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Monthly Archives: March 2011

The good old AKAI S20.  What a great machine, i wish the pads were softer like a MPC but i bet AKAI didn’t think someone would use it live.  I made countless beats on that bad boy.  By far AKAI makes the best samplers.  I don’t know anyone else in Hawaii that had one it would be dope to meet someone that mastered it so i could pick their brain.  Big ups to everyone still sampling.


The toy game is crazy! You can make a nice chunk of change if you know how to flip it right. One thing i learned is that you can’t sell something you wouldn’t wanna keep yourself.  The most ive ever made of flipping toys was about a few hundos.  Our last pop up shop Lofa had a color way of an AngryWoebots severed head. We were supposed to make a limited amount.  The Kawasaki Green was always a staple for the Lightsleepers.  So when we were working with the fam at Silent Stage on a color way it was only natural.  One thing we forgot was to run it by Woes!  Come to find out that the homie didn’t like the colorway, haha, so now there are only 1 or 2 of the “Lightsleepers Colorway – Gang Green”.  Can you spy the head in the photo, supa eazy.  Big ups to Angrywoebots, Paule @ Silent stage, Lofa, & the Green Team.

..i’ve been super busy with Fam, job, Beatroot, designs, deadlines, new shows, and thoughts.  When i get to a point there are certain albums i bust out and just play on repeat.  One group is The Future Sound this album is classic, timeless, and will always be on another level.  Lyrically you can’t pin point a era, yes it came out in the 90’s, but the way they chop it up and their abstract yet understandable lyrics keep you guessing.  Also they don’t use the typical 90’s references.  This album is a must have for any Hip-hop head! Big ups Flashback & Relay!

Quantic breaks down how i feel about vinyl. The rich history and the tangible ability to have history in your hand.

With so many rappers out do they really think they is original?  Or are their heads so far up their ase that the cannot recognize that they sound like the next man.  When i was coming up you would get ya’ card pulled real fast for sounding like somebody else.  As much as we studied, observed, and worshiped certain rappers, we would be damned if we ended up sounding like them.  And whats with the grunting at the beginning of a track? or the banter of saying “huh, Okay”.  The worst is when a rapper says, “its yo boy”.  No you not my boy, and my boy would not say that.  On that note, ill see you later Fam…ima get Swagged out, & cuz its ya’ boy, Kavet, Okay…


I rather stay gritty and opinionated then pretty and sheepish.  Getting tired of seeing a DJ at every dang art opening, alcohol promo, food tasting, and/or random event.  I am not that guy to make you dance or to try to get girls to dance.  I could careless if the chicks don’t like my music.  I wanna bug you out and give you a facelift.  On the real playing that dance/house/mash up/ junk will make you lose your soul.  Diggin’ in the crates keeps you grounded, even if you don’t know what the heck you are  looking for.  Using only Serato is LAZY, its for lazy djs who wanna make a cool Bill and sit back and drink their beers. I still think is looks wack when you see a DJ always looking at their laptop when they dj.  i bet you make more $$$ then me, have cooler friends, and you are the man, more power to you.  It aint me.  Yes i am beating a dead horse. Glue….white dove. Pink Bunny.

Man what a task to pick out what to sample.  Can’t please everyone but i do feel that i put 2 albums that are easy to fairly easy to sample.  Plus if your chopping using a computer, man, thats easy.  Kind of bummed that i didn’t get a west coast artists for the accapella remix.  I had Snoop & Dre -“Aint nothing but a G thang” but i felt more militant and replaced it with Dead Prez. Organize Konfusion i got from a FB post.  Also i would love to hear a remix of any OK.  Well here we got im gonna chop up and make a few beats too, gotta participate!

If you didn’t know by now that Split Obsession has closed their Ala Moana & Koko Marina Stores.  Erica & Bruce became good friends and great business partners all the years they opened.  They helped Lightsleepers tremendously by providing an outlet for other that Hip-hop creativity to be cultivated.  I was stoked to have our 2nd pop-up store at their Ala Moana locations, its a great look saying that you had a store next to Neiman Marcus.  This does not mean the end of SO, talking to Bruce they are currently looking for a space more suitable to their needs and not wanting to charge a arm and a Kaws toy.  Big ups SO, Erica & Bruce, and yall watch in the future for more colabs and event from them and with us.  God Bless.