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Hip-Hop, skateboarding, God, Surfing, the Ocean, the Land, Family.


  1. *subscribed*

    • Op
    • Posted June 19, 2007 at 1:59 pm
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    wheres the lightsleepers group pic with the kings of yag in it?

  2. Whats Good Fam. It took me a minute to get to you. I came out to Hawaii from New York in Dec 05 and stayed until Feb 06. I was here looking for the Hip Hop scene Oahu, but I was unable to find anything. I was probably looking in the wrong places. I did get to spit with a few MCs outside the FEDEX/KINKOS on King street. Thats was when I learned that Hawaii has hidden talent just like us, but they don’t get to shine- just like us. I checked out Zanzabar, Fashion 45, D&B’s Rooftop, and Pipeline- they were all good. Now I’m planning to move back at the end of this year, but I want to make sure to jump in the Hip Hop scene as soon as I arrive. I have been an MC for almost 21 yaers now- I started very young- I still have old 1 inch reels of my work. I say that to say- with all respect( cause I’m not full of myself in any way), but I can jump in any Hip Hop scene and rock with the best of them because I’ve been doing it every day for so long now, its not a competition to me anymore- just a sharing of ideas. Anyway, I just started to srpead the word on Oahu that I’m coming back- the first name that I was told to get in contact with was lightsleepers. How can I get in? I have much to share.

  3. ho how come no can comment on dis blog? watkinedat?

    • Anonymous
    • Posted August 23, 2007 at 2:20 am
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    big ups

    • ico exon
    • Posted August 23, 2007 at 2:37 am
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    Alas to the elements, kept it all relevant to them the critics
    move with a quickness, enough to get the sickness by the lot or tidbits
    only love and respect to the scene who detects
    like a comb of honey drawing attention the yellow and black insects
    its all for a cause, started flashes of heat like menopause
    swept away to Oz, even tony danza couldn’t tell me who’s the boss
    anology algorthyms, sprung hard like priapisms
    give it till it gives some, jammin till it jizzums
    its just a call to all who rep, flowing till the throat gets strep
    don’t call but raise the bet, here to give you all respect
    writing it out streakers, loosening the laces of all my sneakers
    only you will know if its a keeper
    damn i love lightsleepers

    -iCO eXON

  4. I was wanting to pass news of an event that you and crew might be interested in checking. Sound Art Duo Beatrix JAR is doing a performance at Mark’s Garage on May 24th 8pm. The Hip Hop/electronic/IDM community might be interested in their music.

    There is also a circuit bending workshop being planned which is pretty cool. email me for more info.


  5. nice blog there!

    hope you, the wifey, and the baby are doing good.

    I will be back on the rock some time around January. Hope to see you around.

    • Treven
    • Posted December 11, 2008 at 6:39 am
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    hey kavet! this is treven from kamehameha! thanks again for the freebees i hope to make it out to the shop sometime next week (after founders day)
    Also thanks for the inspiration man. We hope to start up Concrete Enemy during college next year or the year after!

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