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Monthly Archives: November 2012


Been all about Skateboarding and Hip-Hop all my life.  Those have been with me since elementary.  As well as the beach, bodyboarding, longboarding, and playing sports: basketball and football being the chosen.  Somehow through time Skateboarding and Hip-hop became the tastemakers in this classification called, “Streetwear”.  What that exactly mean who knows, cause whatever you wear when you mobbing in the streets or if you came up in the streets is, Streetwear. 

Fast forward to a time when i was some what a buyer at a shop in Hawaii and because we were new to the mix, we got the “snobbery” from brands like Diamond, Mighty Healthy, etc all because we were “to close, with in a 10 mile range” NINJA PLEASE! Ok i think we were like 9.2 miles from the other retailer but give me a break, we were moving more units and a threat.  I love being a threat! But one day we get a call that they cannot sell to us anymore because of that reason of “to close”. 

Fast Forward more, i peaced out that business…honestly my passion didn’t match up with the other owners and my goals were out the box.  So, the economy started sucking and all those brands came back hitting up all the business they onced snobbed! So weak. 

Thats just one story i got of snobbery. I got choke.  All good cause it is what it is and respect and integrity always reigns supreme. Hahah, supreme…don’t get me started.


One thing great about a culture like Hip-hop is that the founding fathers are all still alive.  Kool Herc, Grand Wizard Theodore, Melle Mel, Flash, Crazy Legs, Futura, Phase 2, just to name a few. One of the few genres of music born and cultivated in America.  Eventually, Hip-hop made its way to Hawaii, don’t know exactly who was the first Hawaii MCs, DJs, B-Boys, and Writers, but i do know my generation and who made it happen for us.  Respect the Architects!