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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Well back in 99 i worked at a shop in Waikiki called LMID, Jeff was GM and Fibes was a manager, Rob Carlyon worked there as well.  I remember 10deep, dub, Alpha, Staple, EM, and a few others that really stood out.  Another, worker was my homie Jon.Y he was the head designer of LMID and created a lot of clean designs.  From their he moved on to various designer positions and a grip of freelance deals.  He also was collecting kicks from before i even met him.  Anyway fast forward a bunch and now Jon.Y works for Twelve Bar.  He sent me this “here have a few shirts” package i guess cuz he can.


Hungry like a wolf, Duran Duran.


Like cereal, are you cereal?


Jackpot, if i could translate the money value of each shirt to cash, dang id have a cool bill.


Clean and tight, these are not his designs but of the past season.



My favorite the Bodega!  Big ups to friends and especially friends that got that juice cuz they allow homies to drink – puree form.  Big up to Jon at


Seriously, God hooks it up once again. So i get a call from my homie KRES1 and he wanted to cop a couple of LS shirts, so he tells me meet him at his church in Mapunapuna. So i get there and this Church is huge and all done up not in a scary Catholic way but a Neo-Modern steez. He introduces me to the youth/college Pastor and his brother, they cop a couple shirts then tell me that they run a banner & vinyl sticker shop.


Pearl Kai, they are in transition, they just changed their name to Redefine Graphics, also the shop is under remodeling.


Homie, Lawrence kid got skills with the can and design. L and his brother good peeps. He kind of looks like KOAK, which is not a bad thing!


Here it is, the LS banner i went with the OG scrip to keep it Roots! Biggah ups to Kres1, Lawrence, his brother, Redefine Graphics, and God for always blessing me with good peoples. Praise the Lord!

Hawaii is beauts, this past weekend me and the wifee took the North Shore cruise and found a ill beach away from the hustle of mainstream north shore, Haleiwa.  Waialua, a former sugar cane community and home of homie KashOner!  Driving on the beach road i found a ocean access so we decided to walk down it and came across this!


Ahhhhhh….the water was so refreshing, i used to surf everyday and skate every other!


Thats not my stomach i was holding a bag…ehhh well its a little bit.


Stopped by one of those surf shops in Haleiwa and i saw this…brings back memories of my and my homies shaping surf boards.  I remember when i graduated from bodyboarding to longboarding i was using all of these used boards and my homie started shaping his own boards.  He made a few and i realized that the ultimate surfing experience is shaping your own board and then surfing it.


(Kelaula, ktc, Keli’i)

Acting like we was down with Duke, but we just picked up these blanks from Clark Foam (RIP), i went all out custom stringers two – 1/2inch stringers about a foot apart, no rocker classic steez, custom skeg-hand drawn.  I still ride this board till today and its been thru a lot of flat days and huge days.  Oh yeah no leash plug, fricken OG Hawaiian style. All day on the nose!  Lets go surf!!!

Dang, biters son! In Hip-Hop Bitting is No! Like lil’ homie said in Beat Street, “Yall is some biters mang…” Billabong like Urban Outfitters lowblows all the indy heads by straight copyin’ Johnny Cupcakes! Yo J Cake is ill (and he is down with Peeks, which is LS fam!) So help J-Cakes out and spread the word about BILL IS WRONG!


(clik on the pic for the full story)


You gots to cop deez shirts! J-Cakes and Peekaboo MOnster! on the Elaboration!


Big ups Cakes, Peeks, and Beantown!

 First, go to this! Follow the Fangs…


I jack deez from AWB myspace page! I was told that the ones that they are using for the promo show is actually a rendered shoe and not going to be the one that is mass produced. Actually, none of them are, all the shoes are one offs and just for that show! WOW.


So when i peeped these pics i was wowed that AWB could produce a even doper version!


Seriously, a picture is a thousand words! The fitted was ill, the print and shirt out of Split Ob is ill, the shoe is ill, and coming soon the LS + AWB _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is going to up the game dunny!

Consider this the first in the many performances at Borders. I am planing a tour of all borders island wide, that includes Oahu-Ward, Pearlridge, Windward, Maui, and Kauai. So once TV head drops check KTC & NMB & AWB to be on your island! For now we with the help of Dj Mems, Bumblebee, Rhyme, and EK rock Ward!
AngryWoebots painted live as the music provided by Bumble Bee, BM13, & Mems


Dj Memoirs


DJ Bumble Bee put in work up in Seattle for the past some odd years. Yall better recognize he is one of the OG’s in Hawaii Hip-Hop! Beats, he rocks a MPC 2000xl, Rhymes for days, Bboy steez, and mad records! To me he is a breath of fresh air for music sakes.


Kawika, he put it all together. Its crazy i meet him, bumblebee, and woes back in the day right out of Highschool we were all Hip-Hop heads having fun. Now, we all making moves!


After i opened the night with a 4 song set, NMB – Well and Wade came Hawaiian style with the aloha tees and slippahs! I stand by NMB got to be the tightest Hawaii Hip-hop Group! Have you seen them when Temper T is in town? Dope!


Oh yeah we were giving aways the Lightsleepers Ohana shirts! I think i gave out at least 50 shirts to heads that bought a LS shirt, thats a lot of free shirts! At the end of my 2nd set, i opened up the mic and Rhyme the Oldman and EK came up an blessed the mics. Rhyme is nice son, he got that OC, Nas, Kool G, Kane, type vibrado and delivery. EK, now he is another story…kid can flow. I am sure that there is Omega6, all of us other rappers, then EK!


Rhyme can rhyme!


An another happy Family member!


JJ is the homie, always down for the LSOhana, big ups Kicks, MEATR, HULA, EMROL!


3/4th of the Fat Soul Band – Opqsite & the GuitarGuy!


Ahh, a J-Doe sighting! He also murders Turntables!


I was told thru Borders Management that this crowd was actually the largest one for a live act!  Eat your heart out “Hawaiian/Local/Jawaiian Music” Hawaii Hip-Hop yup thats my expression of Hawaiian Music, i can’t kill the uke or sing falsetto, i can’t play 3 chord songs and sing about the same “local chick” like me and others in Hawaii this is our HAWAIIAN MUSIC!

I’m digging this kids steez. I remember him at Kaneohe always having fun! He supports the scene and he provides a good look at why skateboarding is FUN! So when i found this tube it reminded me of Chomp this!…big up Jason Park!



Since i have only seen a few ill 5 panels lately, and i get a email from the Kicks fam about droppin these beauts!  Ahh, love em!  Now all i have to know is if they fit like my old North Face or ACG 5 panels i am sold at least on 2 of em (due to broke small kine)  Big ups to the KICKS and St.Alf fam dango!

Ces, DCQ, and Mos Def is Urban Thermal Dynamics.  Came out in the mid 90’s the boom bap was strong back then and there were so many crews repping that hard and creative East coast stomp sound.  Ces, was a ill female spitting hard.  DCQ came out with Media Green on Rawkus, and you all know Mos!

I remember it like today…walkman on 10 and feeling invincible on the bus just because i was dapper, with fresh air max’s – baggy ass pants – fake ass hill fig (cuz i could only afford JC penny’s sale rack) – black Champion hoodie, and either a beenie, 5panel, or starter kit…son!  Now the sound is WACK 99% of the music on MTV and the Radio is butt!!! Majority of the music that my friends growin up with listen to is WACK!  I don’t know how you can “stupid” your taste from this…

to a retard from the south or a clone from the east?  (((venting done))) We when i discovered this it put a smile on my face!  Watch and feel good i really do think that Good Hip-Hop is on push!

ah i’ve been waiting for this one!  i love the way the game play is to life like. Now i wished i never sold my PS3!  I hope there is Circus Runaways because it would be ill to do mad tricks and blowups!