 steps, from them going to Japan, then coming back to NYC and trying to fulfill and order of thousands for an on-line retailer.  What sucks is that the designs of their brand Crisp, is not that dope its cool but i guess i need to remember that its a tv show.  Maybe they asked Jeff Staple to do the designing, cuz according to him he said that he doesn’t regret any of his designs or projects?  Wait, so your saying that Airwalk x Payless was dope?  That was fail.  Almost like he did that job as a take the money and run.  Airwalk is so Iconic that you could of remade the Enigma’s or 540’s.  Anyway.  The new season is kind of rushed and honestly not that great.  The highlights are Rasta Monsta, Rene, Wilfredo, and Kappo.  Wheres Gingy?  tba.

Blogging on my free iPod touch I won from fun factory? Crazy. Spent $30 cutting strings=$190 ipod touch.

I love Hawaii Basketball, been a fan since Chris Gaines, Troy Bowe, Phil Handy, Trevor Ruffin, Savo, Maroney, AC, and on and on. Its been really disappointing how the season has turned out. But lets take it back a few. First they shouldn’t have “let go” Riley Wallace, the UH uppers couldn’t handle his bluntness and opinion on how the school & athletic department was runned. His flex offensive sometimes killed me but he knew how to get his player to work together and buy into his system. They should of let him step down when he was ready.

Soul when down! They rocked it, i hate to beat a dead horse, but i wished they did more old stuff.  I love the new stuff and i got the wax but was dissapointed by the lack of tracks from “93 Til” and “3rd eye” .  Watching Souls gave me a revelation about the Visionaries, yup, but that for a later post…

I’m digging the outside of the fresh cafe! It reminds of events i been to in the mainland – the projector, the blocked off area, and kind of in the cut. Can’t wait for BR Bodgea & Finals! sweet!

A few Hundo people there great to see a good Hip-Hop event, props to Good Life, FatLace, Illest, Hella Flushed, Digs, and all the sponsors, mahalo.

Souls got us all Souled out! After dark its ripping season, after dark i wish they did this song, i would of bugged out and i know Fybes would of too…


Congrats to UH for its first win in 55 days.  They handled Utah St. like Syd Vicious murked Heartless.  The attendance was 25,800 or so.  For those who think that is great, it is pitiful.  The stadium looked spotty and empty.  Sad for a homecoming.  Whos to blame?  Fair weather fans and all the bandwagoneers decided to go back to their loser lifes.  What happened to all the Colt Jockers and June Strap riders. Did you see the uniforms, sweet, i am glad we did something different from June Jones, screw black, take it back to the Glory days.   Anyway i got a list of things UH could do to pack the stands.

  • Give free tickets to the students:  The student sections was pitiful.  What was there a dorm party that was more important.  UH needs to change the culture and that means not only the Football team but with the students.  If $5 a ticket for students aint enuff, then don’t blame the students, blame the Admin & Student Activites or sum ish.
  • Hawaii’s biggest fans are your GRANDPARENTS:  If you look in the stands majority of the people, the regulars, the season ticket holders are 2x or 3x the age of a student.  Last week at the Boise game i sat smack dab in the middle of a scene out of the move “Cocoon”.  Everyone was rocking headphones, wore UH Rainbows apparel and never made a single sound, only when they mumbled to them selves about how terrible a play was.
  • Have a lot more promos during peak hours of school:  When i was going to UH, it seemed that the school didn’t care about the Oceanic Cable Rule?  “School Spirit and Personal Pride”  UH has .000023% school spirit.  Promoting the game was not a priority.  Giveaways like free tickets, food, and have bands play through out the the week.  Have a contest that the biggest fan gets a free Semester of school.  Do something! (i could be totally wrong on this one maybe UH is doing some of these things, but i seriously doubt it)
  • Work with FM radio stations to promote the games:  Its great to hear Bobby Current give away tickets on the AM station, and who does he give it away to? Guess? Old people that could be out Grandparents. Why not hit up FM and promote on those channels.
  • Make use of past UH Greats:  Ashley Leile, Colt B, Ulbrich, David Maeva, Mike Tressler, Timmy Chang (the old people love him, i for one thought he was over rated, but i support the local braddahs), Tony Pangkee, John Veneri, Shawn Ching, brah, get all these guys and make a commerical, radio spots, public appearances.  Get at the homie Derrick Branch.  Use the past so we can get some future going.

I got a zillons more but i hate to bore you.  GO BOWS!


    Beatroot was the jam. One thing about BR is that it is really not about the battle.  The battle format is just there for us humans to fit into a structure, and that structure is the battle format.  Why not just have have a “come to EMC and play beats” night?  Would other producers and people that really dig Music come to a night like that, i don’t think so, well if i spin it right it could work? I usually explain to every producer that enters that its as much bout the battle as it is about the fellowship, the brain picking, the studying and learning of the beats.  That is why i encourage producers to bring out their Machines, and not play a CD and dance around like a ‘Big Tune’.  I want all the producers to geek out if someone is using the same machine or if some one actually brings out their Triton.  It saddens me when producers don’t try to make it out to BR, only because it is made for the Producers. Actually, the MC’s should come out in loads so they can meet up with new producers. Plus, its FREE! Oh well, we do it cuz we love it, i just hope the people that need BR actually come out before it runs it course, DON’T SLEEP.

    As you might know or not, Beatroot 3 of 6 qualifier got moved to next week.  There was a mix up in scheduling.  All good. So we decided to set up shop outside of Easy Music and give away free CDs, stickers, & pepsi to anyone that never got the myspace, twitter, facebook, or text.  A good 20 or so people came by to chop it up and get their freebies.  Good things that came out of a disappointing evening – 1 we got to sign up a new producer, 2 – got to chop it up with new LS family, and 3 – we actually sold a few CDs.  I got a good feeling that next week BR will be major!


    Blue Scholars are in Hawaii as we speak.  They will be touring all the islands promoting their OOOF CD.  We decided to make them a thank you gift in return for the shout out they have on their track “HI-808”.


    So we took the lyrics from that song and scribed it on a shirt!  It took  a little brainstorming on how we were going to present it.  At first i tried to make an original font and just blast it on the front.  The fonts came out cool, but it was missing that  UGGHH factor.  So i went back to the stock fonts and decided to use a school house font,  i rarely see anyone use this font, it popped off well…


    The lines create a horizontal flow and the added tag of which ever crew just drops the flavor on the shirt.  I don’t think we will be releasing this shirt unless the demand is huge, but right now just Blue Schol and a few LS heads got the shirt.  Also, the Blue Schols are getting the LS logo on the front and a BS logo hit on the back.  While the LS heads are getting the BS tag on the front and the LS tag on the back. Anyway, i hope they dig the shirt. peace.