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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Temper T has been living up in Spokane since Graduating from Whitworth. He’s been handling the NorthWest Lightsleepers operations and spearheaded many of the tours. Always a blast when he comes home for the holidays. This time he came home to get hitched! Yall know what happens before a Wedding…Batchelor PARTAYYYY! Christian strippers! Yes! What yall never heard of Christian Strippers? Instead of taking clothes off, they start naked and put clothes on…what you think? Nah joke.


Started the night off at Uncle Bo’s! and guest what we ended the night at Uncle Bo’s. The plan was to hit up at least 7 spots that night. Let put it this way, the night started off with a blast and ended in a few Blasts! Cheehoo! Big up selctah! fun.


You ever notice if you take a picture in sepia, black and white, or some funky setting, the photo becomes all pro-fess! Why hire a photo tog when you got KTC and hisnikon – cool pic. Neva mind dat. The wedding was beautiful and a blessed day. Super small and intimate and all tropical. Congratulations to Tyler and Alie! Salud, Mabuhay, Banzai, & Cheehoo!  Here is some pics from this blessd wedding.


I was telling Wade that the pastor looks like Adeem! Sweet!


Kris Kanoho, one part of One Groove. He provided the classic guitar for the wedding.  Super stylee.  Check out One Grooves new CD!  Should be dropping anytime soon, better than Rebel Souljahs and Kawao!  Chee dogsters!


This is my “i can do the same with my $150 camera shot”  Perfecto!


Last Saturday i survived this…ELMO and crew.  Yes, let it begin.  I believe i will be going to more of these in the future.


Honestly i don’t mind Elmo, i did mind the only human on stage.  The haole chick on the right had a fake guitar and would sing more than the muppets.  I love me some muppets, but i don’ t love me some humans coppin’ in on the muppets stage.  I guess they put a human up there just so kid can figure that its not all imaginary if a human is up there asking you rhetorical questions, like “wheres elmo?” when the dumbest kid knows he is right next to you.


Sunday was Go Skateboarding Day.  Also, it was Fathers Day!  Thanks skate organizers for the great scheduling.  I had to go to a Lunch and Dinner.  All i wanted to do was skate.  Big up to the Wifee for suggesting that i take Koltrane skating.  I would love to say that he will be like Sheckler, but Sheck is to soft and posterized for me.  What would be dope if Koltrane was more P-rod! Awww yeah, crap i would rock SB’s and Diamond shirts all day, but i wouldn’t ride Plan B, sorry Kol i gotta stick with the Chocolate!  Great Day. God Bless the Kids & Let the Kids Play!

Did you see that Nollie heel 360! Whoa! This has to be one of the best BC’s.  I don’t know how Girl/Chocolate, Lakai, and Matix does it, they got the cream of the crop in skaters!  As much i would love to blast Frosty on his moved to Nikey, we all know he went to get that money….zzzz, wack.  Lets focus on a skaters that are just murdering it!  Beez got the steez, lands bolts, and hella tech with out sketch!


Guess who’s old spot this is?  It was a shop that was core – skateboarding and fresh wears.  Simple and respectable. Humble beginnings.  They moved on to bigger and better things, like Tokidoki, Kid Robot, Kallusive, and Foreign Family, making sure we know that “Success is the Greatest Revenge”.  Stoked for the boys at Prototype, they be running Pearlridge.  Go check em out Uptown next to that burrito spot and before Price Busters.

Sindication, moved on in and did a Home Make over with this place. Check the Chandelier and the Woes paintings.  Mike Malone and his Girlfriend own this joint and doing a good job at holding down the Windward Side.  The also exclusively sell Defend Hawaii!  I’m down for the Windwards side like 10 feet.  Big ups to Vance, Mike G, Vince, Ryan Lau, all the skaters and Kaneohe skatepark.

Lets play. I got my Sk8 dice in and down to put up some loot like Steve Berra minus the Scientology cuz thats straight kookoo! If i can skate this sunday, which is Go Skateboarding day! i got the dollars lets play!


Last minute, Observ & Joe Ghost and I went to the Zoo York Premo sponsored by In4.  Really mellow and really core.  I love the NYC vibe of videos super raw street and a solid Hip-Hop soundtrack.  I was diggin Forrest Kirby part.  Respect.


So remember a few years ago we released an Optimus Prime shirt and a Sound Wave that was purps on black.  Well after constant requests we re-released the Soundwave in a Blaster Blue color way.


I really hope the movie is this fresh. Haha!


I was asked to be on a General Hip-Hop panel along with Prime, Estria, Ellay Khule, and Crazy Legs!  I honestly never wanted to be on that panel, not with Crazy Legs, Legs could do his own Q & A, what the heck was i doing up there.  The selection was great! All OGs! I don’t know if people are ready to hear what i gotta say.  I know that there is a community of supporters of what i believe is Hip-Hop, but does the general public wanna hear it?

Its friday and i wish i had some of this!  Blazing Steaks is making a killing at cheap plates. But nothing beats a home made Steak and Shirmp.


Brah, we go grind cuz!  BYOB. I no drink so spock me one pepsi or dews!   Outside above my grill is my lonely longboard!

I shaped this bad boy back when i was in college.  The routine was go school, eat lunch, cut last class(sometimes), surf publics-backside, go eat, then top it off with Leonards’s and a capachin!  My good friend Kelaula started shaping cause we were sick of using Classic Surfboards bust up hand me downs.  He shaped a few before i figured why not shape my own.  How many people can say they shaped the board they ride?


For some reason my homie wanted to surf Kewalos.  That place is ehhhh, and just so happened it was low tide and windy.  As i was climbing the rocks the wind came and BANG!!! Nose to the wall.  Surfed it all busted for a while, then i had to hand saw the water logged and do a frankenstein patch.  Fun.


This is a boat, super old school. A fatty 3 1/4 thick.  To get hyped we used to watch VHS tapes of old longboarding movies.  We fell in love with the no concave nose riders.  My favorite surfers are, Wingnut and Joel Tutor.


Livicated to Clark Foam in Wahiawa!  Custom blanks – 2 stringers a 1/2 inch!  And a custom tail block made with balsa and dark wood, cut by a jigsaw. chee.


Researched a while for what kind of fin i wanted.  I know i wanted a glass in, no leash plug and something that would stick when walking.  I love my boat!  i mean my longboard!  Its summer go to the beach!  Go Beach not Bomb.

Big ups to Hesham & Jamal, the ones that put it down before me and also helped me shape Trip The Lights.  I took a break from TTL because i felt that at the time there was no venue to host the event.  For those that never experienced a TTL, it was a Hip_Hop multimedia explosion. Every month was themed different, a few examples were – 80’s Rap, 90’s Boom Bap, Bring an instrument night, Downtempo/Abstract Night, 90’s covers night, and live music night.  Along with the themed month we had live art and installation – majority of the Artists that blessed TTL has gone on to big things. Names such as Angrywoes, Matt Tapia, Kaso, StanStill, Eukarest, NeonBlack, Shaun Castro, KOAK, and the list goes on…


Super last minute riding off the wave of Undivided, we kidnapped Jus1o and his wife Cellski to bless the Turntables.


Jel of Anticon, murdered, i said MURDERED the MPC!  I will chop up the video, seriously next level.


Nocando, of GrindTime fame and new school Project blowed had an energetic and crowd rocking performance.  Proceeding to hit on the only girl in the room. You had to be there!


To top off the night. The Rifleman – Ellay Khule, served up a healthy plate of Chop!  He did a discography from 92 to 2000 or something.  Just as the lights went up, Joe Dub and I gave Khule a 30 second left sign and he proceeded to rap from 30 down to 1 and killed it with impromptu rhymes!

Yes the show was last minute, but it was the best show next to Aesop Rock!  Actually it was better only because there was no Pipeline foolios.  You knew everyone in the place was there for the artists. All the performaces were deadly!  Whew!