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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Someone must be playing a joke on me because putting a Nickoldeon cartoon character on a shirt don’t make a shirt dope.  Its like shirts with witty sayings or famous rap quotes, don’t get me wrong doing a few of those is cool, i got a few, but when your whole company is based on terms like WEST COAST/BEST COAST, SO FRESH, or THUG TRIFE ( i made all these up as i typed so if this is your shirt design and you are currently making money off of it, congrats, u da man)  this is some other topic, now back on track.  So you telling me if i put ROCKOS MODERN LIFE on a shirt and call it a colab that DOPE? Oh you got the street wear scene going nuts? I thought shirts like that was for my 4 year old son, its cute and funny, but if some 20 something in girl pants, whiz queeweefer hair, disco sunglasses, and converse with no socks rocking one of those shirt, the world is ending.  Its my opinion and according to some online “street wear” dealers those companies are worth co-signing.  Whatevers.  Make a shirt with FLAPJACK

and ima cop that instantly, cause FLAPJACK (the kid to the right) is just that ill. Now wheres my Rugrats shirt at?

This was posted on the Hundreds Feed blog. Are you kidding me? This is supposed to be dope? It really gets me when people big up garbage and claim that its cutting edge or brilliant because its minimum.  Like when they post a certain company releases blank shirts, unless the internet start having tangible pop ups we will never know if a shirt is made from 1 million rare silk worms that have sun bathed in the mountains of Japan?   To even give props to a shirt like this or any of the kind is ridiculous, and i hope its a joke.  They should call it a paint ball target shirt, ill buy that for a dollar.