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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Yah, you thought i was goin’ say Lua, nope to Fitted this Saturday for the 2nd edition of the most serious fitted cap ever!


Here is some fresh points, the OG Hawaiian fit! The Ka Mo’i General himself, King Kamemameha.  The silky smooth warrior weapon lining.  Best of all BLACK on BLACK to represent all the Hawaiians that fought for the land, the people, and the spirit!  Big ups to Cuzzo and Ola for making me poorer, happy, and fresh to death!


Busdriver came thru and totally killed Nextdoor.  Seriously heads be sleeping. When do we have a solid underground artist come thru to Hawaii? the last was Ceschi and David…


peep Papa John, he is a Hip-Hop Head, still buys wax, still supports at the shows and he only comes with realtalk.



Bus, did songs from his new album and a bunch of classics joints.  Project Blowed/Good life is a huge influence!


Here is the money shot, the only mc from blowed rocking the highwater pants.  Love the music the pants and retro gear gotta go.  Not that you have to rock LA caps, dickies, and chucks…but if thats fashion, then i am dysfunctional!

I guess it is now an annual thing, T&C has been askin me to spin at the past 3 Sunburn Classic Skateboard Comps!  Always a pleasure because of my homie Rob Dubbs!  If the contest isnt MC’d by Rob Dubbs or the Skate Nazi then your contest is wack!

Check that ill as had son! Yups snatched the last one son, even doe Fitted was closed i called the red phone…nah they were open later, but copped that 7 5/8th jus like my skate decks…

Say what up to Rob Dubbs, ill skater and master in Tranny! i guess his arm pit is ichy!

Sorry, but i have no pics of actuall skating i could be totally lying just so my sponsors get happy. Nah but i we did get a ill pic of the AFL, what is that you say the A’ALA PARK FIGHT LEAGUE.  I think their were 2 fights that day.  As you can see bro on the right was ready to Daniel-Son Crane steezy!  Results, Tim Jackon killed as usual.  APB all Day.

It was the homie Shawn Castro Bday a week or so ago! If you don’t know who he is then you be sleeping. SC is one of the most talented and heartful artists from Hawaii.

He mixes his roots of Graffiti and realizm to create his own mix

…I know you do, i got some supa fresh Hip-Hop fo all yall.  I can’t wait to see the young guns wrek shop at this contest!  Git at me with request…don’t sleep.


Found this solid tube of Ase explaining the “None shall pass” video illustrated by Jeremy Fish.  I can’t wait till my LP comes in cuz i know the album art will be bonkers…lets rally and get Ase in Hawaii.

This is the final product…

…You probably wondering what the heck…oh well i was on thehundreds site and they were covering the Agenda Trade show? Whats that you ask, its the place where 75% of the people there are madd lurkers and 25% are actually there for the new seasons of clothes. Well, this pic is my props to homie Fybes. He does major work for IN4 and been with the LS since jump as well.


I won’t tell you which one he is because he prides himself on being incogs. Big ups to Fibes!!!

Went skating with Lil’ B, Larry, and his homie.  Wes was supposed to meet up with us, but he is living the rockstar life so he forgot about us.


Bronson killed Farrington 6, i will post the vid later – nollieflips-bigspins-backheel-popshuvit.  I got some footy on my still camera, sorry no sound.  Larry and B have a good competitive streak going always trying to one up each other, reminds me of when i was 10years younger…Larry landed a switch heel then B right after.

I love skateboarding, now i just gotta lose 20 pounds and i should be good to go…Skate or Die!

N.Kalapana had another G’ed Up show! Gang of Artists, Hella cheap, Hip-Hop Kaos, Fashion show, a loopy street act, underage kiddies, sprayon pants, alot of randomness, altogether fun…


KOAK kills


Euka and AngWoes


Knen, Ques?, StanStud


Shaun Castro is a beast on the brush, ill perspective, big ups SC.


Oh, yeah wu was the same night, and everyone told me the Spacifics killed it.  Thanks for the shirts!

Saturday was fun, copped a few ups, seen some cool peeps, got to eat with the Hid Habs, now i am going back to watchin the Element Video and Nyjah murdering the intro…ohh yah i am going skating on Sunday. Yes Bles.