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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Got the call to open for 9th Wonder and i had one of those moments of, YES!  You could never tell in the photo that 9th is a chill brotha that loves Hip-Hop. Like most producers/artists that have gain some success and accolades you feel a sense of arrogance or cockiness when around them, not 9th.  The whole time i was on stage he would look over at me when he dropped certain songs, almost as to check my “Hip-hop card”, thank God i knew every track he played.  I bugged hard when he played, The Ghetto Boys – “Mind Playing Tricks On Me”.  As i was rapping line for line, i got one of those looks and this time he was like, “Aww yeah, you know whats up!”  At the end of the night i actually got to talk to 9th and gave him props for dropping that track.  Wish we could of gotten him to judge a Beatroot or even showcase, maybe next time. Big ups to Mr. Brown, Nextdoor, HIFF, & 9th.  Check!


































What is it about printing color covers on card stock, cutting them at Kinkos, and burning CD’s?  I usually hand stamp every CD with a LS custom stamp or i used one of those stamps that you can make your own words.  As much as its a pain in the ase to burn 100+ CDs i know that everyone of those CDs is going to be listened to.  Hopefully, each one of those CD’s will be dubbed and passed on to a friend.  Best bet someone will upload the tracks and spread them on the internet.  I love the potential.  It reminds me of all the music i put out on Cassette (yes tapes, you might think im crazy but i sold at least 500+ of every tape i ever made) and all the music i put out on CD, which i used to burn about 200 copies and usually sell out.  Potential is exponential.  I think majority of the new artists understand the value of the dub, burn, the upload, and the download. Its a great time to make music, if you look at it from that perspective.

Recently, we pick up a skateboarder to rep LS.  Its not like we couldn’t hook up someone earlier that skated, but like majority of the way i do things it has to be natural.  Lionel DeGuzman is from Wahiawa and only started skateboarding 5 years ago.  And according to him only about 5 or so months ago he actually got good.  Its hard to believe but he told me that before that his life was weeded out and spiraling down.  Not until he made that change to refocus his life and relationship with God, his skateboarding now is top notch.  I got to meet up with Lionel and we chopped it up a while, i hooked him up with some goods, and before we left he asked me, “you wanna hear a song i wrote?”  I was like yes, and expected him to turn up his car stereo.  Instead he rushed to his trunk and busted out his guitar, tuned up and started to sing! Wow!  Brotha could sing and the song was niceness. Lionel has that youthful enthusiasm that all of us should have, he realizes his goals and he is now focused to achieve them.  Future looks bright.

Its crazy how much money you can make flipping “urban toys”, “vinyl toys”, or “limited whatevers”.  Before Tower Records closed (livicated) you could get Kaws toys there, and at one point they were on sale…CRAZY!  Do you know how much you can flip those for, bucks son!  I can’t front i thought it was all about Kid Robot and the like, flipping those, but i was oblivious that Disney entered the game like Nike did for skateboarding.  Remember Disneyland is the Juggernaut of collectibles, its a world wide love for anything Disney.  So if you add the passionate love for Disney with the fad of “urban toys” you get the ultimate recipe for making money.  That is all i have to say, cuz i wouldn’t want to ruin my hustle.  Legal Hustle, never looking over you back only worried about getting your paypal loot in time. GYEAH!