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Monthly Archives: November 2010

I love to mail out packages almost as much as i love to get them.  The feeling of getting something in the mail besides bills is ecstatic!  I have to pack over 20+ packages, right now, i seriously mean now.  I shouldn’t be bloggin, i should be packin!  Its great to get return customers, it shows that you are doing something right.  Also, fantastic is new customers-the fact they took a risk on you is awesome.  I can’t front but customers that are fans of my music is probably the dopest.  Being able to relate on two levels is rewarding.  Speaking of music, big ups to all the people that been discog-ing my music.  I never made music to make money, thats obvious, but i did make music to speak my mind and hope people can enjoy it on whatever level they choose.  Ok, shoots, im out, i hope to get to the post office tomorrow…mucho mahalos.


Sometime a negative event can cloud a whole earth of positivity.  Then the wind of reminder blows in from the Windward side and pushes away that one dark cloud.  I’ve been ultra blessed to have countless people that i can turn to for help, or ask to elevate.  Artists, Educators, Producers, MCs, Pastors, Intellectuals, and Weirdos.  I’ve been homies with  Eugene/Kristof/Eukarezt for almost 8-9 years now.  His crew Heaven Bound, moved from San Jose to experience a change of scenery.  With him came Orly & Joel.  Everyone in their crew can rap, dance, & paint.  When they came to Hawaii it was great to meet positive and God fearing brothers with sick styles that was outside of the Hawaii circle.  Fast forward to the present.  Each one of them are skilled tattoo artists.  Joel is on the brink of releasing a full length album.  Orly and his crew in SJ just opened Cukui.  Eukarezt, is about to embark on a mission trip to teach the arts and help the less fortunate.  It was way over due that i get Euk to do something for LS.  The deadline for the Contrast Magazine ad was due this past Thursday, so he banged out this at 6am and i completed the layout that night and sent it to the boys at Contrast.  Check for the colab shirt we will be doing with Eukarezt as well as the Hanabata Blitzkrieg shirt we will be selling for him to help him raise money for his missions trip.   Good people.  Peace.

Im thinking Fybes turned me on to Bambu doing a remix of the Das Racist track, “Who’s that brown?” The track is produced by Sabzi of Blue Scholars.  I got to personally meet Sabzi the last time they came to Hawaii.  He actually did a show case at Beatroot.  So instantly after i heard the Bambu version i searched for the Das version.  Check it out here it is…

Das does their thang on the track.  It aint no Pizza Hut Taco Bell song thats fo’ sure.

So above is Bambu version! He styles it out with his steezo, respect Bam!  So i figured i hit up Sabzi and ask if i could get the instrumental so i can do a KTC version, i figure i’m brown right?  Sabzi was really cool and sent me the instrumental without a hitch, just the blessing i needed to get this track done.  Im thinking that ill do this song for live sets and just put it up on the net to DL.  Thanks Das, Bam, & Saba!  Gonna have some fun.

I try to go diggin’ once a week.  Hawaii is kind of dry.  Unless some random person donates records to Goodwill or Salvation, or Jellys buy some new used wax, we running on dust (pun intended).  I was in Waipahu, working, and i decided to jump into GW.  Pulled out this record, which i have i think at least 2 more, so i checked on my phone how much it was going for on ebay.  Some fool got this for $80 – Buy Now!  Are you serious?  So to make things fun i posted this very record on ebay for $0.99 starting for 7days or $80 Buy Now!  I bought the thing for $0.99, i hope my description of “Hawaiian Rare Groove, Soul & Funk” was good enuff to attract the sharks.  To me its all in fun, especially for the Hawaiian records that people out there want.  Side note, i was reading a Meaty Ogre interview and he said he found a Manzel – “Midnite Theme”  record for $3.00 and sold it for 1200 dollars, Wow! Big ups Meaty, one of my favorite producers.  Anyway, i will let you know how much i get for this, LETS GO $80

In a cypher somewhere you will, “Catch a bad one!”

One of my favorite MC’s! He always comes off and straight leaves it all on the table.  Adeem is that MC on the “need to make a song with list”  Big ups to the homies Indicapalootica who was responsible for bringing down Dorian Three – Adverse, Adeem, & MF Shalem, Sage Francis, Qwel & Makers, & Alias!  Those were some great shows, much mahalos and respect.


I love my homie Tarn, he is a brother to me and my Ohana.  Tarn from the streets of Waianae to the Class President,  he just graduated from The Every Nation School of Missions and plans on living in Thailand helping spread the word of Jesus & physically helping that countries people.   Tarn and i been through a lot of life lessons and growing together and it is inspiring to see him go out on the world and make a difference.  People like him really get me thinking that are we doing enough? Are we ever doing enough?  Will we ever do enough?  The answer is no.  We can always do more for people, for those less fortunate, and for those in trouble and hardships.  What i have learned is when we focus on ourselves with a “woe is me, my life sucks” attitude, most likely it will always suck.  But when we can get ourselves to reach our of our pains and trouble, and help others, that is when we will be able to solve our problems.  Its hard to explain in words, but the only real explanation is done when you take action.  So ima leave it to you, to figure it out.  Yes its hard, but i will try as well.  Thanks Tarn for the inspiration.

Thank God, that i dropped off my son, before Aunty Maria Lani jetted out the drive way on Waimano Home.  Big ups to Farmers insurance for coming the next day and assessing the damage.  Mahalo to the autobody company that will get my money for fixing my bumper.  If i have enuff money left i might bless my homie Shea’s Auto Detailing to get my car feeling nice again.  Thank God that i wasn’t on my phone or texting, because if i was and Aunty saw me, man i would be just as guilty.  So heed the warning, please don’t talk or text when you drive cause you never know when Aunty Murdle is gonna get the lead feet and booyah your back.  Stay Safe.  ***anyone know any honest & reasonably priced autobody, lmk***

I decided since November was so busy to postpone the November BR qualifier and combine it with the December.  The concept is eazy.  8 producers battle, 4 winners move on, the 4 loser will battle until there is 2.  The 2 will then get thrown back into with the 4 and that will make 6.  The 6 will battle until we get 3.  The final 3 will battle and the judges will pick 2 to move on to the Grand Championships against; Dubwalrus, DJah, TKO, & JerZric.

Why the change?  I really don’t know why, but the producers aint coming out like they used to and the  crowd is not either.  I used to charge for a qualifier, then i made it free.  The quali used to be at night, its during the early evening, 5 to 7pm, yes i know its work time and traffic, but c’mon its once a month, how about you make plans to come?   I have been doing a beat battle for sometimes now, made it free, except for the finals, you can’t say nuthing…i have been busting my ass for Hawaii.  My time, effort, money, resources, family, and my sleep, to help producers have a platform to show case their music, but recently i haven’t had the love returned.  Maybe its the battle format?  But no one wants to see 6 no name producers play their beats for 2 hours…the battle format is to keep it competitive, not to see who is the best, how can one producer be the best?  Im sure that 90% of the producers that are making money off of beats have never won a beat battle.  The battle is to keep it fresh.  On the real if the producers aint supporting then i am seriously thinking about after this Grand Championship, that we have the 4 Grand Champs battle for the Ultimate, then call it pau for Beatroot unless the interest is there if im not getting the support then why do it, i could put my effort into making music.  Whatevers man, i am just fustrated, Hawaii is Lazy with Talent, get off your ass and support, get involved…