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Monthly Archives: September 2011

When i was a kid growing up i loved skateboarding.  I was a weird one. I would play Pop Warner & organized supports, but i always thought about getting back on my board.  Skateboarding was life, and Danny Way & the H-Street videos, style, and influence helped shaped me today.  B4 there was a Ryan Sheckler, Nyjah Houston, or Chaz Ortiz…there was D-Way.  His video parts in “Shackle Me Not”, “Hokus Pokus”, and “this is not the new  H-street video” were classics.  Murdered the mini ramps, spines, hips, vert, & street. Now, D-Way has put him self in a class that no other skateboarder can touch, legendary status, i mean who else jumps over the Great Wall of China?  He innovated and basically created the Mega Ramp and the only other skater that can touch him is Bob Burnquist.   So when the opportunity came to take a photo with Mr. Way, my Son, & I, it was a no brainer. I hope my son can look back on this and be as stoked as i was. Legendary Status.


Time has passed when i was completely engulfed with making beats, writing rhymes, and recording.  Its not that i wouldn’t love to go back to the days when i would break out the Gemini sampler, chop, loop, drop it on the Porta-One 4 track, write, record, and then listen.  The game done changed and you can’t just release a CD-R, well you can, but for myself its a no go.  My next release has to be a legit CD and on wax, i need to up the level.  I still feel that a “mixtape” in todays definition is a garbage and a waste of rhyme.  Why would you write to a popular beat, record it, press it up on a CD, and promote it like its original? Go Figure, kids is lazy and trying to get FAMOUS, QUICK!  I hear a million excuses, “i don’t got beats” or “i don’t know any producers” or “its a promo, wait til you hear my album”. Get outta here!  Making music is you and your one homie that makes suck ass beats doing tracks.  If you keep making tracks both of you will get better, if not, quit.  And its not like you are using a 5 second sampler, any kid with a PC can make beats, sample MP3, jack digital drums, beat making has become almost idiot proof, ALMOST!  Any way i could go on and on.  Back to the top, people must like my music, why i say that, because i still am getting asked to drop a verse.  Still given beats, and dope beats in fact.  And i am still finishing up my new album for this year.  Just when i thought wifee, 2 kids, a mortgage, and grown man grizzly got me on lock, i am blessed, yes blessed to be able to still be making music that people like. Thank you.

Its always great to see the homies, people you grew up with in Hip-Hop and life, rip the mic.  Even if i wasn’t friends with O6, Timer, Quiet, Fame, & Bumble Bee, i would be a fan of their music. As i stood in the crowd and watch each one take turns at rippin’ the mic it made me feel good about the state of Hip-Hop.  I can say humbly that we don’t do the typical brand of Hip-Hop nowadays, and i really do miss the “Hip-Hop Hand” the “Hand of Chopping”.  I actually had my hand up not for O6 choppin’ but for Timers chop, go figure, o6 is usually the one double timing. Super inspired i left and spent more time on my new sampler, hoping to incorporate that into the new set. Hip-Hop Hand Yall.