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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Frankie Hill was and is one of my favorite skaters and definitely one of my skateboard idols. When i was in elementary and the VHS of Ban This & Propaganda came out on Powell & Peralta, i wanted to be Frankie Hill. Come to think about it i wanted to be like all the Powell riders. Frankie was the OG King of Gnar! He used to caveman the cutty-ist rails and ollie the hugest gaps, going super fast. He was so a head of his time and it is awesome that Nate Sherwood is doing a documentary on one of the greatest skaters. Between the Tribe Called Quest documentary i don’t know which one i am more excited to see.


Nobody is 100% original.  We take and recreate.  Mash up and make up. Remix and redo.  I been noticing there has been some biting of steez or swag in Hawaii.  I aint gonna name no names, but dang, how blatant can you be?  For example when i revamping the LS site i was preparing to put a Twitter feed on the front page…everyone got one…all the majors…but i caught myself.  Twitter feed would be the safe bet, i had to take it back, what is Lightsleepers…HAWAII UNDERGROUND HIP-HOP, MUSIC, RADIO SHOW! BOOOOMMMM so i remember that i had a account i opened in 2009, i figured out how to code it and place it on the front page.  Now you can click on the site and play our play list of over 100 songs.  Its like pandora, but i hand picked everyone of the songs…its the LIGHTSLEEPERS SHOW with out me talking. WORD. Some of our designs might not be the most original…but i refuse to BITE especially from HAWAII.  We are Hawaii because we don’t have to shove a shaka in your face to say were Hawaii. Shaka Braddah!

Heres a leak of a new design that will be released some time this spring or summer.  The Diggers series will be the ode to everyone the still dig for records, thats the bottom line.  Also, those that are diggin for something deeper, majority of the masses only scrape the surface, only a few dig deeper.  I got a sick line up to take a photo of them digging for an ad…Heardrumz & Sentric repping in Seattle, Jus1oh repping in SF, DJ Kram One in LA, Snafu in NY, got a few more…gonna be a fun project.

Im finishing up my new mixtape, yah its on  CD but its actually mixed.  No rare breaks or dusty on this one, but its alot of newer instrumentals and new producers you might of never heard of.  Im excited for this CD because i have a new song thats called “Sevens” mixed in.  Its a track about you guessed it “Sevens”.  I still don’t see why an MC would write verses for 12 tracks of beats thats not theirs and call that a mix tape? Why the effort? Worst part is when MC’s used original beats and then call there release a mixtape?  Why? Why not call it a release?  Why can’t it just be a new album?  Is it an excuse for half ass material or maybe its left over tracks? I don’t know. Whatevers, bottom line is people are coming famous, making money, and getting their 15minutes off mixtapes, go get yours. Shoots.

Im excited to meet the 123Klan – Scien x Klor.  I really dig clean design with bold lines.  It does help that they are also super fresh Writers.  I know that there are a lot of talented artists coming down for that event at Fresh Cafe called POW WOW. Check ’em.

We haven’t done a art show in a while and this one was sprung on us quick fast.  The main reason i decided to do it was because we would be the first to bless the “Loft in Space” space.  So i figure, we do it up and the next gotta top what we did.  Too bad all the artists never came thru on time we would have at least 20+ more pieces.  I won’t front it wasn’t a bonkers hype art show, at one point there wasn’t 100 people in the room at once, and actually i don’t know of anybody selling their piece (but i did get a lot of inquiries about buying, but since there was no name tags everyone thought it wasn’t for sale…not our bad).  But, it was the smoothest show yet with a nice influx of new, old, and fresh faces chilling in and out of the front, hallway, and cafe.  Thank you to everyone who helped us make this a major success. I think the video above really gives a great feel of the event. Mahalo.