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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Seriously, why the heck is Stand up paddle the Ish?  I’ll tell you why…it allows people that never surf a chance to say they surf.  It makes donkeys feel all real cuz they get one paddle and one long board, and they can push around Ala Moana beach park like, “whoa brah surfing”. I have my friends that never really dug surfing telling me, “everyone in my office stand up paddles” so that’s why i got into it.


Check this chick out.  Do you think she surfed in her life. But now she stands up paddles.


and you know this was bound to happen…seriously kooksville.  Some brilliant dude thought we should do what we do in the ocean on land.  It all comes down to this.  I used to skate during the day and dusk patrol with the mokes.  If i had school i would skate first but if all the homies went beach we was off.  Now that i skate about twice a week and surf about once, the water has enuff kooks as is.  I might be one of dem kooks but at least we be keeping it classic.  Toes on the nose, cross stepping, and trim.  Whatever floats your boat, but i hope you lose you paddle.



Big ups to BH. Rod puts it down. This should be a fun show. Make sure if you wanna go please email me @ lightsleepers[at]   Don’t know to much about TES ONE but he is dope! Mo is OG in this. They also got a cast of cats that are niceness. Destined to be sweet.

The Contrast Mag has dropith! Super stoked for the men behind the mag. I know they been hustling and grinding the midnight oil.  I think the wait was well worth it.  Only heard good things about the mag from the general public.  Everything from the layout to the advertising is way beyond what Hawaii was used to.  Now its time for consistency and longevity.  To the other mags, step yo’ game up Sonnnnn.


Woes x Frame cover. What a safe bet!  Just the cover alone is a banger.  So money!


Did yall check out Woes Gallery on Nu’uanu? Make sure you do and remember the spot.  If everything goes as plan we will be having a legend that thinks only in Koncepts that are Natural.  The show is slated for some time this summer.


Side note, big ups to OSNA and ELY.  Really close, but i thought ELY won.  They both bought heaters, but if you listened to Ely sequences and the way he chopped i thought he edged it out.  That is why i don’t judge.

This is the last of the Aesop Rock pics. So i figure i commemorate the occasion by having a contest.  Each picture will have a question.  Answer each question and post them up by commenting on the blog.  Make sure you leave a real email.  The winner will receive a LS shirt.  Super simple and free….here we go…


1.  Who is this in the Picture?


2.  Name the other members in the Group Rob Sonic came from?


3.  Mr Dibbs, last time he came to Hawaii who was he the DJ for?


4.  Name all the members of the Indelible MC’s?


5.  Name the guest MC on Music for EarthWorms and what label is he on now?


These are my favorite skateshoe.  I mean i love the Jordan 1’s to skate in, those were OG.  Airwalk Enigmas were dope to.  Actually any Nike Air Forces were dope to skate in, usually the 3/4th cut ones.  Still i love these shoes.  I remember buying them at T&C.  I would go back every week to see if they were there and when i had the money buy another pair.  Seriously, clean design, sick color ways, skate durable and overall perfection.  Please someone get me these….

EL-P rocked the crowd with his energy and ill mic control. I don’t know who his hype man is but i heard it could of been Carnage.


Been a fan of all the Co-flow music forever. So when EL-P went solo i was like what? but he pulled it off and totally elevated.


My camera sucks. I can’t take any pics from afar. Dj Dibbs of the 1200 hobos. I last seen him was with Slug at the Wave. Dibbs got that mad look, but super cool.


NYC repping and stomppin’ comp. Gotta have the Timbos. East coast nugga!



Ase jumped on stage to join EL-p for a song and just to give the fans a teaser.


I’ve seen countless youtubes and footy of Ase, but when it was my turn he did not dissapoint.


Rob Sonic and Aesop Rock. Rob is a great hype man that can hang on his own songs.



Dj Big Wiz, gotta respect DefJux for having real dj’s with their MC’s. Big Wiz!


Do you remember Sonic Sum? Rob Sonic has been out on his own for a while. He did a few new tracks inbetween Aesop’s set and i was digging it.



Must not sleep. Must warn others.

What a great night.  Got their at 8:00 and saw a empty Pipeline.  Walked to the front ready to be a fan.  Guess who was there?


Can you say, Dubsyyyyyddde!  Yah, its good to see homies that are ready to be fans.  Many of my peers choose to mean mug and play that old man card.  They chill in the back with their beers and nod every now and then.  F’ dat, we gotta rock out with Def Jux.


The thinking man, what is he thinking of…a track with Rob Sonic and KTC?


Yes, Creed opened up.  His show is tight and polished.  Ive seen this him go thru name changes and crews, good to see Creed get his.



Dj Packo, love the dj.  Besides rocking a sick shirt! His cuts are clean and on point.  Dj’s like Packo makes me wanna get back in the lab.


Honozooloo, what what!  Proud to say that one of Aarons very first shoots was a show at Coffee Talk, with Ceschi, Wade, and I. Now look his is the go to guy. SF Grinders: Well.Being, Moses A, Chippy, and Honozooloo.


This is what Micheal Bolton wears when he is freelancing as a photog.  I got a picture of him coming up!


Cage opened up the Def Jux night.  I never been a huge Cage fan, but i got all his old music on wax and a bunch of colabs he done in the past.  He is a fresh mc, but he really need a group to shine.  The tracks he guest stars on murders.  I get the whole “im depressed, woe is me”  but you can still pull that off, dress like Oasis, and at least get hyped.


Crazy how MCs start off hoodied, baggy pants, and a no care hair style.  Now homie looks like Noel Gallheger.



According to some people, wearing tight clothes equals growing up?  How you figure that when i handled college, have a beautiful wife, own my house, have  a fresh kid, and are blessed with a good job?  I handled my ish with progressing in life and delt the same cards as you.  Rock what you feel, but the whole “Grown folk=small clothes” gotta go.


Ask Micheal Bolton.  People been dogging him about his Hair for decades, but he can sing.  Good to see him taking up photography.  Wonder when i can see the photos?


The mark of the Beast!  I am thankful that Atmos, Ase Rock, El-p, Cage, Dibbs, and dem folk came thru.  I paid for my tickets and never asked for handouts.  Got to thinking WE, as in Hawaii Hip-Hop community should be bringing these acts out.  Keep it in the family.  I would stack the bill with all local acts.  Once the doors open have someone performing from the jump.  Also, offer booths to local labels and companies for free or at a reasonable rate, to help promote Hawaii’s scene.  Have a meet and greet at a local store and/or a forum with the guest artists for the fans.  I got dem ideas for days.  Just gotta get that cash.  Lightsleepers always been; if we come up, all Hawaii will come up.  Lets work…part 2 coming….

Stopped by the In4 skateshop the other day.  If you can’t find it, go to the old Stewart Andersons (RIP) then go opposite of Spag Fact.  Past Guitar shop and Comic book shop.  Boom shaka, yo left.


Gang o’ boards, as any shop would have.  They got the ill shop decks, i can’t front but i got the word from the bird that the shop decks are the same company as my favorite brand.  Nice flat concave and insta-pop.  You smart, figure it out….


Hah, i got one of the owners. Ryan is OG he used to rock long hair, glasses, and murder the early grab.  I remember he used to enter every contest.  He rocks the sweet Paparazzzi pose! Snap, click, smile.


Justin, he got the buttery Tre bombs!  I think he would be 3rd or 4th Gen Mills Vills!


Homie and Darin Lee.  D-Lee just got back from a 5year stint in SF! Mills running SF.  Reminds me when A’ala just opened up and everyone used to rock the night sessions.  I used to go 1-2 times a week.  This one night D-Lee and Eric Phillips started to play a game of skate.  Everyone sat down.  Seriously, it was like we were getting a free demo!  I forget who won, but the tricks went like this.  Switch flips, Tre bombs, Nose pics over vert, Bank to Bank boosters, Rail killers.  So much style and speed.  One of my Hawaii favs.


Skate Nazi.  I so respect this guy, he rips at skating, know good Hip-Hop, and speaks his opininon!  The best by far along with Rob Walls at MCin’ a contest!  Check out his site that he does along with Ryan,

After dropping off my table the other day @ Creatives, popped into the mall to see whats dying.  I saw another Urban Flava and realized that is a over dose of some wack sh*t.  Went to T&C, same old same, then i turned around and saw…


Sindication used to be outside the mall by Pa Kee Chinese (bugga is ono).


Cool store, carry a lot of sweet brands.  A good mixture of mens and womens streetwear.


You know its the Eastsiiiiiide and youll find Woes up in there!  Look Montanas…no not Hanna but the kind you use for public beautification.


Good to see a shop that supports local brands.  Many of shop all they do is talk shop about “local this” and “support this” you never really see them in the grind of the community?  Homies at Sindi really want to support the fresh brands like Defend Hawaii.  Actually, talking to Mike Malone the owner Defend is one of the biggest sellers.  Nice to know that peeps buying Hawaii first, not just the veggies.


April and Mike.  You might know Mike Malone from somewhere. Yup, he is that crazy braddah that scrap that Korean Andre wanna be Hung Man Sut Fat Choi Sum Dong Wong Fooy.  April is also part owner a and fly her self.  Pop on in and say what up. De’ be some cool cats.  Support the locals.


So i decided to take my last turntable that needed a tune up into Creative Sound.