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If you checked out the front of LS you seen i posted the track i did for the “rap with Factor” contest.  To some extent i think if i tried hard and pulled some strings i think i could of actually gotten a Factor beat without doing a contest.  Joe Dub has worked with Factor and he is on Ceschi record label, Fake Four.  But what fun would that be.  Still, this wouldn’t have happened if the beat wasn’t dope.  I remember when i saw the post and was like let me listen to this beat.  The beat dropped and i wrote and recorded it in a few days, how do you say, i was feeling it.  Well it all comes down to what the judges, who i have no idea are, decide wins. Win or lose i hope i can still use this song for live sets.  Thank Factor G.


Records seem to weather all the forms of music media that comes every decade or so. 8track, cassette, mini disc (i love this format), CD, and mp3s.  You cannot deny the physical connection you can have with a record, the cover, the feel of the grooves, the dust.  When the needle hits the wax its warm and crunchy and not thin and tingy.  Hawaii is kind of dry at this point. Well i say the record shops, but there are secret spots and other places for some wax that most smart diggers do not blow up the spot, hah! Rookies.  Kind of sucks that its kind of hipster to say, “it sounds better on vinyl” but you know what?  If you strip down the tight pants, snotty attitudes, fixed gear, messenger bag wearing, thrift store shirt rocking, you get a…naked hipster, NO, you get a underground/independent Hip-hop head that has gone the ways of the world.  Seriously, majority of the Hipsters i know used be major Hip-hop heads, even make great Hip-hop music and beats.  Anyway. Vinyl is final. See you at the records sale this week, let me tell you where…no ways you crazy.

Wildchild of the Lootpack.  Who would of thought that Madlib would of blow up like he did. Good looking out to my homie Robert from World of Dance, he let me know that Wildchild was in the building with his son.  His son is Baby Boogaloo is a huge star in the dance world.  While everyone was trying to get Baby boogaloo’s photo i was choppin it up with Wildchild.  Good thing i had the “wheniamonthemic” 12″ in the crate for him to sign.

I asked whats up with a LP reunion he said DJ Romes is in Oxnard and Madlib is busy making music, but he is finishing his solo album.  Told him it would be sick if we could get him and Madlib out in Hawaii.  Hope for the best.

Man, sucks to read that Mr. Dibbs has fallen ill to Cirrhosis which is the final phase of chronic liver disease.  A spokesperson for Dibbs wrote, “He is no longer able to work being that he is in and out of the hospital too much. In just a month, having no insurance, his medical bills have reached over $485,000. Please, if you can spare it, any amount would help.” I’m trying to put together some kind of fund raiser to show some aloha to Dibbs.  For those that don’t know Mr. Dibbs he is the co-founder of 1200 Hobos a dj, production, mc, & overall dope Hip-hop crew, like Lightsleepers.  Also he is one of the founders of Scribble Jam, i consider Scribble the first Hip-Hop event that gave underground artists a chance to shine.  From Graffiti, MC Battles (which were epic and historic), DJ Battles, and B-Boying, the Scribble really represented the next generation of Hip-Hop.  To donate to click on PayitforwardtoDibbs.

What is it about printing color covers on card stock, cutting them at Kinkos, and burning CD’s?  I usually hand stamp every CD with a LS custom stamp or i used one of those stamps that you can make your own words.  As much as its a pain in the ase to burn 100+ CDs i know that everyone of those CDs is going to be listened to.  Hopefully, each one of those CD’s will be dubbed and passed on to a friend.  Best bet someone will upload the tracks and spread them on the internet.  I love the potential.  It reminds me of all the music i put out on Cassette (yes tapes, you might think im crazy but i sold at least 500+ of every tape i ever made) and all the music i put out on CD, which i used to burn about 200 copies and usually sell out.  Potential is exponential.  I think majority of the new artists understand the value of the dub, burn, the upload, and the download. Its a great time to make music, if you look at it from that perspective.



So i was plotting the new color way for the Diggers shirt and i figure lets take it to Chicago.   Now i got the bright idea to make a free mixtape, maybe not mixed but with breaks/rare groove/funk/soul/ all from Chicago.

So i went on the Facebook and posted that i needed help on the Chicago Dustys! I actually hit up Meaty Ogre of Galapagos 4, but so far no response.  Like lightning the homie John Book came through with a simple & straight to the point site of Mid West funk/soul/gospel.

One of the gems that i found on that site is The Decons – Sock it to me. Man i’m getting schooled right now, and loving it. So either im gonna cop all these records or hopefully a homie from Chicago can do a mix for me in exchange for some shirts. Stay tuned.

Bodega went down. I know i blasted this one out in 1 month, but i needed to make space in my house.  Since we only had a short time to promote only 5 vendors came thru; not including Me, Observ, Oliver, Fame, Wade, & Osna.  None of the old dudes with super old gems came thru, that bummed me out.  What also bummed me out was that the word was Hungry Ear didn’t want to vend at Bodega because they felt we didn’t promote hard enuff.  I know we had only 1 month but c’mon…do you know anybody else trying to bring together the vinyl community – young & old?  NO! And if you got a problem then help fix it, be a part of the solution.  I really want those old dudes to sell wax, it brings a lot of character and history that needs to be past on to us.  Anyway with or with out whoever, we gonna keep on plugging away…why cuz we love records and we love music.  There is no better way to listen to music than on vinyl. Is Final. Don’t Sleep

Its crazy how the term “throwback” is hot right now.  Actually the “throwback” sound is “it” and such a market.  You got Jurassic 5 who made a whole career off of that old school Hip-Hop cadences, yet they are all sick mcs, they just kind of “funned” it down for the masses.  Then you got Mayer Hawthorne singing that falsetto style, dope, but if you compare it too the music it is supposed to emulate then its sub par or even average…but since there is nothing for this generation to compare it to that’s currently out it becomes the dopest!  You even got Aloe Blacc a super sick MC, but now he sings and makes loot doing it, kind of sad cuz i think his Hip-Hop is way better, but i figure he had to “fun it down” to collect that check or express that side of his creativity.  I was chopping it up with a homie of mine that lives in the North West and he told me they got clubs that do Soul/Funk/Rare Groove nights and you cannot use Serato.  .  I told him that could never happen in Hawaii  because DJ’s don’t got deep crates!  If they gotta spin a certain theme night they just download it and BAM, “look at me, i’m a soul dj”.  Whatevers. it would be sick if Hawaii DJ’s would step up their game…i know with all the cool new electro dance track not released on wax it only makes sense to use Serato, but if you doing a Soul night, lets keep it SOUL and Analog, is that not the Soul?  Hiss – crackle – pop, not SOUL?  My greatest payment when i spin is when a person comes up to me and says you spinning vinyl? and then says “You got that on wax?”.  With all the technology out why not lay it down just for the nights that deserve to be true?  Keep the Soul, Keep the Funk, Keep the Breaks, Keep the Rare, Keep Hip-Hop, dusty!

Quantic breaks down how i feel about vinyl. The rich history and the tangible ability to have history in your hand.

This is about half of the prints i have ever done.  Each one has a story and done by artists i call my friends and is as talented as anyone you know.   I do wish Kapuni/EP was here to help me, thats the one person that deserves to rock everyone of those shirts.  This year i hope to expand the brand, but at the same time do more music that parallels where we should be.  I do admit i slacked in 2010, but at least other aspects of LS has flourish.  On the real i think anyone down with the LS has to get off their ass and do more music, that includes me, but i do have a pass cuz if you ever tried to build a website, plan monthly events, dj gigs, & work the retail side of a brand you would know.  Overall, do more work, less excuses. Pau