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Monthly Archives: December 2007


So proud of the homies that move away from Hawaii and actually do something that they probably wouldn’t have started if they had stayed in Hawaii. Enter Jason Mungen, he had a fly zine and then disappeared into the Seattle smog. BOOM! He now owns one the the companies that i feel are different, original, and fresh. No Ka’Oi cuz!


First of all, big ups to the homies at OHWORD.COM, funny ass blog that loves Hip-Hop and they by far has the funniest skits ever! Anyway, the link above is talking about how rap sales are falling…i wonder why? I can give you a gang of reasons. Main reason Rap Sucks ase! First the mainstream pumps up mindless songs like, “this is why i’m hot” and “soldierboy”. Then you got these kids, dressing in Mad neon rapping like Tone Loc over simple ass 808 beats! Another reason is, heads that grew up in the 90’s that used to love Great Hip-Hop have chosen to stop thinking, stop digging, stop searching for the new and illness…we swear by Lil Wayne, Jeezy, Young Buck and Camron…WTF! Have you heard the new Omgea Watts album or Buck 65? I can go on and on, but dang yall, Serato now Weezy is some kind of lyrical Wizard. Who really is getting Dumb?

…wait and when did BMX get mad trendy? i have been skateboarding for over 20 years and always had BMX homies ones that i used to kick it with back in the day and the younger kids that i kick it with at Makiki, Kaneohe, and Manana Skatepark (what up Airplane). Everytime i went to the park they would be there…now BMX is becoming cool, ehhh wat evahs, what i do know is a lot of the bike homies that i know listen to KTUH, and they would listen to the Lightsleepers show when they were hella young, so they are always asking what the new Hip-Hop, Yes! had a Holiday Giveaway contest, and the amount of sponsors and the quality was choice!  I had to post this up because homie, Bunsen Honeydew created this ill tube just for the people!  I love it and it was hella clever!

If you haven’t checked out ATYPICALLIVING.COM for your daily dose of Whats up, now you know whats ups!


Big ups to Ted Turner for this one.  Atmosphere: Slug and Ant, give us a freebie.  I really miss atmos gritty beats and whitty rhymes always come thru for this duo.  Brings me back to the days when Spawn was in the crew ( he had some good cameos ) this was the overcast album which i think is at least 10 years old.  Slug is one of dem mcs that never dumb down his styles and been consistant reguardless of the fame and exposure.  Give it up to our Hip-Hop role models.  Thanks for the free album.

Clik the link below and check out the tube.


I love it when artists hit a creative surplus! AWB, is one of those cats that can kill any mediums. 

pc210015.jpg pc210018.jpg

Just got a package in the mail, with a couple of Chunk and Ape shirts!  Yall gotta support this Hawaii-Maui born company they got some ill gear and always holdin’ it down for HI!

The DJ – the MC – the Writer – the B-boy.

Mario, is probably one of the illest B-boys out of Hawaii!

TKO, EK, and Obezy MC battle what else is new they rip mics and they can tear apart any other trio of rappers. Big ups to Parlous and the rest of their homies from FEO and the Bridge.


Lets keep it Hip-Hop don’t forget to support all the elements!


…so how many people…convinced their boss that they need to take off from work and got to a 11am UH basketball game, because the team needs the support for losing the opening round of the Rainbow classic?  Well if you were in the crowd of a 1000 or so you got to see the UH Basketball team royally….LOSE…again, dang.  They had the game in hand then they turn the ball over 3 times to get out of reach of any type of win!  So the Football team is the ish, but what about the basketball team, please people support.

$7.00 tickets + front row seat right in back of the team + killer garlic fries + Big east team + ditchin’ work = great day.


Recently, AWB came back from the ATL and got busy with his tools!  So i took a few flicks to document his works.  I remember when his Panda guys were hella simple, but like most great artists he constantly tries to up his game.  Knowing the whole world is watching and that a “so called artists” is a dime a dozen, A comes with that Hi-Fructose steezo.







…Lightsleepers (ktc) x AngryWoebots limited 100 press of S*_t^8o#!d5, coming Jan.


Yall know how i feel about the “street” fashion…majority are hellaz wack!  Tight pants, all over print-all over, scarfs, tighter pants, 80’s comeback junk, whatever.  Every now and then i find out bout a someone or label that in my opinion are making what we wear fresh.  Enter  Bennygold, from what i know he down with HUF and kings designing.  These fits are what i am talking about, clean design, ill colors, and reps longevity.  Stay Gold Pony boy.