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So i was plotting the new color way for the Diggers shirt and i figure lets take it to Chicago.   Now i got the bright idea to make a free mixtape, maybe not mixed but with breaks/rare groove/funk/soul/ all from Chicago.

So i went on the Facebook and posted that i needed help on the Chicago Dustys! I actually hit up Meaty Ogre of Galapagos 4, but so far no response.  Like lightning the homie John Book came through with a simple & straight to the point site of Mid West funk/soul/gospel.

One of the gems that i found on that site is The Decons – Sock it to me. Man i’m getting schooled right now, and loving it. So either im gonna cop all these records or hopefully a homie from Chicago can do a mix for me in exchange for some shirts. Stay tuned.

..i’ve been super busy with Fam, job, Beatroot, designs, deadlines, new shows, and thoughts.  When i get to a point there are certain albums i bust out and just play on repeat.  One group is The Future Sound this album is classic, timeless, and will always be on another level.  Lyrically you can’t pin point a era, yes it came out in the 90’s, but the way they chop it up and their abstract yet understandable lyrics keep you guessing.  Also they don’t use the typical 90’s references.  This album is a must have for any Hip-hop head! Big ups Flashback & Relay!

Quantic breaks down how i feel about vinyl. The rich history and the tangible ability to have history in your hand.

Frankie Hill was and is one of my favorite skaters and definitely one of my skateboard idols. When i was in elementary and the VHS of Ban This & Propaganda came out on Powell & Peralta, i wanted to be Frankie Hill. Come to think about it i wanted to be like all the Powell riders. Frankie was the OG King of Gnar! He used to caveman the cutty-ist rails and ollie the hugest gaps, going super fast. He was so a head of his time and it is awesome that Nate Sherwood is doing a documentary on one of the greatest skaters. Between the Tribe Called Quest documentary i don’t know which one i am more excited to see.

Im excited to meet the 123Klan – Scien x Klor.  I really dig clean design with bold lines.  It does help that they are also super fresh Writers.  I know that there are a lot of talented artists coming down for that event at Fresh Cafe called POW WOW. Check ’em.

We haven’t done a art show in a while and this one was sprung on us quick fast.  The main reason i decided to do it was because we would be the first to bless the “Loft in Space” space.  So i figure, we do it up and the next gotta top what we did.  Too bad all the artists never came thru on time we would have at least 20+ more pieces.  I won’t front it wasn’t a bonkers hype art show, at one point there wasn’t 100 people in the room at once, and actually i don’t know of anybody selling their piece (but i did get a lot of inquiries about buying, but since there was no name tags everyone thought it wasn’t for sale…not our bad).  But, it was the smoothest show yet with a nice influx of new, old, and fresh faces chilling in and out of the front, hallway, and cafe.  Thank you to everyone who helped us make this a major success. I think the video above really gives a great feel of the event. Mahalo.


The purity of skateboarding is what keeps me going, the fact that you can go out by yourself and do whatevers.  I guess thats why a lot of skaters get into graffiti.  This kid reminds me of Arto Saari, i remember an old 411 and how Arto was explaining his come up.  I wish they had more footy of him skateboarding, regardless it was a perfect look at a young skater trying to get his ups. So pure.

One of my favorite MC’s! He always comes off and straight leaves it all on the table.  Adeem is that MC on the “need to make a song with list”  Big ups to the homies Indicapalootica who was responsible for bringing down Dorian Three – Adverse, Adeem, & MF Shalem, Sage Francis, Qwel & Makers, & Alias!  Those were some great shows, much mahalos and respect.


I don’t toke dat piff, but i do love that music from the ATL.  I love that in the ATL they got the sons of Outkast still making some of them most soulful Hip-hop to date.  All deez foos got mad swagger. Big ups to Obese Jesus for turning me on to these cats. Sing a long.

Thank you to Ara for the invite of myself and Nomasterbacks.  I hope to be involved in alot more events like this in the future.  It was most def fun and gave us good exposure to a lot of people that never heard of Hawaii Hip-hop.  Here is my starter track, Breathe, simple and talks about when i wake up. Good Fun all around. Peace.