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Monthly Archives: May 2009


I think this was back in 1999.  Me and Fibes worked at LMID and J-Doe was finishing up college.  I don’t remember if EP had yet gone to the Military and came back.  I do know we were going to a show at the Wave, totally forgot who was playing but if Fibes was down it must of been someone classic.  EP had decided to enlist in the Military and i tried to convince him not to go.  Nevertheless, he went and along with that came random phone calls from him at boot camp, then at the Military Hospital.  The most oddest call was EP calling not from the mainland but from the Honolulu Airport.  He told me that they gave him a Medical discharge, and asked me to pick him up from the airport. If you knew EP he was a joker, witty, and vicious on the mic.  That was the EP i knew but the EP i picked up was stone faced, lifeless, and pale.  The days we spent cruising and rhyming slowly i chipped into the stone that the military had casted and found out that they messed him up.  I took him to church a few times and i know he accepted Jesus Christ into his life.  A few years later my man, my brother, OG partner in rhyme passed away.  I am over placing blame and pointing fingers, i just know the facts, as noble as the military is and the good they do serving our country, the fact is that they couldn’t realize that some men that enlist are not cut out for the military and they need not to break, brainwash, and F’ with them, but allow them to move on back into their lives from which they came from.  Who know the countless other men who lives, families, and love ones were change due to fraudulence.  I respect the military and i have family, friends, and students that proudly serve their country, but i would trade all the people i know in the military for EP!  Livicated!


INERTiA 6 just wrapped up and it was a blast!  We raised a good amount of funds for the Church and people had fun.  So many positives; $5.00 admission, cheap & quick food, live graff, a black book battle to win a KATCH book (big ups Thnk), most of all a positive jam to elevate Hawaii.

The reason why i started INERTiA was the same reason why i started Trip the Lights and Beatroot.  One, the lack of quality events done by someone who truly loves the Hip-Hop Culture. Two, There was NO events running.  I used to love the 808 Giants/Rock Steady Crew Jams in Pucks Alley or by the Airport.  There was always a bboy battle at their jams, a black book battle, mc battle, and dj battles.  I don’t remember how much it cost or what was the prize money but i do know that it was a must to attend these jams!

So there was a lull in B-Boy Jams so i think it was either 2002 or 2003 we put on the first INERTIA.  It was never about the money, that is why i made it $5.00 and if you ever threw an event you know that you gotta pay the venue, sound, security, fliers, and all the other cost.  So i figure, screw the loot lets give all the profit to my church and let the jam be about, the jam!  I think Kel-Rock won the 1 on 1’s and Ala Wai Swim Team won the crew, Mox before American Idol beat Oliver Twist for the MC crown, KOAK won the black book, and their was a DJ battle…i think Skids won.


There was one downer after such a positive event happened.  One of the B-boys i thought was a homie made me really realize his true character.  INERTiA has been a fund raiser for some times now and it has been no secret.  A few years we had cash prizes but this year we decided to pay for the winners of the battles admission and workshop fees for UNDIVIDED. At $30 for admission and $10 for workshops times that by 7 b-boys and 1 graff writer, that equals to about $320.  Your admission pays for 2 days at Hawaii’s first Hip-Hop festival.  None of the on line fliers or physical fliers said their was money to be made!  Worst off i seen homie on the Thursday before the jam and specifically told him the winners get admission.  Well homie won the battle and asks for money saying “that’s what it said on the Internet.”  I showed him the physical flyer and stated that you know this is a fundraiser? right? After him stating his case that “Its not about the money!” but “give me the money!” saying things  like ” I trained hard”.  Homie, didn’t even know about INERTiA that Saturday so how can you train hard?  So after going back and forth trying to make him understand that this is $5.00 jam that is clearly a fundraiser, and if this was just a LIGHTSLEEPERS event where i am profiting all the money, you could have a case.  Still he stayed there looking like i owned him something, please!  So i decided that this jam was never about the money and it was all about the JAM, and helping my church, so i pulled out $50 and gave it to him.  Yes it was $10 over the $40 bucks each winner was allotted for admission, but i decided to hook up the dude and put it all on him.  Its now on his head, not mine.  I made sure i crossed his name out for free admisson and took note of his “sheep” that played the devil on his shoulder while he debated with me about money.  Overall, i got to see peoples true character and it was also a character builder for myself.  Now that i have time to reflect all i can say is my hands are clean.

Do it for the love and do it for the people!

So i caught some hype on this shoe the Nike SB – Stefan Janoski pro model.  The only other pro model on Nike SB, besides P-Rod! Whoa!  Janoski can skate and is legit, so this is no knock on him!  But if i wanted a Sperry or Lands end shoe to go Yachting to the Island of Morreau then i would go to Ross’s and cop me a 10 buck pair. C’mon Nike, you can do better than this.  With the success of P-Rizzle, you come out with this.  What is even worst is shops around the world are hyping this up.  How about we blame that on the economy like we blame everything for these old man shoes.


YO! Nike, Vans called and wanted their vulcanized soles back and The NBAOTGL – National Boating Association of the Greater Lakes wanted to ask if you would sponsor their up coming Mutant Mouth Bass fishing contests.

Now, the Supra – The Dixon!


Super clean and a mix of classic and function.  I seriously thought that Dixon would get all TK and Muska on us with his shoes.  When they came out with those Muska Male boots, you know the ones that are like the old converse high high tops, i was like what the heck!  but now every company is biting hard and i mean HARD!  Back to the Dixon’s, cant front on the gum sole color and open toe cap.  Don’ t believe the hype.  Supra over Nike SB.

*sidenote! can’t front on Nike, not SB, Air Max’s those are the King of shoes!


The new, Studderin’ Stan got a new MPC1000. Watch out for the new beats. Always an advocate of anyone down to get that hardware. Nothing against your laptop, but unless you have a computer like Slapp, your lap will sound like tin foil. Thats the real.


Got the new spot for oversize prints! Homies of homies are hooking it up. God has definitely blessing me with the right people that are helping me achieve my goals! There is this one local shirt company that did this design, but i wondered why they didn’t rock it right! Homie Spel, hooked it up real well. I told him he should release this one, reguardless of the other company. Why, this one murders theirs! Straight up.

Helped out my bro with printing for his Football team. He is the Head Coach for a team called the Warriors. This is not the original colors! The og color way was navy blue shirt with white warrior and black outline/shadow. I figure i make me a 1 of 1 black shirt with white warrior and green outline/shadow. What you think? Hawaiian! from the Hawaiian team! for the Hawaiians!


Speaking of Hawaiians, i like to expand on that. Brah we got the land jacked from us, THEY NOT GIVEN IT BACK! They can if they want to recognize that they robbed us, but don’t think that its gonna mean you get that hotel in Waikiki that your Tutu, mom’s, mom’s once farmed kalo! Protest, be active, and stand for what you believe it, but don’t think that “they” will give you anything. The only way you will get something is you handle yours. Educate, be productive, and get yours. Some might feel that “school is not for me”, true! Higher education isn’t for everyone, but whatever you do be the best at and educate yourself in that field, craft, and/or subject. Being Productive, instead of always waiting for a hand out and fighting for “YOU OWE ME AMERICA” where ever your at, be the best at it!

I worked for a hospital for 15 years, learned my job so i could do all my Hip-Hop stuff and come home at 2am, go sleep for 3 hours, get up and go to work half asleep and still get my job done on point, to perfection. That job got me thru school, paid for my records, put me on tour, paid my bills, got me a car, got me great medical, and connections that will last a lifetime. I wanted to quit a million times and be all independent record label guy, but c’mon be real, in Hawaii that aint happening. If i didn’t show commitment and longevity at this job, i don’t think i would of gotten where i am at.

Which leads to “GET YOURS” We will never own this land. But we can learn to buy it from the guys who stole it, hah!  Yah, it sucks but its reality! I own my townhouse and my car. I tell you it was and is a stretch and sacrifice. I plan on moving to a full size house in a couple years as well as have other investments (i.e. condos, business, etc) Build up the portfolio. I really wonder how the heck did i get to this point? The independent, F’ the mainstream guy owning his! All i know is i stayed the course of bettering my situation by being sucessfull at what i can control with major blessings from God! I am no different from anyone, i grew up with 5 kids in a 2 bedroom apartment in Kapahulu, renting all our lives, and later my Dad peaced out! No way am i going to blame anyone for the downfall of my people, our people, the Hawaiians. Screw dat, enuff crying and lets do work. Work McDonalds be the best, get that manager position and use it for a resume builder. People forget about the power of letting others speak for you. If you are blessed to be hooked up or born into a family that is well off, more power to you, the only thing is “When much is given, much is asked in return”.

I can go on, on, on. I just needed to get that off my chest. Hawaiian or not handle yours, whats in front of you, and move forward. God Bless.

KTUH turns 40, that is crazy!  I remember like it was 3 days ago when i had a show at 3am!  Eventually, i moved to Thurs, 9-12am!  And the LS was born, from radio, to tape, to cd, to shirt, to event, to….


TRAV 15, very cool cat!  I wish i got to work with him more often.  He is the General Manager and the reason why KTUH is so cool.  I respect that he is elevating KTUH!  3000 watts of pure Mana!


TRAV 15, is heading up a documentary on KTUH.  He has to do a gang of interviews with past and present DJ’s!  I am so blessed to be chosen to have a spot in the doc. I hope i don’t end up on the cutting room floor!


This is my Geico eyes.  I had to look at my friend the Red Green burner bandit while i got interviewed.  I can’t wait till it comes out!


When asked where would i like to be interviewed, of course i said the vinyl vault.  I mean who wouldn’t want to get interviewed their!  Classic!


Short story, B-ROCK, my man Brock – R.I.P. used to run the vault.  He used to repair the records and he knew a gang on Jazz, Funk, Classic Rock, and Soul.  I would spend hours on end just asking questions and trying to get him to show me the breaks.  To make the story short, at one point the Gustapo came to take some heads off at KTUH.  They wanted to boot all who was not enrolled in school, that included Me and B-Rock!  Lets just say that B-rock understood that dj’s need doubles of a record to catch the break, and he gave me a lot of doubles of certain records!  I came up hard!  Long live KTUH!

It refreshing to see that some of the most respected producers in Hip-hop feel the same why i do about mixtapes. I always felt that a mixtape should be a Dj’s business card that reflects the music he plays, as well as exposes the new or maybe unheard joints. DJ Tim had dope mixtapes blended perfectly and 16 bars of a up and coming rapper on a instrumental. Now days you got MC’s rapping over popular beats or new beats. Really wasting time and energy for what? Promoting their new album, please. How about you just make a new album? I loathe to hear another rapper say “Check out my new mixtape…blah blah blah?” Is the tracks actually mixed??? Do we really wanna hear you rap over a Jay-Z beat or Kan? NO! I rather hear a ____ ____ track…nah, only joke, de’ is just as bad as a mixtape.