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Monthly Archives: April 2010


“The Stacks is Terry’s latest signature shoe, offering a low-top alternative to the Society. Two initial colorways will be releasing at Supra dealers this May – Black Action Canvas and Grey Suede Canvas – both featuring a combination of premium leather and high-grade canvas construction”

This is one sweet shoe. “Look at my chain, uggghghh”  I love how they work in the leather and canvas, two tough materials that will skate well.  I know i always knock the supras that look like Macho man Randy Savage’s wrestling boots, but i do it in good measure, that a few years from now you will say, “what the heck was i thinking, did i have a sprain ankle?”  “Look at my dames, ughghghghg!”

Lakai & Adidas, are my run of the mill but on occasion will cop fresh pair of kicks.  Gotta show TK some love!


Yo in  the past 2 days i have known a Kidnapper & Thief.  The common thread is they both smoke dat rock! Ice, Batu, the Clear.  Drugs suck!  Even more sad is i am finding out things that i had a gut feeling about, is true.   Majority of the people in the Downtown scene are rocking that white lady, e tarded, or iced out.  What makes some late 20 something better that the kid i knew who lost his mind and decided to play red riding hood?  Nothing, really.  My heart goes out to the kid in Waipahu who comes from a low income family, broken home, abusive parent(s), messed up siblings, and no way out.  On the other hand, over privileged, daddy money, “friends” that all take drugs, bored of life, and so many ways out.  Whatever reasons you have for taking drugs it will never explain the irresponsibility your are showing just being alive.

I just installed some new speakers in my ride! X to the Z would be proud.  Now when i cruz the streets of 94-Block they will know whos rolling hard down the street.  I got my DJ Magic Mike ready to feel da bass!

You gotta pick up any or all music produced by Maker! As much as Kanye and Common are the visual reps of Chicago, on the other hand the real roots of Chicago Hip-hop to me is Galapagos 4 – Qwel, Maker, Meaty Ogre, Qwaazar, Offwhite, Denizen Kane, Robust, & Meztizo, The Opus, Rubberroom, and the  Molemen.  Gritty, Dusty, with foundations of Drums  and progressive.  Big ups to i put in this order on Tues and got it on Friday! From Boston to Hawaii, Yes!

JC, no not Jesus Christ, but Johnny Cupcakes. I first heard about JC randomly zoning the web.  Later i realized that my homie Peekaboo Monster had done some art work for JC.  It hard to explain the respect and amazement i have for JC.  One, he started his own brand by making shirts while touring with his band.  Two, he had no big money thrown his way.  Three, he does what he loves.  Four, as much as the whole “streetwear” hype is goin’ down, JC is always just doing his own thing.

A list of  events and promotions he does is genius, but bottom line is he creates an experience for his customer that is unforgettable, fun, and inventive.  I strive to make my music, events, and clothing in the same vein of JC.  His most recent promo is that he is travelling all round the country on his “suitcase tour” he is using his music touring roots and going to the cities that been supporting him.  Genius. I wonder if it would be successful to bring JC to Hawaii.  Do a colab shirt with him and have it at another LS pop up shop.  Sounds like a great idea, but i would hope to break even, cuz plane tickets from Boston to Hawaii is expensive.  Big ups to Johnny Cupcakes, get a shirt, its that fresh.

Before the BR-8 it was the Tascam Porta One. Yes i rocked the Porta One. While others rocked a 424 or a 626. I had the OG i bought from my friend who was in a rock band. We recorded all of our old EC tracks and a bunch of solos…

As you may know or not, Sentric was back from Seattle for Beatroot and to chill with fam.  I got to link up with him and rip some beats from his MPC 2000xl to my good old trusty BR-8.  I really want to start recording on my computer using ProTools, but i cannot afford the interface right now.  So i busted out the BR-8 and realized i loved the simplicity of that machine.  I got 4 new beats that i plan to rock asap and add to my new album.  I will be rocking new tracks at the aceyalone show in June.  Let G -O.

I pulled my hamstring playing kick ball. Sucks to be older and not in shape. I look to Guy Mariano, Mike Carrol, Rodney Mullen, & Danny Way for inspiration. Its also crazy the amount of shows i’ve been either planning, rappin, or djing. When my radio show went off the air i seriously thought what now? Respect to all the peoples that put me on. I promise i will rip it everytime.

Pontus Alv, i don’t know to much about him. I know he rips and he got his own shoe. My homie Nate from LB put me on to this tube. Alv makes his own skate spot! Wow! Seeing this gets me inspired, i wanna skate…but my hammy got me down, for now. Oh and peace to my homie Zee, sick art and down for the LS since ktuh. Get at me peeps!

Todd G hit me up wanted me to drop on one of his new beats.  He sent me the beat a week or so before beatroot.  Then Omega Cix told me he was finish with his verse and that FAME and Kilowatts the Mongoose also finished their verses as well. DAMN! Fame, Jamal, and O6, crazy and i gotta drop the final bars.  So i just chopped it up one night and went in there and dropped it in a few takes.  It feels good to record.  I love my analog 4 & 8 tracks but DANG i need me some pro-tools it would be that much easier to make beats on the dusty & grime and drop the clean vocals. I figure i post up my 8 bars of goodness for yall.

Torn speaker / lightsleeper / savage, rumble, ravage

okinawin tekko sharpen aimed to lacerate your cabbage

classify current mcees as dead weight, extra baggage

five point, fingers fist, impossible to manage

damage more than 1.21 gigawatts from killawatts

we make it hot, connect the dots, disciphering ink blots

i omega less hex lessen complex text

bless to famous,  the rest shall remain nameless…

Not the most complex or punchline heavy, but i try to style it with coded structure. Cool. Check for Todd Gs group project album dropping this year.

Fresh Cafe is a dope spot for an event.  I wish that one wack neighbor would stop calling the cops about sound violations, cuz we need to bump the music.  Tiff and Dae are the youngest owners of a venue of i’ve ever worked with and its kind of refreshing not being able to convince someone that what i do is not gangster related and doesn’t attract violence.

Easy M came thru with the dope sound system.  Jerico the sound guy could of cranked it up but the popo and liquor commission steak out this place like there are free pupu at 9.

Lofa & Sentric with Devious in the back.  I guess people been catching the hint about pushing buttons.  If you studied the past the previous winners all rocked MPC’s.  Who want to see a guitar played from a keyboard, who want to see a dj spin off a computer (hahaLoL), and who wants to see a grown man dance in back of his laptop…for 8 rounds?

Incase, is a blessing.  Thanks to Well & Tiff, oh and Kamehameha.  Its hard to get any sponsors now days, but brother man Moses hooks it up!

The sign says it all, EMC.  Thanks again to Laels for introducing me to Peter the owner of EMC.  He will match any internet prices, let em know that you came to Beatroot.

Philippe Anthony is ill.  Bottom line dopeage! He can kill with the brush and he got some fresh handstyle.  Also a plus is he know his West Coast Underground Hip-Hop, that means Fellowship, Blowed, etc.  Check him out his weekend at Split Obsession in Ala Moana from 5 to 8pm. 

God works in great ways.  On one side of the spectrum we got Sentric a beast on the MP and boom bap based.  On the other side, we got Joe Gosalvez a.k.a. Vessen.  Homie moved here a few years ago with his Moms, which teaches at UH Manoa, and found out about beatroot.  He became friends with Sir Slouch and Observ, meetin them at BR.  Observ, found out he lives in Waipahu a few minutes from me and Observ.  We get to choppin’ it up and now he crew.  I love that he comes with a fresh persepctive on music and interpretation.  His mix of dusty and digital is progressive but don’t leave you confused.

Hah, TKO got this message right before the first round of BR.  Added to the fact that TKO is a threat on the mic and beats, he got 124 other reasons.

Look at me dancing. You need to get down. Its like rappers that stand still!  If you don’t feel your beat then how are we.  Chris I. and Ely done deed it.

Kayfade is on the come up.  I hope he enters next season he got some beats.  Just control your fade, kay.

Chris I. he was living in Hawaii for a few years and couldn’t find any Hip-hop he could get down with.  Then one day he was shopping at Waikele and heard some dope Hip-Hop on the speakers.  He asked one of the workers and that worker told him about Lightsleepers and the BR.  Whoever that worker in Waikele is come see me i want to give you your props.

One half of Slapp Symphony – Westbrook. I like to say thank you for allowing me to rep on Hi-survaillence.  Look for up coming projects from the Slapp.

Chastise, got off the plane and found out about BR, seriously.  He entered his first battle in 2008 as a last minute entree.  He got some heat, its only in due time he will be in the next finals.  Homie been making moves as well, at HCC he is the Music Club President.  You thinking, big deal right?  Yes it is, when HCC is installing a gazillion dollar studio and he has full access to it.

303 son! Push Buttons not dope! A discontinued beat machine ala Madlib and Doom.

This is the man, SirSlouch braddah Keoki from Nalo. He has been supporting forever.  If there is a show he will be there.  If there is a new CD or wax he will cop it.  Good People like this make Hawaii, Hawaii Hip-hop go around.