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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Who remembers when Slug, Eyedea, and Abilities performed at Big City Diner?  That was the best Atmosphere show ever.  Big ups Viso.  How times have changed?  Now, i heard Ase Rock is coming thru i hope BAMP makes their money, but at the same time Ase has been the one artist that has kept it consistent!  His beats and rhymes are still some of the most intricate and coded to date.  So i hope that its not that crowded because i really want to be in the front of this one!

This youtube clip he breaks it down!  “Has anyone been a Aesop Rock fan longer than 6months?”


BR went down the 5th of 6th qualifier.  I honestly didn’t know what to think since majority of the producers were virtually unknown.


A tight crowd of about 100 came thru.  Once again big ups to Easy Music Center for the spot!


Opposite had some bangers.  Most of them were made the night before.  The round that he lost to Kazu i actually thought he won.  But good thing Kazu went on to win that whole thang.


Props to Tassho for hooking us up with B-Money from St. Louis now a resident of Kalihi!  He played a few joints he has been working on or shopped around.


This is the only pic i got of KAZU.  The battle between him and Devious was nice.  It was good to see new names as well as vets.  Beatroot 6 of 6, Dec 18th, Save the date!~

UH basketball is in full swing…went to the first regular season game!  SFU.  We were supposed to win that one but to many turnovers and not aggressive on the boards.  Young team, they have no seniors.


But they got talent.  Coming out of the splinters Adams a forward with just one year of High School experience was the most impressive.  Flemmings, the herald savior and what some say is a “Better Ant Carter” we will see.  One prob i got is Parkalagalaofaf, whatever his name is?  That kid is sloppy, but plays hard so i guess there is a trade off.  Go Bows!

Phillip at the Prolifik Lab.



Aritsts, Beatmaker, all around good guy.

Got love this song.  We gotta support the grass roots, the indy, the Mom and Pops.  I guess we can translate that across the board.  Buy your favorite artists CD, pay for the download, or even better buy the vinyl.  Support local produce.  Local shops.  If you want more on the Grouch, i did a small write up in the new Contrast Magazine dropping any time now.  Check us out at the LS pop-up store for a copy.


I called it! When they got down to 18 i told my bro that the kid Peter Eastgate was going to win it all! Sure enough he killed the comp. 9 millie! Also he is the youngest to ever win the WSOP Main Event. The kid they nicknamed Icegate obviously outplayed and kept it fresh to catch some unbelievable flops.

Good to see Mega B up on the music tip. Can’t wait for the full length, did it come out yet?  If it did im a cop one!  All we need after this is a OmegaCix solo album!  I really don’t think thats asking to much, i believe the Hip-Hop community is over do a Sixer Solo!  Go MegaB!  Go Cix!


Kenta from Siq records sent me this flyer. Nice eh! Honestly i hope Slug does everything from “Overcast”, “Lucy Ford”, “Sad Clow Bad Dub 2”, and all the “Headshots”.



Remember Duck Hunt?  Remember Babu? How can you not remember his Gangstarr -“the planet” juggle in the 1995 DMC Championships. WATCH NOW!

Classic i thought he should of at least placed.  Anyway his new album came out and Tassho did this ill colab shirt for it (yo sho save me a black one) also Nature Sounds is releasing the album, dope.  Respect to Babs, Sho, FTB, and Nature Sounds.