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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Love this show, Turtle Man is the truth. Simple and very much different.  He catches critters down south with his bare hands.  His demeanor and mannerisms combined with his famous call, “YEEEEYEEHHHEEE, LIVE ACTION” makes this a must see show.    The show has so many moments where things should go wrong but for some reason it always turns for the better.  What is really classic is that his band of brothers that helps him looks like a ragtag bunch who don’t know nuthing about catching animals.  All this makes for great TV.  A new batch of episode will be dropping this June.  Don’t Sleep on the turtle man.


If you checked out the front of LS you seen i posted the track i did for the “rap with Factor” contest.  To some extent i think if i tried hard and pulled some strings i think i could of actually gotten a Factor beat without doing a contest.  Joe Dub has worked with Factor and he is on Ceschi record label, Fake Four.  But what fun would that be.  Still, this wouldn’t have happened if the beat wasn’t dope.  I remember when i saw the post and was like let me listen to this beat.  The beat dropped and i wrote and recorded it in a few days, how do you say, i was feeling it.  Well it all comes down to what the judges, who i have no idea are, decide wins. Win or lose i hope i can still use this song for live sets.  Thank Factor G.

When i heard the news that Adam Yauch aka MCA passed away i was shocked and disappointed i didn’t get to see the Beastie Boys one more time.  My first time seeing them perform was a Turtle Bay on the North Shore. I forgot who was the opening acts but i remember chilling in the back until the Beasties were about to go on. By that time it has gotten dark and we made our way to the front, but nature called and i had to go.  Not wanting to lose my place in the crowd, wait in line, then fight my way back to where my homie were. I devised a plan.  I told my one friend, Jason, since he has No Fear and had an innate quality of moving people to get ready to make space.  By that time it was dark and the Beasties were about to take the stage so as Jason started pushing people to make a good 3 feet of space, i whipped it out and relieved my delf!  It was perfect timing cause the Beastie started hyping up the crowd, the lights were off, and once they took the stage hundreds of people already trampled over my “waste”.  So in true Beastie Boys fashion i would like to say thank you to MCA, Mike D, and AdRock for a great and memorable concert.  LIVICATED to MCA.