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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Well, after my son Koltrane was born i had a epiphany!  Well that and i was asked to fly up to Washington to do a show April 19th@ Whitworth College and Guitar Center, but with what product? what new songs? As i sat burping my son i thought its about that time, the hustle that bought me to this point of Lightsleepers, traveling doing show from NYC to Vancouver to LA, and Trip the lights, this focus i got back by just looking at my son!  It was time to put in work, so inbetween feeding, burping, changing dipers, going to work, NOT sleeping, believin’ that EP needs to be Livicated i was able to finish tracks that i wrote lyrics to, beats that were empty, and mix down song like LIGHT LIP w/ Lip Serice and LIQUID SUNSHINE w/ Jus1o, Neila, EP.  All in 2 weeks!  Now at press and i am expecting the demo today in the mail, i embark on my favorite part the foot work of promoting the CD.
Some people after they get married and kids, they fall the F’ off and are never to be seen again.  You eventually bump into them and they will give that reason, don’t get me wrong it is hard and your life does change for the better.  For me it was completely different, when Koltrane came its like these scales from my eyes fell off and i found myself reloading my EPS-16+ and the BR-8.  I really do believe God hooked me up with the washington gig for that reason, to spark the fire and fan the flame.


I have alot to say about this CD, the fact that i started this back in the early 2000.  All of these songs were just thought on a pad, beats on a disc, a verse by its self, or just a idea!  Except, Light Lip which i recorded with Lip Service after they came and performed @ TTL/Studio1, And Liquid Sunshine, i think this was supposed to be on Livicated to EP, but i couldn’t find it!  This track is a fun and classic underground posse cut, Jus1o beat is beast, Neila rips, and EP ohhhhhh on point his flow is like no other try disect his rhyme you will see.

Overall, each song has a story but its late and i need to start on the next album (crickets) So where ever you are in your walk with being productive, take a step back and evaluate your situation.  The people you call friends, what you spend your time on, the expectations put on you, and the expectations you put on yourself.  No more WOLFTICKETS people,  don’t be scared make music, create that clothing company, art, mixtape, etc…don’t focus on failure or what other people think about, but the satisfaction of completion!

Don’t Sleep – God Bless -ktc


Man, been gearing up for the LS + Woes deck and with the overwhelming support and peeps anticipating this release got a bit itchy and copped these Defend x Woes shirts!  Whooo, these are the blaze, by far the best Woes shirt.  Plan on rocking this in Washington.  Big ups DF, AF, Woes, and all that support Hawaii.


Got a call from the kid they call Observ, he had the major come up.  Check these joints out!  Ahh the joy of Hawaii and the lack of diggers makes me smile.  With only a handfull on the island there is sooo many records to go around for all of us big ups to all the Digger for life.  Off to the new Jellys.


Maleko from the LA2theBay crew, down with BlockRockers, and Arachanphobix…just released his new video for “Lifes a Beach”. Brother Maleko is part Hawaiian always makes stops off in the island to soke his roots. Good to see him doing his thing reppin’ the bay and the 808! His catalog is some classic underground Bay Area Hip-Hop.

For every one anonymous hater out there, there a hundreds of heads that are down for LS, Woes, and anyone from Hawaii trying to come up.  While i wait for the homie woey to drop the offical flyer i zipped up this joint.


AWB is making made moves and i am glad he can find a sweet balance making moves and synergizing with local and worldwide peeps.  For inst. these banger shirts, sucken ‘animals with guns’ is soooo money…



Mudda Fuska! i mean Chad Muska, deez is the dopest Woes shirts i seen yet better than the LS ones, wait we no more! Sucka Chumps…so go to and tell em the lightsleepers sent you, and they goin give you one big discount, nah, i joke bah! only one Mahalo for supporting the only company that rocks Hawaii Hard, Hard Rocks, neva mind. Big ups DEfend HAwaii, Woes and yoooou.

***fr*ck and A save me one Black and White one XL please, shoots Manutes Bol!

This hat was the one back in the days. Oh Canada! They call it the “Gary Carter” i used to think of it being a clown hat until one day it clicked, and it became the freshest fit back then.  Bottom line, now we got some dope color ways, BUT you cannot beat the throw back joints!  Like Anahiem Angels and Montreal Expos all day!  Well it took me alittle while but for 26 bucks i copped this one delivered right to my door. What sucks is that i can get cheaper fits on-line then i can in Hawaii. Its a hard buy to cop 50-60 dollar fits every two weeks when i can get 2 – 3 fits that no one rocks in Hawaii any more for like $23 -35.  But i do support the homies.


I don’t know how much this will cost, but if you got the scratch scoop up this fit.  Next to the Woes, this has got to by the illest.  I copped a hat just like this when i went to NYC a couple years ago.  It wasn’t a 2tone but same concept it was a rattan material with Yankees logo.  My bad was leaving it in my luggage as i flew to Montreal for Battle of the Year.  Some airlines dude vicked the fit.  Oh wells.


Fitted, got it on lock its sucks to see all these biters in the mainland with half ass fits.  If Fitted opened in LA, SF, Seattle, NYC, Chicago, Florida, that would be sick…Buy Local, Buy Hawaiian, chee hooz.


Got the call from DHX that i had 10 boxes of skateboards waiting for me on the docks. With crazy excitement i jetted down there only to realize that i only had my Scion, so i pulled over threw everything i had onto the front seat and reclined, then loaded 10 boxes into the back of my Scion, seriously i fit a gang of stuff back there over the years or so, from 2 4 x 8 tables to Hundred cans of paint to 1000 of records!


Boom, the final product! I like to say i am blessd to work with Woes, like i tell Lof he is the last of the Iconic Characters! Meaning, you got Obey Giant, Dalek, and artists that have coined a character, style, etc…i feel that Woes is the last. Because the “art” scene is so saturated with everyone trying to come up that i feel that people are catching on and we are over with it. I could be totally wrong, but dang what i see and experience on my end knowing Woes, Wow.  Lets go skate.  The board is a cool Bill and if you try to cop a canvas you would be paying 3x as much so drop the billy and get it signed you and 98 other people in the World will be the OG….Oh the 1 to make a hundred i am skating it, cheehoooz.


Got these in the mail, i love digital camo, reg camo is cool but i remember seeing digital a while back and was blown away.  Copped these 3 pairs of shorts for 60 bucks with shipping.  Straight military quality i hate paying 40+ bucks for a pair of shorts that only bite the Miltary OG.  Have you ever seen Swiss camo, ohh the illest!

I made this shirt about 6 months ago and prob run it this spring or summer. Yup, i know what you thinking, “get with the program” or “step into the future” and i will tell you “GO BUY SOME WAX”. I am some what of a purist, i believe in not going on E-Bay and buying breaks, and if you really support you actually by the CD, wax, or MP3. Majority of my cohorts use Serato, i think only me, olly, matt, observ, delve ( i think he hasn’t), hmm thats all i can think of.


Personally, i find it rediculous that a DJ doesn’t own the record but owns the MP3? and its downloaded? Frick, change your name to Digital file mixer – DFM or some other ish. What really kills me is this…

(stolen for no disrespect to this cat, he probably mixes better trance than me)

What is that, 2 laptops looking like Sigcorny Weavers hands when she stepped into that robo suit in Aliens! ohh, and that irritating side step you know the one, the one where the dj is mixing and he does the electric slide to the left or right to scroll down his computer screen to find the last “hot one”…now that has taken place of the dj; flying thru the record crates and frantically trying to find the next mix in 3.5min. Now, don’t get me wrong i am not dissing no imparticualr DJ, but i will take all insults and critism that i am “old fashion” or “behind”.  Point, go buy the vinyl then come see me, if not don’t try to justify being a Timberlake!


Jeron Wilson is one lucky bugga, out of all the guys from DVS he the one got the colab with Diamond! I pretty much expressed how i feel about street fashion, most of it is wack! If you check out any of the “cool” blogs to see whats the “jump off” (another played slang) is i feel more than 50% is butt. Now, who am i to say what is cool or busted? I am just another blogger, but this is my blog so bloggiddy, blog, blog, blaaoog. I dig the color skeme and the aesthetic of the shoe and DVS & Lakai has always been my favorite shoe to skate in!!! Electric blue with streaks of purple, illson! So i will be expecting my package anytime soon, Nick Diamond, Jeron, and Dunlap bro get atme!

Do you remember GROUP HOME; Malakai the Nutcracker and Lil’ Dap. The were produced by DJ Premier and apart of the GANGSTAR FOUNDATION, which also included Jeru the Damaja, Big Shug, and GangStarr. Do you remember how elementary Malakai’s lyrics but the fact that Preemo laced them with all BANGER tracks that it didn’t matter if they said nursery rhymes the album was a classic…OK


LIGHTSLEEPERS x ANGRY WOEBOTS skateboard deck limited to 100, i believe this is the 1st legit Hawaii artist colab that will shake the all subcultures! I’ve been skateboarding for years and been homies with Woes for years so you know how we DO! I get alot of emails from local to overseas heads that been following LS music and now love Woes, they always ask if we are going to have a shirt! Yah, that was the easy way out! So BUYA KA, next level status – no shirt(maybe later) but straight to the banger a SKATEBOARD DECK! Each deck will be numbered and signed by AngryWoebots and only available thru WWW.ELESHAWAII.COM or the Super Duper Deck Release Happening @ APB in April!

Pre sale are happening NOW and their will be limited to only 20 decks online sold for the presale. The rest will be available at the Super Duper Deck Release @ APB in April!

…oh and the Group Home story, LS & AWR is GangStarr: Preemo & Guru, we got the formula, but once you leave Preemo’s production ala Group Home and Jeru you know what happens?