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Monthly Archives: November 2009

“A fake “press release” made the rounds late last week saying production of Technics turntables would end in February 2010, and the local head of Technics DJ for Panasonic was “quoted” as saying Australian stock would end in March.”

I was one of those turntable lovers that fell for this news.  My reaction was frantic.  I was trying to figure out how i can get $1000 to buy 2 – 1200 to stock in my closet.  My offer was to give someone a lifetime supply of LS shirts. Every new design i made i would send it to their door step all for the low price of 2 Technics.  Too my surprise i might have a taker, more on that later.  This turntable scare made me even more disgusted in the digital age of music.  I am seeing more pictures of dj’s using CD’s to dj and Dj’s taking pictures posing behind their laptops.  But for every dj using a CD-J or Serato there is hope.  I found hope in LA, at an event call “BEAT SWAP MEET”.

“Beat Swap Meet is a one of a kind record swap in Downtown LA every 3 months, consisting of over 30 invited vendors & collectors from California and the surrounding states selling music of a wide array: Blues, Disco, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Punk, Reggae, Rock, Soul, & World 12″ & 45 Records. An event considered to be the first of it’s kind, The Beat Swapmeet hopes to reunify CA in way that is long overdue. From LA to SF, SD to the IE.. Come through, listen to Beats, Swap records & Meet some new people.”

If you check out their site and watch a few of their videos the DJ’s spinning use only vinyl and there are women actually buying records.  This is a concept i will be exploring for the Beatroot finals, possibly having a record sale the same month or the next day.  For now the hope of keeping vinyl alive is living in LA. Ohhh, and check out this shirt that i am trying to get from them…


I know some talented Mofos.  Added that i never had to jock them or convince them on what i did in the past, present, and what i am doing in the future is legit.  The only way i gained that kind of trust is true relationships with these people.  My homie, crew member, and insighter – Fibes is one of those talented mofos.  I met Fibes back in 1998-99 in Mililani.  I was invited to skate with the Mills Vills skaters at City Mill and up at Mauka by Jerome James a.k.a. J-rome the Jramaja! I was going to school at LCC and was hungry to skate.  The Mililani skaters I would compare them to the LOVE park locals or the DC skaters, while the A’ala Park Bastards were the EMB Locals/Pier7 equivalent.  In that time period i became friends with Ian, Morgan, Clint, Mark, Ross, Jared, Mark, Darin, & a host of other skaters.

Back then i lived and skated all my life in town.  Kapahulu was where i started and from my recolection we were the first to skate Paki Park Walls – the ones outside the Firestation basketball courts.  In Kapahulu the crew was Brandon, Ryan, Erin, Scott, and Me.  Before me i only remember a skater name Micheal Chang that lived up the street, but he quit later.  If not skating Kapahulu i would meet up at Kaimuki Park.  At Kaimuki Park, all the Palolo, Kaimuki, & some Kahala skaters would meet up and skate the walls for hours with the occasional running from the Palolo Valley Bloods.  This crew was thick from Laotians to Gang Members i gotta give the homies i remember some props – Frank, Bozo, Sampet, Darin, Joel, Balut, Brandon, Lil’ Chris, Jojo, Gato, Francis, Bryce, KC, Jeff, Aaron, Jimbo, Hiro, Errol, Benton, Ants, Kelaula, Frank, Omar, Noguchi, Miles, Vega, Ala Boy, Kurt, main homie Bradley (theres more i can’t remember) From there we would either skate down Waialae Ave and skate through town eventually ending up at A’ala Park or head east and skate LihoLiho rails & banks, Liliokalani benches, Petrie Park stage, Holes in Kahala, Niu Valley Inter, Wallows, Park & Ride, and Unevens in Kalama Valley.  No car, all Bus!

I only seen Rob Carlyon killing A’ala and on videos.  I eventually got to work with him at LMID.  Along with Rob, Darin Lee, Kekoa Rogan, Josh Norgren, Jeff Oshiro, and the homie Fibes.  See Fibes got me the job at LMID.  At LMID i got intro’ed to Larry, Shane, Chad, Neil, Ryan, Jerald, and Kenny.  Through the years i’ve either bumped into all the skater mentioned at a skate spot, at a skate park, or went out skating with them.  We all share a common bond the love for skateboarding.  So when the need fits the cause, we gonna do it up BIG! The Deck the Halls show. All skateboarding from those who did it, done did it, and still doing it.  All you fake mutha’s can get the bozak!

So Xolo & LifeRex never came thru, how someone doesn’t make a free trip to Hawaii is beyond me.  Much respect to them.  Still we had a vast number for performances for that ase!  The Gooks did a life set which i missed, Parlous & Moxxx ripped a nice set, Mic Sessions i’m assuming is from LA freshed it up as well.

Nabahe rocked a set with the help of EK.  The touring and hanging with undergrounds elite has done Bahe good. His set is on point. Mahalo for bahe for putting this one on.   I actually missed my set, but was able to rock a quick 3 song banger.  I actually noticed a gang of LS supporters; Asend, Disco, some guy in a LS soundwave shirt, and these guys below…

I am more fans of these guys than they are of my music.  I used to skate with them and they were the older guys who ripped the mini ramp.  Never thought that the older guys i used to skate with would be into underground Hip-Hop.  Big ups to you guys, Kailua mini ramp in the house.  Respect on the Paper Plates request.

2Mex got the merch, but he couldn’t find a signal…can you hear me now?

Thesis Sahib, he is one of those multi talented artists.  Homie can spit flames and his art is original and inventive.  I have been waiting to see him perform ever since i heard his project with Self Help – Bending Mouth.

I don’t remember how i learned about Bleubird, but i do own everything the has on wax, except for the one he brought with him to Hawaii, i was broke so i gotta cop that later.

Seening Bleu was inspiring the amount of energy he puts out to a crowd of 50 or so was tremendous! I am so pumped to put out new music and rock a crowd like dem.  Big ups. check out

There are a handful of people that constantly support!  One of them is Keoki aka SirSlouch aka Silentsir.  He live Nalo, he works a full time job, he works with autistic kids, he has as much reasons to not come out and support.  So whats your reason?  And don’t tell me Wife, Kids, I work early, or no mo money.  Sorry that holds no weight.  Funny how people can get all ready to drink at a bar with some dj playing the same old crap, and when heavyweight underground artists come thru they are no where in sight.  Auwe!  Big ups to Ian from BH/84 i always seem to see him supporting as well.

Mex bum rushed the stage for 30 minutes of pure accapella.  Flames.  I wish that he did a few more tracks with beats but it was an amazing feat just spiting rhyme after rhyme.

2Mex stepped off stage for most of his performance getting in the grill of the crowd.  Big ups to all who came thru and supported.  Mahalo to Bahe for putting on a dope show. Thanks to 2Mex, Thesis, Bleu, & Mic Sess for coming to Hawaii. Sorry the turnout wasn’t bigger.

I am happy that Supra has been supporting equal opportunity when hiring designers for their shoes.  It’s great to have blind designers desigingn shoes!  Or maybe they are letting elementary student take a run at the sewing machine. NO, this is a colab right, everyone does colabs, check it: Leaping Lanny Poffo wrestling boot x Nike Raids x Vans x Velcro factory x Kramer Ankle brace x Supra!  Ohhhhh, i get it now it its FRESH to me.  Ninja Please.  This has to be a joke to see how many hypebeasts will scoop it up.  Please Muska, go back to rocking the sag, rappin’, beats, and boombox.  Ditch the nut huggers and miami mesh tank top, stunner shades and these wack ass shoes. Pau!

G Webb been doing it up with BK Projects, Nardo is murkin’ SF, Jordan is flowing up in the Girl Wherehouse, but we can’ t sleep on Ryan Spencer.  One of Maui’s rippers that made the jump from the 808 to the rock.  Looks like this guy doesn’t have a clothing sponsor, i be down to hook em up with a grip of LS shirts. From Hawaii and killing it. Last trick is murder!


Congrats to UH for its first win in 55 days.  They handled Utah St. like Syd Vicious murked Heartless.  The attendance was 25,800 or so.  For those who think that is great, it is pitiful.  The stadium looked spotty and empty.  Sad for a homecoming.  Whos to blame?  Fair weather fans and all the bandwagoneers decided to go back to their loser lifes.  What happened to all the Colt Jockers and June Strap riders. Did you see the uniforms, sweet, i am glad we did something different from June Jones, screw black, take it back to the Glory days.   Anyway i got a list of things UH could do to pack the stands.

  • Give free tickets to the students:  The student sections was pitiful.  What was there a dorm party that was more important.  UH needs to change the culture and that means not only the Football team but with the students.  If $5 a ticket for students aint enuff, then don’t blame the students, blame the Admin & Student Activites or sum ish.
  • Hawaii’s biggest fans are your GRANDPARENTS:  If you look in the stands majority of the people, the regulars, the season ticket holders are 2x or 3x the age of a student.  Last week at the Boise game i sat smack dab in the middle of a scene out of the move “Cocoon”.  Everyone was rocking headphones, wore UH Rainbows apparel and never made a single sound, only when they mumbled to them selves about how terrible a play was.
  • Have a lot more promos during peak hours of school:  When i was going to UH, it seemed that the school didn’t care about the Oceanic Cable Rule?  “School Spirit and Personal Pride”  UH has .000023% school spirit.  Promoting the game was not a priority.  Giveaways like free tickets, food, and have bands play through out the the week.  Have a contest that the biggest fan gets a free Semester of school.  Do something! (i could be totally wrong on this one maybe UH is doing some of these things, but i seriously doubt it)
  • Work with FM radio stations to promote the games:  Its great to hear Bobby Current give away tickets on the AM station, and who does he give it away to? Guess? Old people that could be out Grandparents. Why not hit up FM and promote on those channels.
  • Make use of past UH Greats:  Ashley Leile, Colt B, Ulbrich, David Maeva, Mike Tressler, Timmy Chang (the old people love him, i for one thought he was over rated, but i support the local braddahs), Tony Pangkee, John Veneri, Shawn Ching, brah, get all these guys and make a commerical, radio spots, public appearances.  Get at the homie Derrick Branch.  Use the past so we can get some future going.

I got a zillons more but i hate to bore you.  GO BOWS!


    I been noticing a lot of pimping of Hawaii and Hawaiian culture going on, here in Hawaii.  Growing up in Hawaii is a experience only a handful of people around the world can say they did.  Growing up in Hawaii, and being of Hawaiian ancestry is even a smaller number. Kind of tired of seeing Hawaiian sayings, people, and historic events/icons being used to promote a some what false Hawaii.  I mean, damn, King Kamehameha the Great must be doing 1990’s in his mountain side secret cave grave seeing everyone and their aunty – maddas – sistahs – puka – dog, using his likeness, character, and silhouette. How many of these companies actually give back to the Native Hawaiian People?  “Give back”, meaning not only in dollars, but in education, awareness, and cultural.  I really believe that if you have some kind of Hawaiian word or likeness in your name that you have a responsibility to Hawaii – the people, the land, and the culture, in some way, shape, or form to give back.  Are we making stuff for tourists to wear or for everyone to be aware?  Also, when you make that design, statement, or shirt, do you even know your history?  Are you trully passionate about Hawaii and its History & Culture, or are you just using it cause its cool to use Kapu sticks with skulls?  I only write this and express my thoughts and feelings because i care about Hawaii especially because in the end its my and hundred thousands of Native Hawaiians blood.

    Got a send a shouts to FITTED, although just mainly a hat company they probably educated more people (Hawaiian and non-Hawaii) about Hawaiian culture, events, people, history, and practices, then all of us combined.  For every Fitted and shirt, they break down the science on the design, getting into details.  We all can take a note and up the game when using Hawaii.



    Kenny Brimer, homie, we gonna do it up – Deck the Halls. Stay Tuned.

    Picture 1

    Smoking ice?  WTF, this is the question i got from a co-worker.  She was asking everyone if they ever tried smoking rock?  It didn’t stop there she started to say that she wanted to try  to smoke ice once  just to see if it takes just one time to get hooked!  Now, i don’t want to say what this worker does but put it this way, the fact that she was serious or at least looked like she was serious, about smoking the baats is MESSED UP!  If her “clients” knew that it was definitely make anyone feel weird.  Just say NO, old but that saying is it!