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Monthly Archives: December 2009

I print majority of my shirt through Prolifik Projects in McCully.  Micah is the homie and he is passionate about what he is blessed with.  Make sure you support Prolifik and go down there and buy a shirt, they got some past LS designs.  All proceeds goes to helping him keep his business.  Mahalo to all the supporters.

My homie Spel One! Super talented artists and down right fun to talk story with has finally found a home for his unreal skills.  He has been nomadic for the past couple years lending his talents to many companies.  Through it all he hook up with the ScorpInk / Visual Dynasty fam.  Here is some shots of their super legit new hale.

I don’t think any of them is Jamaican, but you could fool me by the amount of screens they got stacked.  (in a Living Color Jamaican voice) “I got fifteen Job man!”

Color you want colors.  I love to see paint and the smudges and stuff make me visual happy.  What color you want? The got it! They even let me in on some secret colors, i mean what heck kind of mushrooms did they drop.

T-shirt dryer by day and Pizza baker by night!  I never knew they made ’em that big!  (Thats what she said) Hah!  We should tell those fools from Jersey Shores that if they want a tan lie down on this bad boy!

Automatic – systematic – grease lighting, Nope! but a automatic printer.  Wow. I didn’t take a picture of the manual one on the side.  They keep it traditional with the OG shirt printer.

Props to Blase, Norman, Eric, and Spel.  Good peeps doing good things.  If you wanna go big or small, let me know i got good people to help you out with your shirt printing needs.  Big ups Prolifik, ScorpInk/Visual Dynasty, and Xpress Tees (homie Luan is og with the LS).


Respect to Vitor Belfort. My only claim to MMA is all my old UFC VHS tapes, i’m talking UFC 1, 2, 3, and that half of my friends actually train.  From writers, to mcs, mokes, skaters, average business guy at church, crazy, but dope.  Their are alot of fighters that i want to use on the Beat Root flyers but i wanted to save, Andrei Arlovski for the Grand Finale of Beatroot in March 2010.  What you think?  My reason is this, since Vampires are the “it” thing  we make a flyer with him showing his fangs. Just mulling over how we can design the flyer.  I might ask all the qualifiers to pose and make a mock MMA flyer, i think thats the route i will take, any ideas?

Aint nobody hustle like Aaron – Honozooloo.  At Deck the Halls he had some circular light ring strapped on to his camera.


Wake up!

I’m so Happy.  Mahalo

Hawaii we got traffic. Yes, not as bad as LA traffic which i experienced for a whole summer.  As my butt was cramping up i decided to catch up on some reading and other things you are not supposed to do in traffic.

Pulled out last months issue of Wax Poetics and finish reading the articles i missed. Livicated to MJ!  I was so bored i decided to pull out the In4 x Vans shoe i just copped, mahalo to In4 – Zen and the gang for the hooks.  I actually laced up both shoes while my car was moving 5mph.  Kept it steezy like i have been doing it since i was in middle school – flat laces and knot on the top.

This is my yard. Does any one know of any good yard services that are cheap?  If so get at me.  Merry Christmas.

Del breaks it down on his involvement with the Plan B videos of the past as well as the music industry, Hiero logo, and Deltron.  Alot of skaters started diggin’ on Hiero from the old skate video, i was the opposite was coppin’ dem 12″ singles of Del and Soul first.  When the skate videos came out i realized the i wasn’t the only skater that listened to Hip-Hop.  Respect the homosapien.

The homie Jus1o came to town with M4.  I remember back when me and Oliver used to spin at Ninja House after hours.  Jus just started spinning, he didn’t even own his own set of headphones.  Whats crazy is he went from 3 to 10 within a few years.  He is a real student of the music, the drums, the funk, and the beat.  He had a head start on alot of dj’s cause he was already diggin for beats to chop and rhyme over for years so the foundation was there.  Now, he puts me on to a gang of breaks and i consider him one of the best.  Best not only in Hawaii but doing it world wide.  Everytime he spins its education for alot of us dj’s.  I think i got him on the newer B-boy breaks, dem 90’s to now joints, haha!  If you see ’em say what up and chop it up with him and ask to buy his mixtape!

This is Kilowatts the Mongoose or just plain Jamal.  But there is nothing plain about Jamal! By far tops in the list of MC’s from Hawaii, right next to my homie OmegaCix.  One day i was at Sandy Beach gettin in a early morning session and who do i see, Jamal.  Also, without fail i could be cruising around town and out of nowhere, BOOM! JAMAL is there and he knows everyone!  Jamal is a culitvator of positive vibes and a inspiration to the youth.  He is never negative and always uplifting.  We gotta bottle him up and getting him to do a solo album, i know it will be mind blowing.  God bless brother Jamal!